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    If you are looking to relocate to Kingston, you may want to choose the movers that know the area inside-out. Centennial Moving is one of the leading relocation companies Canada has when it comes to this particular city. Our team has wealth of experience in conducting residential and commercial relocations in the area. This makes us one of the top moving companies Kingston ON has to offer. We can help you relocate in a smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable manner. Contact us today and request a free estimate to get started!

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    We will help you relocate with a smile!

    Enjoy your relocation with one of the best moving companies Kingston ON has – Centennial Moving!

    At Centennial Moving, we fully understand how important the relocation is to you. That is why our Kingston ON movers are going to do everything that it takes to provide you with an enjoyable moving experience. We utilize our years of training and experience to create amazing relocations for every one of our customers. If you want to know more about us and how we can make your relocation better, contact our representatives directly. They will gladly answer any of your moving-related questions, and provide you with expert advice to make your move easier. Our team is always ready to help you make the most out of your move.

    Expect the utmost professionalism from our moving crews

    If there was one thing that makes us one of the best movers in Kingston ON on its own, it would be the professionalism of our moving crews. They will provide you with an unmatched level of professional service and enhance your moving experience. Furthermore, our team will provide you with moving tips on every aspect of the relocation, ensuring that you have an easier time preparing for the relocation process. But you are the “architect” of your own move. Our moving crew is there to assist you and make your wishes a reality.

    Your satisfaction is all but guaranteed

    We are one of the moving companies in Kingston ON that never skimp on their equipment. It is our company policy to regularly update our gear and to keep with the latest industry standards. This ensures that we can always accomplish the relocation to your satisfaction. All of our equipment is industry-certified, as well, and we constantly strive to improve it even further. Centennial Moving fully understands that always having the right tools for the job is one of the keys to success.

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    Our policy is to create satisfied customers.

    We are one of the moving companies Kingston ON that offers amazing customer support

    Our Kingston movers have a reputation for conducting extremely efficient relocations. The main reason behind that is our customer support department. We incorporate strict time management in our processes, as well as the latest technology. On our website, for example, you can find numerous aids to help you relocate easier, such as our furniture weight calculator. When you hire Centennial Moving for your relocation, you can be sure that the entire process is going to run like clockwork!

    Our team can help you with furniture disassembly/reassembly

    Here’s another way how we can make the move easier on you. Our Kingston ON movers can help you disassemble and reassemble furniture pieces, as well as other large items such as swing sets. This makes transporting these bulky things a lot easier and smoother. Do note, however, that some items simply can’t be disassembled. It is best to contact us directly and we will help you determine which items are eligible for disassembly.

    As one of the top moving companies Kingston ON has to offer, we provide extensive packing and storage services to our clients

    Our packing services enable you to minimize the time and effort that you need to put into a relocation. Our movers in Kingston ON can pack your entire office and household in a fast, efficient, and safe manner. We can also provide you with packing supplies and deliver them to your doorstep.

    As for storage services, we offer permanent and transit storage solutions. They can provide you with great flexibility, allowing you to delay your trip to your new home, remodel/renovate at your leisure, as well as to downsize without any problems.

    As well as any other moving service your relocation might require

    As one of the top moving companies in Kingston ON, we offer a plethora of moving services to our customers. Our range of services includes, but is not limited to:

    Basically, we are a full-service moving company. This means that you can turn to us to solve almost all of your moving-related issues. Even if you don’t see a particular service on the list (and your relocation requires it), that does not mean that we can’t help you. We also partner with some of the other companies in Canada, enabling us to find a solution to almost any moving conundrum.

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    We can provide you with anything your relocation might need.

    A little bit about Kingston

    Before you hire our Kingston movers to relocate your belongings, you might want to know more about the city you will be moving to. The city of Kingston is not too small, not too big, with a population of around 137,000 people, and is generally regarded as an amazing place to live. It has a great “university town” atmosphere, is clean, and is extremely easy to get around. If you are looking to raise a family, you will be hard-pressed to find a better city than Kingston. The median household income is about $67,500 and the median home price goes around $490,000. The recent increase in home prices clearly shows that many people consider Kingston to be one of Canada’s most attractive smaller cities.

    Get in touch with us and make your move an effortless one!

    If you want to make the most of your Kingston relocation, all you need to do is hire one of the best moving companies Kingston ON has to offer! Centennial Moving Canada will help you create a moving process that you will be able to thoroughly enjoy! Contact us today and our movers will provide you with a fantastic relocation experience!

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