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    While relocating from Calgary to Vancouver might not be the lengthiest move by Canada standards, it is still a considerable distance that you and your belongings need to travel. You will need to carefully prepare for the adventure, as well as find a great mover to get you there. Ideally, you will want to hire one of the relocation companies Canada has to offer that knows this route like the back of their hand. A mover such as Centennial Moving Canada. We specialize in city-to-city relocations and we have conducted relocations on this very route numerous times already. Our Calgary to Vancouver movers can provide you with an extraordinary moving experience, one that you will enjoy. Contact us today, request a free moving quote, and we will help you relocate without any worries!

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    Our team is there to help you create an enjoyable moving process.

    Make your upcoming relocation as easy as possible with expert Calgary to Vancouver movers – Centennial Moving!

    Our team of experts can help you plan, organize, and execute the relocation just the way you want it. We fully understand that every move is unique and that it requires special considerations. That is why we will work closely with you to ensure that you get an optimal moving process. At Centennial Moving, we specialize in simplifying even the most complicated relocations. We can help you create a smooth and enjoyable moving experience. And if you want to know more about us, our credentials and achievements, all you need to do is get in touch with our customer service representatives. They will gladly answer any and all questions you might have as well as provide you with expert advice. You can always count on us to make things easier!

    We have extensive experience in this very route

    During our long years of service, we have relocated numerous families and businesses from Calgary to Vancouver. It is this experience that allows us to be supremely confident when we say that we are one of the best Calgary to Vancouver moving companies. We can provide you with extensive moving tips to make this particular trip all but effortless. We know the best routes to take and how to find ideal parking spots. To put it simply, when it comes to Calgary to Vancouver relocation, we are one of the leading experts. 

    Our team will help you optimize your relocation

    The knowledge and experience that our movers Calgary to Vancouver possess allow us to optimize the logistics of your move. This translates into lower overall costs, as the fuel consumption and distance traveled are minimal. Furthermore, we can accurately project the associated moving costs, even in our free estimates. Our extensive experience allows us to do so. But if you want for us to guarantee the moving costs, all that is required is an in-home inspection. If that is not possible, you may choose to utilize some of our handy tools like the furniture weight calculator. The more accurate the information you provide us, the more accurate the free estimate will be.

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    Leave it to our experts to optimize your move!

    We can offer extensive packing and storage services

    And if you want to make your moving process all but effortless, all you need to do is hire our packing and storage services. Our packers utilize high-grade materials for our services and they work fast, safely, and efficiently. Your belongings will have the maximum protection for their upcoming trek. We are also one of the Calgary to Vancouver moving companies that offer an extensive network of storage units. By choosing to rent storage space, you get much greater flexibility. You can delay your trip, for example, or you can renovate or remodel your new home without all the other items being in the way. We will help you find the perfect storage unit for your purposes, whichever they may be.

    As well as any other moving service you may require

    As one of the top Calgary to Vancouver relocation companies, we offer comprehensive moving services to all our clients. Our list of current services includes:

    But that is not the full extent of what we can do. As a full-service moving company, we usually have a solution to any moving conundrum. Even if you don’t see a specific service on the list, that does not mean that we can’t provide it. The best thing to do is to contact us directly and ask us if we can help you. Most of the time, we will be able to. Our team is capable of finding creative solutions to any moving issues, after all. We will do everything in our power to provide you with the moving experience you deserve.

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    We can usually provide you with any service your relocation might require.

    Living in Vancouver – Pros and cons

    You may also want to familiarize yourself with life in the wonderful city of Vancouver. As with every other place, it has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. The most notable pros include gorgeous Views of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, amazing weather all year round, and a variety of outdoor activities. There is always something to do in Vancouver if you are an outdoorsman. But if you are looking for amazing nightlife options, you might be somewhat disappointed. Vancouver can’t hold a candle to Toronto or Montreal when it comes to nightlife, and that is a fact. A few more drawbacks include high housing prices and a somewhat high crime rate. Moving from Calgary, these two things are sure to shock you. Homes go for almost a million each, and some neighborhoods are downright unsafe.

    But you can circumvent most of the negatives just by carefully selecting your neighborhood. There are cheaper housing options available, you just need to look for them. And if you relocate to a quiet neighborhood, the crime rate stops being an issue as well. Vancouver is one of the best Canadian cities for a reason, after all.

    Get in touch with our Calgary to Vancouver movers for a smooth relocation experience

    If you want to make your relocation as smooth and enjoyable as possible, you may want to entrust it to one of the best Calgary to Vancouver movers – Centennial Moving! Our team will help you create a moving experience that will have you smiling from start to finish. Contact us today and we will show you what an amazing relocation process looks like!


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