Privacy Policy

    Securing Private Information

    The current age of technology has brought with it the necessity to include some personal information online. The virtual nature of the platform makes it easy for hackers to access this data if it is not kept securely. Centennial Moving works to ensure that such information is kept out of the reach of unauthorized parties by applying reasonable measures when collected by the website. Like most other firms, we gather personal information from clients on our site, and it is essential for you, as the client, to understand how this information is put to use. This piece addresses these concerns to put your mind at ease when tabling such data.

    Use of Cookies

    Cookies are nothing new in the world of websites, and they are used all around the web to identify different computers. These elements are usually small files of data that are automatically saved to the hard drive each time a website is opened. That way, when the same thing is searched over and over again, it becomes easier to browse through familiar pages. Our site does use cookies, but these files are not applied to retrieve any personal data. The elements are only used for statistical purposes to see what sections of our services clients are the most interested in.

    Application of the Information

    Once personal info is collected, it is only put to use for the stipulated purposes as per the terms and conditions along with the relocation requirements put out. The data that is provided is not made accessible to any third parties that are not stated in prior agreements.

    The provision of personal information is also necessary for access to our website and acquiring knowledge that is specific to your move. The provided data can also be used to customize additional suggestions for services that can be offered to make your relocation even more streamlined. We also provide the option to receive a newsletter of services we offer that could come in handy at a later time. This data is sent directly to your email, and it is only done once consent has been given. The newsletter can also be cancelled later on if the information provided does not seem useful.

    The Collection Process

    Personal data comes in handy when coordinating a relocation and ensuring that services are offered to the right party and according to stipulated needs. The required information is only taken with your consent, which is addressed in the terms and conditions section of our site. None of the personal info collection is done automatically, and it is only entered manually by clients.

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