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    If you have high hopes of having a smooth and stress-free relocation to, from, or in Prince Edward Island, then you need to ensure you have a fine team by your side at all times. By contacting Centennial Moving and booking your moving date with us, you would get full access to movers Prince Edward Island you can trust. With sufficient experience, plenty of expertise, and cutting-edge moving equipment, our team will ensure that you experience a move without any troubles. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and do something good for yourself and your family. We are here to cater to your diverse moving needs.

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    Get to experience the kind of move that you deserve with only one phone call.

    Centennial Moving is focused on providing you with some peace of mind

    We know that reaching a truly peaceful state during your upcoming relocation might be next to impossible. At least, it will feel like it. However, you should know that true moving bliss is only a phone call away as, with the right moving team, nothing is difficult or impossible. At Centennial Moving, we have worked on finding movers in Prince Edward Island who satisfied certain criteria. While we searched for individuals with many personal traits and qualities, we have primarily looked for:

    • Experience – all of our movers have a certain amount of experience in the moving industry.
    • Trustworthiness – we want you to have full faith in your movers, which is why our specialists had to pass background checks.
    • Efficiency – you will find our Prince Edward Island movers to work quickly but conscientiously.
    • Professionalism – all of our specialists have the utmost respect for all of your belongings.
    • Friendliness – we are not just about the business, as we are also here to lend a helping hand.

    At the very core of the success of our team is their ability to work well with each other. For Centennial Moving, good teamwork is one of the main reasons why we are as successful as we are. All of our movers work together in perfect unison as they all share a common goal – providing you with a safe and effective relocation.

    Find the right personalized moving services with our movers Prince Edward Island loves

    With every relocation being a completely unique event that’s complicated in its own way, there can’t be one universal approach to relocation. Instead of working according to a certain pattern, our movers from Prince Edward Island love to provide our customers with a unique and individual approach. With all the attention being focused on you, you will get to experience the level of care that you strive for.

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    We will organize a lengthy brainstorming session in order to come up with the perfect plan.

    Our complete attention and dedication to your move will begin from the moment you hire us for the job. Our Prince Edward Island moving team won’t start moving and loading your items until we have a proper moving plan. That plan is going to be 100% tailored to your relocation, as the only parameters we take into account when creating the plan are your moving needs and circumstances.

    Of course, our plan will also be made with respect to the Canadian moving services that you opt for. Centennial Moving is a company that prides itself on our rich range of moving assistance options, which include:

    Since we have the ability to move and store your belongings in a location of your choice, we are more than happy to create the optimal relocation plan. With us in complete charge of relocation planning and organization, you won’t have to have a worry in mind. With one word from you, our Prince Edward Island moving team will gladly get on the job. We will get your move organized in no time. After all, that’s what our movers in Prince Edward Island do best.

    Let our team ship your vehicle to your preferred destination

    If you are like most people who own a vehicle, you probably consider your car to be a part of your family. You definitely spend a lot of time on its maintenance, and you want it to be safe at all times. Thus, you are probably feeling worried about the prospect of relocating your car in case you don’t want to drive it to the new location. As always, with Centennial Moving by your side, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We provide our customers with car shipping services in Canada that are going to ensure your car arrives at the desired destination.

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    Don’t worry about the safety of your precious car – we’ll take good care of it.

    Our vehicle transportation services are available to you at an affordable price. To find out how much you will have to spend on your upcoming relocation when working with Centennial Moving, all you have to do is fill out our free online weight estimator. Our online calculator is our way of letting you estimate the cost of your move quickly and without any trouble. Because while you might have to go through some trouble for some aspects of your relocation, you certainly don’t have to let every aspect of your move be troublesome.

    Life in Prince Edward Island

    One of Canada’s three marine provinces, Prince Edward Island is situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. In terms of both population and land area, it is the smallest province in Canada. Despite its size, PEI is famous for its picturesque communities, stunning beaches, and red sandstone cliffs. It also has a rich history and culture. In addition, potatoes are the province’s top agricultural export. Agriculture and tourism together account for a substantial portion of PEI’s economy. Aerospace, aquaculture, and fishing are also popular industries. The University of Prince Edward Island is well-known for its veterinary medicine and sustainable design programs.

    If you’re thinking about relocating to Prince Edward Island, you should consider housing, work prospects, and accessibility to facilities and services. PEI offers a variety of housing alternatives, from flats and townhouses to single-family homes and beachfront properties. Housing expenses are often lower than in bigger Canadian cities. In Prince Edward Island, a single-family home typically costs roughly $345,000 CDN. Yet, costs might differ based on the property’s location and size. Depending on your sector, there may not be many job prospects in PEI, although the number of businesses is actively expanding.

    Moving statistics for Prince Edward Island

    As of 2021, Prince Edward Island has 159,625 residents. In recent years, the population has been gradually growing. In 2020, Prince Edward Island saw a net migration of 1,956 persons, the highest number in the previous five years, according to Statistics Canada. As a result, more individuals moved to Prince Edward Island than left it. In addition, Prince Edward Island’s unemployment rate, which was 7.6% as of February 2022, was lower than Canada’s average. The major sectors in the province include retail, construction, and the health care and social support sectors. The University of Prince Edward Island, located in Prince Edward Island, provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. The province is home to a number of colleges and vocational schools.

    A marine climate characterizes Prince Edward Island, with cool winters and pleasant summers. The province experiences heavy annual precipitation, which can occasionally cause floods. If you are thinking about moving to PEI from Ontario, you may get a broad sense of what to anticipate from this data. To have a deeper understanding of the province, it is necessary to carry out further studies and consult with experts and locals in the area.

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    Living in Prince Edward Island is more affordable

    Why you should hire movers from Prince Edward Island

    Professional movers have the knowledge and experience required to move your belongings quickly and safely. They have received instructions on correct packing methods, loading and unloading of the moving truck, and transporting your belongings to the new place. Our movers from Prince Edward Island provide a variety of services that may be tailored to your specific requirements and spending plan. To assist you with settling into your new home, this might involve packing and unpacking services, storage solutions, and even cleaning services. Make sure to call us so we can start planning your relocation together.

    Experience an easy and assisted relocation with our movers from Prince Edward Island

    Most people live with the belief that their upcoming relocation will simply have to be hard. At Centennial Moving, we love nothing more than to show you that’s not necessarily true. It’s for that reason that we have some of the best movers Prince Edward Island had to offer and why we grouped them into a wonderful team. Feel free to contact us once you make the decision to move and request an estimate. We will provide you with an accurate breakdown of your costs, marking the start of our collaboration.

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