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    Moving from Ontario to Quebec is rather popular these days. Quebec features lower housing costs, as well as higher affordability overall. However, this particular relocation usually takes around 43 hours of driving time alone. Therefore, you may want to have one of the best movers in Canada by your side. At Centennial Moving Canada, we pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service, professional moving crews, and a guarantee of satisfaction. Contact us today and experience the joy of moving in its full glory!

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    We approach every relocation with care and dedication!

    Moving you toward your future since 1995 – Centennial Moving Canada!

    As mentioned previously, your relocation is going to require some help from one of the moving companies Ontario to Quebec. And if you are already hiring professional movers, why not choose those with long years of experience? If you entrust your relocation to Centennial Moving, you will be able to focus on the things that really matter. We will take care of all the relocation necessities for you. As one of the best Ontario long distance movers, it is our great pleasure to see the smiles on our customer’s faces once they realize that their move was conducted without a single hitch. How do we do this? Let’s find out!

    Unrivaled customer support

    First and foremost, our Ontario to Quebec movers are supported by our amazing customer support staff. Every relocation has its unique quirks, after all, and it is very important to us that your wishes, needs, and requirements are completely fulfilled throughout the entire relocation process. From getting a free estimate, through providing you with expert advice, to answering any questions you might have about the relocation, our customer support team is there to assist you all the way. Furthermore, our company incorporates the latest technology in our business process, ensuring that everything runs like clockwork. When coupled with our professionalism and strict time management, we get to the first reason why we proudly stand among the top moving companies in Ontario!

    Professional moving crews

    The second reason why moving from Ontario to Quebec with us seems so easy is due to the professionalism, experience, and expertise of our moving crews. For example, we employ some of the most specialized car movers Canada has ever seen! All of our employees are thoroughly background-checked, of course, and they receive extensive training before their first “real” relocation.

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    Our moving team is exceptionally careful.

    But most of our moving team is comprised of industry veterans. movers that have extensive experience with any relocation type. Whether you need to relocate a small apartment, a big office, or anything in between, you can be sure that our team will be more than up for the task!

    A guarantee of satisfaction

    Lastly, all our long distance moving equipment is fully certified by the latest industry standards. This provides a guarantee of satisfaction to all our customers, as we always have the best tool for the job. Furthermore, we have a policy that necessitates regular updates to our equipment, making sure that it is always the “cream of the crop”. And if you require any moving tips about your own moving equipment, feel free to contact us directly. We will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise!

    Moving from Ontario to Quebec made easy

    Even though moving to Quebec from Ontario is quite a trek, Centennial Moving Canada will make it look easy! Depending on the moving services you hire, we can practically manage the entire relocation on our own! Of course, you are the architect of your relocation and we will perform all the moving tasks according to your wishes. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the most important moving services we can provide for you.

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    You will be enjoying your new home before you know it!

    Professional packing services

    As one of the top moving companies Ontario to Quebec, we fully understand that your time is extremely valuable. That is why we offer our time-saving packing services. We will also provide all the necessary high-quality packing materials, ensuring maximum safety for your belongings during transport. Our packers are extremely efficient and you can expect your items to be packed in record time.

    Assembly/Disassembly services

    Usually, when moving from Ontario to Quebec, our customers will want to bring some of their bulky furniture with them. The issue is that these items may need disassembly before you can safely transport them. If that is the case, you can count on us to provide you with disassembly services. Of course, we will then reassemble the items at your new home.

    Storage services

    Another very usual scenario is that our customers require additional storage space. With our storage services, our Ontario to Quebec movers can deposit your items within one of our storage units, and relocate them to your new home when you are ready. Our storage units within the province of Quebec are spacious, clean, and have exceptional security measures. We can provide you with both long-term and short-term storage services.

    Other moving services

    Aside from the previous services, we also provide some of the best relocation services Canada has to offer. Here’s what we can do/provide for you:

    As you can see, we specialize in long distance relocations, meaning that your relocation from Ontario to Quebec is going to be a seamless one. We never take any chances and always provide our clients with top-notch moving services, regardless of the situation. You, too, can discover why we are one of the best moving companies in the entire country. All you need to do is:

    Contact us today and make your relocation a memorable one!

    It is very easy to enlist our services. Contact Centennial Moving Canada today and experience that moving from Ontario to Quebec needs not to be hard! Our professional moving teams are ready to do your bidding and help you achieve a stress-free relocation experience!

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