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    A family preparing for moving from Manitoba to Ontario

    Guide to Moving from Manitoba to Ontario

    Changing your location will take with it a lot of changes in your lifestyle. That's why it's best to make sure you're...
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    landmark of PEI

    Reasons to move to Prince Edward Island

    How to determine where a certain place is right for you? Well, this is the easy part of deciding the most important p...
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    A couple holding moving boxes.

    Checklist for moving to Edmonton

    Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Canada. It is well-known for its rich cultural diversity, abundant natural b...
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    Person holding a map with the best long distance moving routes in Canada

    Most common long distance moving routes in Canada

    From North to South and from West to East, Canada offers so many great places to settle and build your life in. Howev...
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    trees covered in snow representing coldest city in Canada

    What Is The Coldest City In Canada?

    When people decide to move to a new location, they are usually interested in all kinds of things. Some of them wish t...
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    bed with pillows

    How to move a mattress?

    Mattresses are the biggest and maybe the easiest things you will have to relocate from your bedrooms. And to safely g...
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    palm trees in Florida

    Moving from Canada to Florida: all you should know

    It is no secret that a lot of Canadians love visiting Florida. There are some actions that you are not able to see or...
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    Man and woman laughing while packing for moving

    Stress reducing tips for planning a long distance move

    Moving is always stressful, especially when moving a long distance. There is no way to avoid encountering stressful s...
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    a woman moving

    Myths about long distance moving

    Do you need to move across the country which means several hours in the car? If yes, are you planning to do everythin...
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    persons hand on the keyboard

    How To Spot Fake Moving Reviews

    Relying on other persons opinion sometimes matters a lot. On the other hand, when that opinion is wrong, let alone fa...
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    Woman Holding Canada Flag

    Quick facts about living in Saint John NB

    One of the six municipalities in New Brunswick, Saint John is a port city located in the Bay of Fundi. If you are liv...
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    beautiful scenery in canada is among the best benefits of moving during winter in Canada

    Are there benefits of moving during winter in Canada?

    Having to organize the relocation is not the easiest job in Canada. We all know that it is one of the biggest countri...
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    Picture of a house and boat near a lake

    Quick facts about living in Kingston ON

    Moving is a scary and exciting endeavor, mostly due to the unknown that awaits. You won't be able to learn much about...
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    Map of North America

    Moving from Ontario to California: long distance moving tips

    Preparing for a long distance move from Ontario to California? There is 3,123 km from Ontario to California, which ma...
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    thousandislands, Kingston, Ontario

    Moving from Brandon to Kingston: how to prepare

    You have decided to pull up anchor from Brandon, MB, and move to Kingston, ON. From Brandon, with a population of jus...
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    people celebrating New Year's Eve

    New Year’s resolution tips for moving

    At the start of each year, people are motivated and inspired to make decisions that will improve their life. Making r...
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    a couple packing for their relocation

    Moving from Halifax to Saskatoon: where to start

    Moving is a process that will give you many surprises and challenges. This can be a really tiring, but also an exciti...
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    view of the city

    Moving from Toronto to Seattle: how to make it work

    Moving can be challenging even when you are moving locally. Not to mention the challenges you will face when you are ...
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    a couple holding boxes

    Moving from Ottawa to Victoria BC: pro tips

    If you are about to be Moving from Ottawa to Victoria BC, congratulations! Victoria is a beautiful city with a lot to...
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    person preparing for moving on short notice

    Moving on short notice: do you need help?

    Having a deadline for any task has its pros and cons. Apart from the fact that the deadline can motivate you and prev...
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    Tape and packing peaunuts

    How to make your Ontario move eco-friendly

    People all over the world move at least once in their life. Furthermore, most of them use the same moving method and ...
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    nature in Alberta, Canada

    Moving to Alberta: stats and trends

    Moving to Canada can be a difficult and time-consuming task. There are so many things one needs to keep track of. If ...
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    light bulb on the board

    How To Deal With Moving Stress?

    When making huge changes like moving to another place, stress often follows. And even if you have enough experience f...
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    two small house figurines standing in the Quebec area on the map

    Guide to move and study in Quebec Canada

    The education we choose to pursue during our lifetime is one of the most important decisions we make. It can open doo...
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    view of the city

    Moving from Calgary to Nanaimo BC: guide for families with kids

    Moving from one place to another can be difficult since it necessitates careful planning and dedication. Other than c...
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    happy woman getting ready for the move

    Expat guide to British Columbia

    Moving to another country is never easy. Leaving your country is very overwhelming physically and emotionally. On top...
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    Hand holding a small Canadian paper flag

    How to look for seasonal moving deals in Canada

    Moving any distance requires you to have a budget and save up money. Some moves are more expensive than others, depen...
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    Long distance move pricing trends in Canada

    If you have been thinking about moving long distances in Canada then you have to start preparing for the task on time...
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    mover standing in front of his van

    How To Negotiate With Movers?

    Moving on your own is not something that will benefit you no matter where and how you wish to move. Nowadays our life...
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    Canadian flag

    Why are so many Canadians moving to a new city

    There are many reasons why people move. Still, recently, we have found that many Canadians are relocating to a new ci...
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    a couple researching sross country moving trends in Canada on their laptop

    Cross country moving trends in Canada

    Have you decided to move cross country? Don't know what to expect? Wonder where to start preparing for the move? Chec...
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    woman by the lake trying to mentally prepare for moving to a cold climate

    How to prepare for moving to a cold climate

    Every day, a large number of decisions affect, to a greater or lesser extent, how life will continue. We spend a larg...
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    Seagulls and Canadian flag

    Moving from Toronto to Surrey BC: quick facts

    Did you know that the average person will move 11.7 times in their life regardless of the fact that moving is one of ...
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    Buildings in one of the areas where expats live in Vancouver

    Where do expats live in Vancouver

    Many expats live in Vancouver. If you are planning to relocate here as well, you should know that there are areas in ...
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    Looking at the city while moving from Halifax to Montreal

    Moving from Halifax to Montreal: 4 things to consider

    Moving from Halifax to Montreal is not uncommon these days. Simply, Montreal is a bigger city with more opportunities...
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    furniture and tv set in a living room

    How to move a flat screen TV

    We usually think that moving very heavy or bulky things such as couches, tables, appliances, etc is the hardest task....
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    a picture of a bridge in Halifax, rising above the clouds

    All you need to know about moving and living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Moving to a new area often requires a significant amount of research and planning. Halifax, Nova Scotia offers its re...
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    Christmas ornaments

    Tips For Packing And Moving Christmas Decor

    Who doesn't love getting their hands all over Christmas decor? Since it represents one of the most beloved holidays e...
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    Photo of Calgary during the night;

    Moving from Halifax to Calgary: costs to include in your moving budget

    So you've decided to move from the East coast and head towards a more continental place, West Canada. This is a long ...
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    a couple sitting on the floor while consulting their plans for the relocation process

    Tips for planning your Winnipeg to Calgary move

    We do not relocate very often. However, when we do, we, naturally, want to do it as effectively as possible. When it ...
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    Major cities in Ontario to live in 2023

    Whether you are moving on your own or relocating with your family, this can be a daunting process. Choosing the right...
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    truck with a Canadian flag symbolising moving from Toronto to Richmond BC

    Moving from Toronto to Richmond BC: last minute tips and tricks

    Moving more than 4000km away to Richmond is a big undertaking, no matter how many items you have. If you were to driv...
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    a woman sitting on the bed with cardboard boxes all over it and thinking of moving a home-based business in Canada

    Guide to moving a home-based business in Canada

    Being a business owner, on its own, is a challenge, to say the least. Moving your business to a new location can comp...
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    a man taping a cardboard box to finish up packing

    Moving from Toronto to Charlottetown PEI to be with family

    In light of the pandemic, the idea of moving to be with the family has become increasingly attractive. Charlottetown ...
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    hello December sign

    How to survive moving during the holiday season

    Planning a move during the holidays is considered to be one of the most stressful things we can do in life. Moving be...
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    couple packing and preparing for moving from Calgary to Kelowna

    Quick Guide To Moving From Calgary To Kelowna

    If you consider moving in the near future, you should have a good plan ready for it! Those who will be moving from Ca...
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    family of four walking in the park

    Winnipeg vs Ottawa: best city for families

    Choosing the best city for your family can be exhausting. In order to make the right choice and avoid unnecessary str...
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    a woman counting money while sitting in her home office

    Tips to reduce house moving costs

    It is no secret that relocations can be expensive. Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, ther...
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    night skyline of Ontario

    Why does Ontario attract so many people?

    Any kind of relocation, whether it's across the country or around the world, is a significant challenge, even with mo...
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    person holding a small globe

    Moving Guide For Newcomers To Prince Edward Island

    Nothing compares to finding a perfect place to move to and doing it without any stress being involved. And while some...
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    five star rating

    How to write a helpful moving review

    Chances are that you've probably picked a moving company based on a variety of reviews. So, why wouldn't you spread t...
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    little girl sitting in a cardboard box and the parents at the background

    Reasons people are moving from Calgary to Vancouver

    Moving to a new place can be a stressful, costly, and time-consuming process. Nowadays, a lot of people decide to put...
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    a golden-colored car standing in front of shipping containers on a dock

    Benefits of hiring a vehicle shipping company in Canada

    Relocating has always been, and will always be a stressful experience. However, just because this process might get s...
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    a mover holding a plant and a cardboard box inside an empty room

    Top 5 moving terms you should know

    Each relocation process is a little different, but there are some key terms that you will encounter no matter what. A...
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    view of the city

    Moving to Calgary without a job: what to expect

    Relocating to another place without having a job already lined up can be quite risky. The reason why this is such a b...
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    a small, official flag of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador

    Interesting facts about life in Newfoundland

    Moving to a new province, state, city, or even country will always entail some level of culture shock. Even though Ne...
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    happy couple packing after reading last minute moving tips

    7 Last minute moving tips

    Everyone thinks that it takes a lot of time to move. And that is somewhat true. However, sometimes you do not have a ...
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    The flag of Canada.

    Process of buying a home in Canada as a non-resident explained

    There are a great number of expats who live in Canada as well as foreigners who enjoy visiting here. Vacation, workin...
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    Living in Ontario as an expat and hanging out with friends

    Living in Ontario as an expat

    Ontario is a stunning region of Canada that is perhaps best known as the site of Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Ottawa, ...
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    a man looking at his laptop while thinking

    Living in Vancouver vs. Edmonton

    If you are looking to move within the borders of Canada, finding the right place to call home is important. Hiring on...
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    lake in Ontario

    Moving from Alberta to Ontario alone – how to do it with ease?

    Ontario is Canada's most populous province with vast wilderness, pristine lakes, and unlimited opportunities to disco...
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    a happy couple carrying cardboard boxes and backpacks entering their new homes' yard

    10 moving hacks that actually work

    On average, everyone that is relocating has to move about five times in their lifetime. That is a whole lot of unpack...
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    a family of three packing for the move

    How to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family?

    There are situations that can make relocations even more complicated than they usually are. One of them is when you h...
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    girl holding a book needs tp decide which one is better, Toronto vs Vancouver

    Toronto vs Vancouver: tips for international students

    Canada is one of the most attractive countries when it comes to international education. Canadian diploma is revered ...
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    A harbor in Victoria BC

    3 reasons families are moving to Victoria BC

    British Columbia set a record in 2021 for how many people moved to this province. Over 100 000 people moved last year...
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    person holding a leaf

    The ultimate checklist for moving to a new province in Canada

    Moving from one home to another can be a difficult process, no matter the distance of the relocation. If you are movi...
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    person holding envelope with money

    Complete guide on tipping movers

    Preparing properly for your upcoming move is one of the most important things you can do. One part of this process is...
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    white truck on the road

    Moving to Corner Brook from Toronto: what to expect

    Leaving your home and moving to a new location is never easy. It can be especially hard when you are moving to anothe...
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    Family with their child moving into a industrial home

    How to explain moving to kids

    Having kids is the most rewarding, exhausting thing you can do. Combine that with the stress and chaos of the move, a...
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    mom, dad and a child that is in a box in preparation for moving cross Canada with kids

    Moving cross Canada with kids – simple guide

    Moving is the most stressful endeavor in any person's life. Especially if you have to do it with the children in tow....
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    Calgary at night

    Moving from Calgary to Toronto – how to do it with ease?

    It doesn't matter how well-versed you are in various moving tasks, such as packing - relocation, especially long-dist...
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    a photo of Vancouver

    How to move to Vancouver alone – simple guide

    Every relocation requires you to be cautious. And especially if it is your first one ever. It is not something that y...
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    High rise buildings

    Best Canadian provinces for young entrepreneurs

    One can embark on entrepreneurship waters at any age. Although some youth entrepreneur programs require you to be bet...
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    a house

    When is the best time to buy a house in Ontario?

    Buying a new home is always a big decision, especially if you are looking for a family house. If you decide to buy a ...
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    Quebec on a map

    How to adapt after relocating from Ontario to Quebec for work

    Relocating from Ontario to Quebec for work is not without its challenges, but the rewards may be worth the trouble. Q...
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    Woman reading about essential long distance moving tips

    Essential long distance moving tips

    Moving is an activity that requires a lot of preparation. Without that, we can only expect stress, anxiety, and a big...
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    Mover standing next to a white van

     7 key questions to ask movers before hiring them

    When it comes to long distance moving, it generally means making lots of decisions in a short time. From choosing the...
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    An Aquabus Ferry on the Ottawa River

    Pros and cons of moving to Ottawa

    Choosing where to move is a big life decision. Researching everything you need to know about the city you are thinkin...
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    moving trucks and cars on the road

    5 prerequisites for a smooth long distance relocation to Vancouver

    Whether you are moving next door or long distance, it is a fact that you should be well-prepared and careful. There a...
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    a park in the city of Winnipeg showing the name of the city with buildings behind it

    Interesting facts about Winnipeg to know before moving

    To find a new home that you love, it’s important to do your research and know as much as possible about a city before...
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    a family having fun while packing

    How to organize an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John

    As we progress as human beings, the importance of taking care of our environment has become more and more significant...
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    Calgary landscape

    How will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle

    Thinking about moving from Toronto to Calgary? You've made a good choice. The annual Stampede and the city's central ...
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    Winnipeg, Canada

    What to learn about Winnipeg before moving

    Are you considering moving from Toronto to Winnipeg? In that is the case, you most likely have lots of questions. Wha...
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    a panoramic view of the highest buildings in Montreal during nighttime

    2022 moving trends in Montreal

    Relocations will always be a stressful experience, no matter how many times you've done it. There are just too many t...
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    a panoramic view of the nighttime Vancouver

    What’s the cost of relocating to Vancouver?

    Relocating, as always, is a huge decision. But with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be an exciting new ch...
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    a person walking through a trail with an amazing view of the local islands

    Things to know before relocating to Newfoundland

    Newfoundland is a unique place, and there are a few things you should know before moving here. This beautiful provinc...
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    The Toronto skyline

    Top reasons why people are leaving Toronto in 2022

    Toronto used to be a very popular city to relocate to and start a new life. The city offered many benefits such as a ...
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    A couple and their baby enjoying a nature walk

    How to coordinate a family move to Nanaimo

    If you and your family are moving to Nanaimo, BC soon, it may be wise to start planning as soon as possible. Movers C...
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    A white car being shipped

    How to choose a car shipping service in Canada

    Choosing the right car shipping service can be nerve-wracking! Many companies provide this service, and sifting throu...
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    A man, a woman and a child playing in the snow

    Reasons families are moving to Ontario

    Moving is always a stressful experience, especially if you’re moving to a new city or even country! And even more so ...
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    canadian money

    Calgary vs Moncton: cost of living comparison

    One of the most important aspects to look at when moving somewhere is the cost of living. If you cannot afford to liv...
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    view of city

    Toronto vs Edmonton: key lifestyle difference

    Toronto vs Edmonton? Which one is better? They are both the capital cities of their provinces. They’re big, amazing C...
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    Vancouver, Canada.

    Why are people moving to Vancouver?

    Currently, one of the most popular places for relocation in Canada is Vancouver. But, why are people moving to Vancou...
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    A car

    Car transport options when moving to Regina SK

    When moving cross-country and to another state, there are some items in your inventory that you won't be able to load...
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    an aerial shot of St. John's, the capital city of Newfoundland

    Moving to Newfoundland: Pros and Cons

    Whenever we have to relocate to a new place, there are always some pros and cons to take into consideration. The same...
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    a man carrying bags while leaving the station

    Best Canadian cities for expats

    As an expat, there are a few key considerations you'll want to take into account when choosing the best Canadian citi...
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    Heavy rain.

    Useful tips for moving in heavy rain

    Planning a move for a long time and preparing for it tirelessly only for heavy rain to ruin everything is not going t...
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    a birds-eye view of a ship loading containers in the dock

    How to find vehicle shipping services in Ottawa

    Relocations are often accompanied by the need to transport a vehicle from one location to another. Whether you're mov...
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    a woman signing the divorce papers with her lawyer

    Leaving Ottawa after a divorce: Where to start

    Divorces are never easy, but sometimes they're necessary. Finding yourself in such a situation may feel daunting and ...
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    a panoramic view of the city of Calgary during nighttime

    Cost of living in Calgary in 2022

    Relocating to new places usually comes with the excitement of new opportunities and experiences. It's essential to do...
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