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    If you are looking for safe storage space for your belongings, Centennial Moving Canada got you covered. We are not only one of the best cross Canada movers but we also provide some of the most versatile storage solutions Canada has. Contact us no matter whether you are looking for a short or long-term commitment and regardless of the size of storage space, you require. We offer clean, heated, highly secure storage space at competitive prices.

    storage warehouse
    We offer some of the best storage solutions in Canada

    Leave your Storage to the Experts

    Some of our storage facilities feature a vast amount of storage space inside which you can safely store cherished belongings and any other objects of value. Our reputation for quality storage solutions is reflected not only in our commitment to superior moving but also in our storage solutions facilities and top-notch units.

    We offer warehouse storage solution locations that feature a full range of units for all capacities. Our warehouse is affordable and competitively priced.


    Our warehouse storage facilities are federally approved and some have custom bonded areas. Additional benefits of this type of storage unit are as follows:

    • Heated
    • Secure and monitored 24/7
    • Cataloged inventory of all belongings

    Your belongings are placed on wooden pallets that are stored in a climate-controlled storage warehouse. This security monitored storage warehouse only allows for access to the company’s employees.

    Our inventory protocol not only includes a numbered coding system but also features condition reporting. This is done to ensure you get your belongings back in the same condition as they left your house. This feature is not seen at public self-storage facilities.

    Your items will be safe in our facility

    At Centennial Moving Canada, we want to make sure that you get top-quality service. When it comes to storage we pay attention to all details that have the potential for endangering your items. For example, the biggest concerns in most storage facilities and things you should watch out for are temperature oscillations, moisture, pests, poor hygiene, and weak security.

    On the other hand, our storage facilities are climate-controlled so there are no problems with temperature fluctuations nor condensation and moisture that can come out of it. Our facilities are regularly treated for pests and we are keeping a high level of hygiene.

    In the end, the thing that we are proud of the most is security. Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7, no one, except employees, can enter, and your items are cataloged with their condition fully inspected. You will get your items back in the same condition as when you left them at our care because we are maybe the safest warehouse Canada has right now.

    cctv camera
    Our facilities are monitored 24/7

    We have experienced and skilled professionals working with your items

    Centennial Moving Canada is an experienced storage and moving company. We understand that climate control, good hygiene, and the best security in the world won’t do any good if your items are handled by amateurs. That is why we have only the most skilled and experienced professionals working with your items. Our employees are well-trained, hardworking pros that will handle your items with care. And they will make sure your items stay in the same condition as when you stored them.

    Moreover, the full condition report will be ready as soon as your items arrive at our facility so you do not have to worry about anything. You will not find this level of care in any of the other warehouses. Give us a call and take advantage of the safest storage solutions Canada can offer.

    We offer short and long term storage solutions in Canada

    At Centennial Moving Canada, we do not care how long you plan to keep your items. We understand that people use storage for many different reasons. Some are decluttering or remolding their homes, others are moving and they all have different needs. If you need storage for a month while you are remodeling your home or you need it indefinitely, we are here to help. If you decide to use our storage long-term, you can be sure that there is nothing that can jeopardize your items as we provide perfect storage conditions.

    Packing your items for storage

    Before you decide to use our storage, you need to make sure that your items are properly packed. This is done to protect your items during transport. And to save space while in storage. This is however very complicated and tiring task. And many people like to avoid it. If you are looking to ease this process, we offer professional packers that can give you a hand. Not only that this option can save you time and energy. But you can also rest assured that your items will be professionally packed in high-quality packing materials and safely deployed to our warehouse in Canada.

    one of the storage solutions Canada offers
    Your items can be packed in quality boxes

    We offer a variety of moving and storage services

    The amount of features and options shows that we are a company with some of the best storage solutions in Canada today. But we also provide some of the best relocation services Canada can offer. No matter whether you are moving across the country or to the USA, our skilled and well-equipped movers will turn it into an enjoyable experience. Our professional packers will make sure that your items are safe. And you can rest assured that you will get them on time and in mint condition. Of course, if your new home is not ready yet, we will safeguard your items in the safest warehouse Canada has. If you are planning to move here are the services that we can provide:

    Helping you with your long distance relocations

    If you are moving long distance, Centennial Moving Canada is at your disposal. We have highly trained professionals and well-maintained equipment and vehicles that are ready to complete your move regardless of the distance. Leave your relocation in experts’ hands. Give us a call now so we have enough time to plan your long distance move carefully.

    Moving to the USA? We can help

    When you are moving to the USA you will need to have experienced movers by your side. Our experts have performed numerous relocations to the USA and we can fairly say that we are experts in this field.  Make sure that your move is in the right hands by contacting us today.

    The USA flag
    We can help you even if you are moving to the US

    Let our car movers handle your vehicle

    Deciding how to get to your destination yourself can be tricky. If you own a car, it can be a good idea to drive yourself to your new home. But only if you are moving a short distance. Long distance relocations are a completely different story.  That is why we suggest that you book a flight. And let our car movers ship your vehicle to wherever you need. This is a much safer and easier option and you can get it at reasonable prices.

    Call us and get high-quality moving and storage services

    Whenever you are looking for moving or storage services, call Centennial Moving Canada. We have some of the most experienced movers and some of the finest storage solutions Canada can offer you right now. Our professionals will give their best to ensure you get the high-quality service you deserve.  Contact us now and ensure perfect conditions for your precious belongings.

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