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    When considering a long distance move, one of the most challenging endeavors in terms of relocation, you should be aware of its complexity. Hence, if you have thought of moving on your own, we advise you to think it through. Centennial Moving Canada can become your most reliable partner and assist you in all the matters related to your relocation. Such a demanding task requires expertise, experience, knowledge, a professional team of people, and modern equipment. The safest solution is to hire one of the best long distance movers Calgary has to offer. With the help of true professionals, you are to get the smartest moving services at the most competitive prices. Contact us today and rest assured your relocation will be a genuine success.

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    Centennial Moving and its staff will make sure your relocation goes smoothly with no complications.

    How to choose the best long distance movers?

    Relocating across long distances is quite an undertaking. This means that you want a long distance moving company Calgary knows and loves. To find such a mover, you will need to do quite a bit of research. Even though we believe that Centennial Moving is your #1 choice when it comes to Calgary long distance relocations, we still urge you to get as many moving quotes from different long distance movers Calgary has, and compare them. Make sure that you provide each mover with the exact same details, though.

    After comparing the prices, you will want to verify that each mover on your list is reputable, experienced, and has all the necessary licenses for their operations. Otherwise, you are opening yourself to a moving scam. When your list of movers gets shorter, you will then want to get a binding quote from each company. Getting a free quote is excellent for getting a reference for the overall relocation cost, but a long distance relocation process demands perfect accuracy.

    Why should you rely on our Calgary long distance movers?

    Centennial Moving company is not just a company that brags about its experience gained through the years since its foundation in 1995. We have used our time in the market smartly since our movers have gained the expertise needed to get the job done right. Our company is constantly innovating its business and improving our skills and knowledge in order to keep our business growing. As a long distance moving company Calgary respects, we regularly invest both time and money in the training of our personnel with the aim to improve their skillfulness.

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    Our long distance movers in Calgary take no chances!

    An overview of long distance relocation prices to popular destinations

    Every single relocation is different. This means that you can’t really put a standard price on a relocation from one city to another. What we can do, however, is put a price range. As one of the best long distance moving companies Calgary has to offer, Centennial Moving Canada has vast experience in city-to-city moves. This allows us to anticipate relocation costs and provide our customers with a frame of reference.

    Relocating from Calgary to Vancouver BC

    One of the most popular services is moving from Calgary to Vancouver. The distance between the two cities is just shy of 11 driving hours, and the minimum and maximum price for the relocation is usually around $1050 and $6500, respectively. Vancouver is a smaller city than Calgary, with about 675,000 residents to its name, as opposed to Calgary’s 1.336 million. That being said, both cities are large and dynamic, offering great economic potential. But Vancouver has several advantages over Calgary.

    First, it is much closer to major US cities and international airports. Many people who have to travel frequently for their job choose Vancouver as their “base of operations“. And there’s the fact that Vancouver offers gorgeous beaches, as well as amazing hiking opportunities through its mountains. However, Vancouver is also a more expensive city to live in, albeit not by much. For example, a meal for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant (three-course) will set you back $85 in Calgary, while the same meal will cost $120 in Vancouver.

    Calgary to Moncton NB relocation specifics

    According to most long distance movers Calgary has on offer, the second most popular destination to relocate from Calgary is Moncton NB. These two cities are separated by a staggering 47-hour drive, making the relocation particularly difficult. The price that almost every long distance moving company Calgary has cited is quite higher when moving from Calgary to Moncton than it is to relocate to most other cities. Thus, the minimum relocation cost that you can expect is around $1,900, with the maximum price reaching $7,500.

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    A shorter commute means more time for yourself.

    The main reason why people choose to undergo this lengthy relocation is the fact that Moncton is a rather small city (around 85,200 residents) that also has the reputation of being one of the best cities to live in Canada. Short commute times, affordable housing, and a welcoming community are just a few benefits you can expect from living in Moncton NB. And, of course, the cost of living is lower in Moncton, as well. Don’t expect anything dramatic, though, but it is lower.

    Other popular destinations we can help you reach

    Aside from Vancouver and Moncton, Calgary residents often choose to relocate to one of the following destinations, thus you can expect us to fully support your endeavors when:

    • Moving from Calgary to Victoria BC
    • Relocating to Winnipeg from Calgary
    • Moving from Calgary to St. John’s NL
    • Relocating from Calgary to Halifax NS
    • Moving to Hamilton ON from Calgary
    • Moving from Calgary to London ON
    • Relocating to Mississauga from Calgary
    • Moving to Ottawa from Calgary
    • Moving to Toronto from Calgary
    • Relocating from Calgary to Windsor ON
    • Relocating to Charlottetown PEI from Calgary
    • Moving from Calgary Montreal 
    • Moving from Calgary to Saskatoon
    • Relocating to Edmonton from Calgary
    • Moving to Kelowna from Calgary
    • Moving from Calgary to Nanaimo BC
    • Relocating from Calgary to Surrey BC

    The price for a long distance relocation between Calgary and these cities is usually between $900 (minimal relocation cost for a long distance move from Calgary to Winnipeg) and $10,600 (maximum relocation cost for a long distance move from Calgary to St.John’s). To get the exact price, all you need to do is contact Centennial Moving, the long distance moving company Calgary knows and loves,  and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote. Even though our free quotes are extremely accurate, you will still want to get a binding quote before you sign anything that any of the long distance movers Calgary has to offer put in front of you.

    Have no worries about the costs of the relocation

    We deeply understand your worries and need to save money. Hence, our company has done everything to adjust the services to your possibilities. We are completely committed to our clients and the fulfillment of all their expectations. Therefore, we tend to keep our prices quite reasonable. Furthermore, don’t worry about hidden charges. Transparency is our middle name. In order to get an accurate moving estimate, you should contact us and provide us with the inventory list. Our weight calculator will serve well to predict your costs.

    Furthermore, we are willing to offer discounts in many cases. For instance, seniors, military people, and students can find discounts on our website. We are almost always offering great deals. Also, you can expect lower season rates from October to April. Or else, will you use discounts when moving on a holiday? In other words, we are expecting you and strongly believe we are the right team for you. Get a free quote today and see for yourself!

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    We can tailor our services to cater to almost any budget!

    Best season to move according to Centennial Moving experts

    Not all seasons are the same when it comes to suitability to long distance relocations. Every season has its advantages as well as its drawbacks. While the most popular season for moving may be summer, it is not necessarily the best season to move for everyone. For example, if you are looking to hire a long distance moving company Calgary knows and loves, you may find that their availability is abysmal during the summer. If you did not have the foresight to book your movers very early, you might struggle to find quality moving assistance. Also, relocation prices are at their highest during the summer. Still, most people consider the summer to be the best season to move, due to their circumstances.

    On the other hand, if you are looking to relocate with minimal costs you will want to choose the winter. While relocating during the winter might be challenging, it is still the best time to move, financially speaking. The reason for this is the fact that most moving companies do not have that many obligations during the winter and are more amenable to providing their clients with better deals. Spring and autumn are somewhere in between, offering slightly lower costs and greater availability at the cost of unpredictable weather.

    Centennial Moving hires only the best long distance movers Calgary has

    It is a known fact that long distance moves are quite complicated. Therefore, you need a reliable moving team ready to handle all the problems we encounter along the way. What you mustn’t forget is that a detailed plan is something from which you must begin. Professional long distance Calgary movers will create a thorough plan with a defined timeline. Of course, everything we do is under your control. After all, we are your partners and we should cooperate together to achieve our main goal. We believe our success is due to the fact we consider you to be in charge of the whole situation and we are here to satisfy all your requirement. Moreover, whatever help you need, we are here to answer all your questions.

    Our movers are ready to respond to your requirements whatever services you need or demand to fulfill. Thus, a wide range of services is one of the things that make us one of the best companies in Canada. Moreover, it may happen we can’t provide the accurate service you need. However, our members of the team are ready to find creative solutions.

    Centennial Moving Canada offers a variety of other services you can use at competitive prices

    No matter what type of relocation you opt for, packing is something you should leave to professionals. Why not leave it to the long distance moving company Calgary knows and loves? Our staff will pack, load, unpack and unload your belongings taking care of each thing. There’s a minimum possibility to have your things damaged in any way. Also, we offer high-quality packing materials. With this in mind, you can be sure your possessions are in safe hands.

    a member of long distance movers Calgary loading the truck with boxes

    Our long distance movers Calgary are carefully trained and tend to handle your relocation cautiously.

    Furthermore, we are here to facilitate the transportation of your things. Hence, we can disassemble and assemble your furniture, swing set, and other large items. As for the items you are not yet ready to move, our Calgary long distance moving company offers secure storage units. If you are willing to have your car transported, you can rely on us. We are specialized in the transportation of your vehicles.

    As for other moving services opt for the most suitable ones.

    Let us answer all your moving-related questions and concerns

    Are you are wondering how do I go about packing for a long distance relocation?  For maximum convenience, you can leave it to your movers. They will bring all the necessary packing materials and will know how to protect your items the best. Alternatively, you will want to get top-quality packing supplies on your own. Wrap each individual item before packing it inside a box and secure each box with assorted packing materials (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.).

    When should you start planning my long distance relocation? As soon as you figure out that you are going to relocate.

    Are there any items you should not cannot pack? Yes, any perishables, paints, propane cylinders, aerosols, and similar materials cannot be relocated in this manner. You will need specialized transportation options for such items.

    Calgary is a city that has so much to offer

    In case you are coming to the city of Calgary, one of the most famous cities in Canada, it’s good knowing some facts about it. Calgary is a city with over a million residents and it proudly earns the top marks for stability, healthcare, and education. Also, known as the world’s cleanest city. Be prepared for numerous outdoor activities and mountain sports activities. Low sales tax is also one of the positive sides of living here. On the other hand, you should be aware of the high unemployment rate and higher crime rates. Generally speaking, start thinking of the preservation of nature when coming here. Believe us, fines for littering are really high. Shouldn’t we all look up to the system created in this city?

    view of Calgary in Canada

    Settle in one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.

    Let the true professionals take care of your long distance relocation

    Altogether, if you choose to hire one of the best long distance movers Calgary has to offer – Centennial Moving, our team will give their best to provide exceptional conditions for the transportation of your belongings. Our staff, equipment, skills, and knowledge are what make us one of the best moving companies in Canada. Centennial Moving Canada is fully devoted to satisfying all your needs and goes beyond your expectations. Years of experience have taught us that learning is a continuous process. Hence, we are always ready to work on our improvement. Get in touch with us today and experience genuine satisfaction.

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