Moving from Canada to Florida: all you should know

    It is no secret that a lot of Canadians love visiting Florida. There are some actions that you are not able to see or experience in Canada. But is visiting Florida the same as living there? With this simple guide and everything you need to know about moving from Canada to Florida, you will get the answer to your question. If you, however, know that this is the right choice for you, all you have left is to hire the best moving company you can find to help you with this type of relocation. And you should put your trust in one of the best moving companies in Canada. You will not make a mistake. Now, let us find out everything you need to know about moving from Canada to this sunny state.

    All you should know about moving from Canada to Florida

    To have a simple and smooth relocation from one state to another, you will need to do proper research on the things you need to make happen. From the legal side of the relocation to the simple and small ones that make the relocation easier. Along with getting the right visas, you will need to make sure you have packed ad hire one of the best Canadian moving services you can find. With the professionals by your side, when it comes to the process of packing and loading the truck, you’ll be in good hands. And your relocation will be one of the best moving experiences ever. But to make this happen, even with the best moving company you could find, you need to be prepared legally.

    buildings in Florida

    You should gather all the documents you need before moving from Canada to Florida

    Visas you will need when moving from Canada to Florida

    Usually, most Canadian do not require visas to enter the United States. Without a visa, you can stay in the US for 6 months from the day you entered the state. But if you are moving to Florida and you plan on spending the rest of your life there, or some significant part of it, you should get a visa. There are several visas that you will need when moving to USA from Canada, and those are:

    • Permanent resident visas
    • Family Sponsorship
    • Employment-based green cards
    • Investor visas
    • Temporary residents visa

    The visa you will apply for depends on the reason for your move, and on the time you are willing to spend here. Of course, some of these visas are easier to get. But think about the future. If you plan on staying in Florida for a long period, it is better to do everything in the right way and in the right order. Even if it means waiting for it a little longer than you planned.

    Things you should do before the move

    Along with, of course, hiring the best moving company you can find for this relocation, you will need to do some other tasks.

    • Get in touch with an immigration lawyer – just to make sure that you are doing everything legally, especially if relocating some items you are not sure about.
    • Find a home or a place where you can stay short-term. You will need to show the officer where will your residence is and where you can be found.
    • Check out the driver’s license. You should apply for a driver’s license and for that you will need a Social Secure Number. You should always have your passport or some document that has this information on it. Of course, you will need proof of your visa status, to get the license here.
    • Find the moving company that will relocate your vehicle without disruptions. Contact one of the best car shipping companies Canada has and make sure you have prepared all the documents you need for this type of shipping.
    • Make sure you have opened an account in a Florida bank. The main reason you will need this is that you will be able to rent a home with the proof of your account being penned in the local bank
    • Do not forget about your healthcare and insurance.
    look from the apartment after moving from Canada to Florida

    Check the documents you need for your vehicle.

    Costs of living are always a question, no matter where you move

    Both Canada and Florida have some places that are more expensive than the other. Depending on the side and lace in Florida you will move to, you should explore the costs of living and whether you will be bel to afford living here. That is why you should know that for example, Orlando is around 10 percent cheaper than Toronto. This is giving you some space and money to make sure you fulfill all of your wishes.

    Why do people move from Canada to Florida?

    There are numerous reasons why people choose Florida for their next home. But according to studies, you should know that some stuff really stands out.

    One of them is the weather. You will like living in the state of Florida, and you will see why people call it Sunny State. You will have so many days you can spend outdoors, that you will even forget you have a house!

    The other reason is diversity. There are multiple rich cultures, and Florida will welcome you no matter what are you interest and what are your hobbies. You will see that it is not hard to fit into a group of people who will become your new best friends in a blink of an eye.  And on top of all of this, there are no income taxes here!

    Sunny day in Florida

    Numerous activities are waiting for you!

    People decide on moving from Canada to Florida for multiple reasons. Having that said, you need to know that if you do not apply for a visa and you do not get into Florida legally, you will not enjoy the state as you could. That is why you need to make proper and correct research about everything you need to know before moving here. And after you get everything done, you will see that Florida is the right state for you.







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