How to move to Vancouver alone - simple guide

    Every relocation requires you to be cautious. And especially if it is your first one ever. It is not something that you should take lightly because you can end up having a lot of problems. We suppose that you want to have a smooth and secure move to Vancouver. That means that you need to do everything that you can to ensure a successful move. Vancouver is a major city in Canada which means that it will take a lot of planning to organize everything. That being said, it is much easier when you have a competent company, like Centennial Moving Canada, by your side. Here is how to move to Vancouver alone without having to bend your back!

    Why is Vancouver a good place to live?

    Most people have heard of Vancouver, even if they don’t know much about it. Vancouver is one of the most popular cities in Canada to live in for many reasons. Let’s take a look at the ones people usually mention when asked about why they’ve chosen to settle in Vancouver.

    • Nature all around you – People that move to Vancouver seek freedom. This is a place that is surrounded by mountains and water. There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy around here. Also, you will get to enjoy pretty great scenery from day one of your new life in Vancouver.
    • Clean city – If you want to live in a city where everything is regulated, you should definitely consider Vancouver. It is one of the cities where you will have the chance to enjoy and explore the city without seeing trash all around you.
    • Endless opportunities – Vancouver is definitely a city where you can accomplish a lot of things. It is a big city that offers a ton of great things and opportunities. If you are adventurous and want to take the next step in your life and live to the fullest, then start packing for your relocation to Vancouver!
    promenade in Vancouver, Canada

    Vancouver is considered one of the best places to live in Canada.

    The cultural background of Vancouver

    The city of Vancouver is home to a large and diverse collection of people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Since it is such a young city (founded in 1886) no one feels particularly invested in it, and consequently, people tend to get along quite well. The city has traditionally been home to the largest populations of people of English, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry. However, immigration has increased dramatically over the last 30 years, making the city more racially and linguistically diverse. Half of the city’s inhabitants are not native English speakers, and nearly a third are of Asian descent. A large gay community, especially in the West End and Yaletown, adds a lot of vibrancy to Vancouver. When it comes to gay pride events, Vancouver regularly ranks among the top cities in the country. After Ontario, British Columbia was the second Canadian province to legalize marriage between people of the same sex. So if you’re an LGBT member and would like to get married at some point and you currently reside in let’s say, Calgary, consider moving to Vancouver. Our reliable Calgary to Vancouver movers will be happy to get you settled in our amazing community.

    Cost of living in Vancouver

    This is a common question that we receive. And we are not here to sugarcoat the situation. Vancouver is one of the most expensive Canadian cities to reside in due to its high cost of living. But what does this actually imply? To put it another way, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver is anywhere from $1,900 to $2,000, depending on which report you look at. Similarly, the average cost of transportation in Vancouver is $93, while the average cost of a phone plan is $75. Finally, you should expect to spend around $315 per month on food and related household items. So yes, it’s not the cheapest place to be, but on the bright side, the wages are much higher than in most places. Even better than in Ottawa. If you’re bored of the capital city and you want to go somewhere more fun, then consider moving from Ottawa to Vancouver. You won’t regret it.

    a girl planning a move to Vancouver alone

    If you’re planning a move to Vancouver alone, you may have to adjust your spending habits.

    Working culture in Vancouver

    Vancouver’s status as one of the world’s most livable cities is widely acknowledged. Aside from the breathtaking scenery of the coastal mountains, Pacific Ocean, and emerald rainforests, the country’s economic and political stability, universal healthcare, cultural and environmental diversity, and world-class education and infrastructure are all major draws. It’s a beautiful place to both live and work, with unique neighborhoods and plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation in the great outdoors as well as in the city’s many excellent eateries and other tourist hotspots. Although the city of Vancouver serves as a major transportation hub for the rest of the world, the city itself has a quaint, village-like feel and is small enough to walk from end to end in under 20 minutes. We have only scratched the surface of the reasons why international businesspeople, investors, and professionals regularly choose to move to Vancouver. 

    Have no doubt that you have any trouble finding a job in Vancouver. In fact, you will have many opportunities for improving your career and expanding your goals. If you want to find out what you’re really capable of while also maintaining a vibrant social life and having an excellent life-work balance, Vancouver is a great place for you. Unlike in other major cities like Toronto and Ottawa, Vancouver is not all about the hustle. You’ll have plenty of time for discovering yourself and exploring your true passions and making a good living at the same time. If that sounds great to you, then start searching for reliable movers Toronto to Vancouver right away.

    Searching for a home in Vancouver

    Before doing anything related to the move itself, it is important to look for your new place to live. Since Vancouver is a big city, you should not have too many problems finding what you are looking for. But, since you’ve got so many options, you need some kind of filter that will leave bad choices out. The best way to accomplish this is to find a good real estate agent that will guide you through the whole process. You will not have to worry about anything regarding your future home. And if you end up moving with kids in tow, you might want to read a guide on moving with children. Just be sure that you have enough time for all of this since this can be a long process.

    a building - move to Vancouver alone

    Finding a new place to live is a top priority

    Creating a budget for your relocation

    Finances are crucial when moving, especially if you are dealing with long distance moving Canada. Canada is pretty big, so you will have to be extra careful. The key when creating a budget when relocating to Vancouver alone is not to rush. You will not be able to make the right choice in a hurry. Also, you may even need to save a little before you have enough money to move. As you probably know, moving is made of many small tasks and some of them cost money like obtaining packing supplies. If you have enough time for this, you will think about everything and therefore, make the right decisions.

    a calendar and pen

    Calculations are crucial for your move to Vancouver alone.

    Finding a reliable partner for your move

    You can always try to move by yourself to Vancouver and handle everything on your own. But, you can also choose the easier route to do this because moving companies nowadays are quite affordable. The best moving companies are always affordable even though it may not seem like it. We always suggest that you hire professionals for an international move. Since Canada is a pretty spacious place, even if you’re just moving from let’s say Ontario to Vancouver, your best option would probably also be hiring a professional. Most relocations in Canada are long-distance ones. And most movers in Canada specialize in long-distance and international relocations. There are many long distance moving companies Vancouver that you can choose from and ensure an easier and less-stressful move. Your only task here is to pick the right movers before you start planning for a move to Vancouver alone.

    a man holding a box

    Always much easier when you have professionals helping you

    Packing for the move

    As we have said, relocating to Vancouver alone is a delicate task. Especially if you’re moving from somewhere further away, for example, moving from Montreal to Vancouver. Due to the distance of your move, you will have to make sure that your items are protected. Even though roads in Canada are quite good, it does not mean that the ride will be smooth. The ride could still be bumpy and that is not a good thing for your delicate belongings.

    When packing, you need to use only the best packing supplies out there. Even though you can find supplies for free, it is not always a good choice. It is all because they could be weak and it is a liability to your items. Contact companies for the best packing supplies and move like a pro.

    Sounds complicated? Let us help out!

    Choosing to move to Vancouver alone does not have to mean that you do everything by yourself. There is no need for this because there are pretty great options for you to choose from. Dealing with everything alone can be stressful and you may even feel burned out after the move ends. In order to prevent all of this and make the move easier, you should pick the proper relocation services Canada has on offer, and let the professionals handle the most crucial parts of the move. As we have mentioned, having professionals by your side does not have to be expensive. So, you should not use this as a reason not to call the professionals to help you out!

    Vancouver is a perfect place for both young professionals and families. If you like living in a diverse place and a dynamic lifestyle, Vancouver is the perfect spot for you. That does not mean that you will be stressed all the time because you get a pretty good life-work balance here. We understand your urge to move here and we completely agree with your decision. But, in order to move to Vancouver alone, you will have to make some pretty important decisions. You should do all of this with patience and not rush anywhere. Take your time because it is the only way to relocate without feeling all stressed out!


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