Moving from Calgary to Toronto - how to do it with ease?

    It doesn’t matter how well-versed you are in various moving tasks, such as packing – relocation, especially long-distance ones, can always turn into a difficult and complex endeavor. Of course, you don’t have to make your peace with the fact that moving from Calgary to Toronto is going to be a time-consuming and strenuous process, because it doesn’t have to be. With some help from Centennial Moving Canada and our valuable tips, you’ll manage to have the move of your dreams. All you have to do is read on carefully and try to memorize important details.

    The differences between Calgary and Toronto

    How can you tell whether life in Toronto will be better than what your life is like in Calgary right now? Well, truth be told, you can’t know for certain until your relocation is finalized – but you can get a good grasp of it by learning some key differences between the two cities. Let’s start by saying that Calgary and Toronto are two very different cities. That’s why it’s probably going to take some getting used to after your relocation from Calgary to Toronto.

    Toronto, ON

    How well you will manage to get around Toronto will depend on many things, such as your personality

    However, if you have decided to hire one of the best long distance movers Canada has to offer and take a leap of faith, there are some key things to remember before the day of your relocation.

    • Toronto has about 4.1 million residents more than Calgary.
    • Toronto has a higher average temperature than Calgary.
    • Calgary has a 1.8% lower unemployment rate.
    • Compared to Toronto, Calgary has a higher average salary.
    • Calgary has mountains nearby while Toronto has bigger sports facilities.

    These facts alone won’t be enough to help you decide whether moving from Calgary to Toronto will be the right step in your life. However, they can help prepare you for what’s to come. And Centennial Moving will gladly prepare you for the other important aspect of the process – relocation-related tasks.

    Hiring a moving company when moving from Calgary to Toronto

    When it comes to relocation, there are a few things that are more important than your choice of movers. By choosing a reputable moving company with a long tradition and a lot of satisfied customers, you would be on the right path to a successful relocation. However, saying that you need to choose a good company with premier Canada moving services is easy. The problem lies in the fact that there are many fraudulent moving companies around. Worry not, as there’s always a way to bypass moving fraud and have the easy relocation of your dreams.

    You should always start by performing an online check on different moving companies. Look for available customer testimonials and be on the lookout for fake moving reviews that will signal fake movers. If a company sounds too good to be true and doesn’t have any negative moving reviews, then they are most likely fabricating reviews.

    Mover standing next to the white van, ready to help when moving from Calgary to Toronto

    Make sure to hire a reliable moving company when moving to Toronto from Calgary

    Moreover, we always suggest you request moving quotes from different moving companies. Be on the lookout for lowball estimates. Reputable moving companies respect their movers, which is why they won’t devalue their work. At the same time, reliable relocation professionals also appreciate their customers, which is why you will find their quotes to be reasonable.

    Clearly, you’ll have to pay attention to every little detail when hiring a moving company. But if you want to move from Calgary to Toronto with ease, then you don’t have another choice.

    Start packing your items in advance

    There is no doubt about the fact that packing is one of the biggest and most complex aspects of relocation. And since you are moving from Calgary to Toronto and crossing a great distance, you are going to have to take this task seriously. After all, getting all of your possessions from one city to another one is never easy. Luckily, if you start preparing for your relocation in time, you are going to be successful in your efforts.

    That’s why we suggest you begin packing six to eight weeks before your moving date. If you plan on putting some of your items into a storage unit in Canada, then it’s a good idea to start packing those items first. The point is to get the items you know you are not going to need out of the way so that you can focus your attention on the essentials when the time comes. Therefore, start packing non-essential items, such as seasonal clothing and holiday decorations as soon as possible. Then, slowly work your way towards the items you consider to be essential, such as your furniture.

    Woman packing boxes before moving from Calgary to Toronto

    Pack your belongings well in advance because it can take quite a bit of time.

    We always suggest you pack a moving essentials box with those items you use on a daily basis, such as your toothbrush. You can rest assured that you are not going to have enough energy to dig through dozens of boxes just to find a roll of toilet paper or a clean change of clothes.

    How to pack your items when moving from Calgary to Toronto?

    So now that you know you need a head start with packing, it’s time to do it. Start packing the rooms you use the least like a guest bedroom for example. After that, pack the items you won’t need until you move to your new home. Keep track of your inventory lists and label all of the boxes clearly. On the night of the moving day, you should have everything ready and packed up. The only things you shouldn’t pack are the items your movers will pack for you and the essentials box.

    Keep lists of your items in each box in case something gets damaged or lost during the relocation. Also, you can draw a rough plan of the floor of your new house, with numbers in every room of the corresponding boxes that will go into them. However, if you hire one of the best long distance moving companies Alberta has to offer to help you with your move, you can also hire them to pack your belongings.

    Notify your utility providers before the move

    Before moving from Alberta to Ontario, call the local utility providers to let them know when are you moving out. Then, set up new utilities at your new home. You don’t want to arrive there just to find out that there’s no electricity or water. 

    Arrange your own transportation when moving from Calgary to Toronto

    People will very rarely forget to arrange the transportation of their items. However, some people forget about their own transportation until the very last minute. By that time, it is when usually too late to handle this task without stress. Luckily, you have a couple of different options at your disposal. You can drive to your new destination or use a plane to get there. Whatever you decide to do is fine, as long as you remember to do it in due time. For example, purchasing plane tickets at the last minute will be much more expensive than buying them two months in advance.

    What to know about Toronto after moving

    Toronto’s public transport is run by the Toronto Transit Commission, however, it can be quite slow. If you want to use something else than public transport, buy a bike or look for a car-sharing scheme. Or if you already own a vehicle, look for car shipping companies Canada to ship it from Calgary to Toronto. After all, there is a great distance between the two cities and you shouldn’t add the extra stress of driving 30 hours when you don’t have to. 

    Cars on the road in the city

    Toronto’s public transport is not that great.

    Toronto has lots of job opportunities

    The bright side to Toronto’s expensive housing market is its prospering and diverse economy. This means that finding a decent job is not that difficult. The city may be a good place for you to start the career you’ve always dreamt of. Toronto is a big hub for many industries. These include education, finance, film-making, and all kinds of technology such as artificial intelligence. 

    It offers a superb education

    Toronto has a wide selection of education options to choose from. The University of Toronto is located all over the city. It has fields of study for kids with college ambitions as well as adults who are thinking of going back to school. There are many private and public schools in the city as well. Every suburb has its own school district. This allows each district to focus on providing good education. In addition to the regular school programs, there are also summer educational programs.

    What is the culture in Toronto like?

    Because Toronto is Canada’s biggest city, its population is quite diverse. And Toronto’s cultural offerings represent it very well. Casa Loma is a beautiful Canadian castle that became a theater and a museum.  However, this is just one of the many places you can visit in Toronto. After moving from Calgary to Toronto you can either live downtown and be near the action, or you can choose one of many suburbs if you prefer a quiet life instead.

    People in Toronto after moving

    Toronto’s population is very diverse. The reason behind this is that Toronto is Canada’s biggest city.

    What to do after moving from Calgary to Toronto

    After moving from Calgary to Toronto with the help of long distance movers Calgary, unpack the essentials boxes. Also, make sure to unpack and have a bedroom and bathroom ready for use as they are the most important rooms. Moving is stressful and can take energy out of you. This means you will need a place to lie down and finally go to sleep. If needed, assemble your bed, unpack bed sheets, prepare your bed, and end the day. Additionally, you will probably need to take a shower. So unpack your bathroom items and arrange the bathroom. Unpacking and setting your kitchen up is also quite important. However, it can wait for a couple of days until you rest from the move.

    Arrange the furniture

    A great thing about moving is that you have a chance to start fresh in your new home. One of the great things about moving is the chance to start over in a new place, and by using floor plans, you can create a unique space that works well for you. With the help of some great online tools, creating that perfect new space is even easier. If you already know the layout of your new home, you can plan how to arrange the furniture and make some very nice-looking spaces.

    Furniture room table

    You will be able to arrange the furniture to your liking after moving from Calgary to Toronto and start fresh.

    Visit Toronto’s attractions

    So now that you know how to move from Calgary to Toronto with ease and what Toronto has to offer, it’s time to visit its attractions. Because Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, it’s not a surprise it offers endless things to can do. However, the must-visit places include the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Museum of Illusions, Casa Loma, Niagara Falls, and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. 

    In the end, you just have to try to stay calm when moving from Calgary to Toronto. Going through a change this big is definitely not going to be easy and you can’t possibly be indifferent. But you ought to look at this as the beginning of a wonderful adventure that will have a great effect on your life. After all, you’ll get to turn over a clean slate, and that’s usually a great thing.


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