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    Every move requires good preparation and excellent organization. That’s why when planning a move to Winnipeg you need to be prepared for everything that awaits you. The best way to help yourself and make the moving process easier is to rely on the help of professionals. You will be relaxed and prepare for your move with ease if you hire some of the proven long distance moving companies Winnipeg offers. Centennial Moving Canada with its experience can make every aspect of moving much easier for you. Give us a call and you’ll have an easy move whether you’re moving to or from Winnipeg.

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    Call Centennial Moving and rely on our help during your move.

    Hiring reliable and reputable long distance movers is key for an enjoyable relocation experience

    When you are relocating long distance, you will need dependable movers to handle all your precious possessions. Trusting someone with your household is not easy, and we understand that your entire life is in your home. That is why our moving team is highly trained and knows how to properly handle and pack various kinds of items to prevent any damage. One of the essentials of hiring a long distance moving company is to make sure they offer moving coverage, just like we do at Centennial Moving.

    Having your belongings properly insured will give you an additional sense of security and trust. You should also check if the moving company you plan on hiring is licensed. Skip the long distance movers in Winnipeg that are not properly licensed and registered. Moving from Winnipeg with our long distance movers does not have to be expensive. We try to offer competitive prices for:

    • Moving from Winnipeg to Calgary AB (min.$900 – max. $5100)
    • Winnipeg to Edmonton move (min.$1200 – max.$5000)
    • Moving from Winnipeg to to Surrey BC (min. $1200 – max. $4600)
    • Relocating to Vancouver from Winnipeg (min. $1000 – max. $6000)
    • Winnipeg to Victoria BC move (min. $1700 –  max. $4000)
    • Winnipeg to Nataimo BC move (min. $1300 – max. $5400)
    • Moving from Winnipeg to Kelowna BC (min. $1100 – max. $5600)
    • Moving from Winnipeg to Moncton NB (min.$1100 – max. $6500)
    • Winnipeg to Halifax move  (min. $1700 – max. $9500)
    • Move from Winnipeg to London ON (min.$1700 – max. $7100)
    • Moving from Winnipeg to Toronto ON (min.$1400 – max. 7400)
    • Relocating from Winnipeg to Montreal (min. $1200 – max. $5500)
    • Moving to Saskatoon from Winnipeg (min.$1000 – max. $4500)

    We value our clients above all else, let us find the perfect moving solution for your needs together

    Moving reviews can tell you a lot about a company’s long distance moving services. Check for online customer reviews to make sure that the company you want to hire is reliable. We pride ourselves on making customer satisfaction our priority, which is why we have numerous moving service reviews by happy clients in the 27 years we have been running a moving business. It is also crucial to ensure that the moving services are fit for your relocation needs. Not all moving companies offer the same long distance services, which is why you need to clearly state your needs and see if what the company offers suits your situation. You might need a full moving service, while the movers only offer packing and loading, or vice versa. Be clear about what you need, and together we will find the ideal solution for your long distance relocation.

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    Hiring reliable movers is the way to remember your long distance move with a smile on your face.

    Why should Centennial Moving Canada be your choice?

    We know that it is not easy for you to make the decision to move and choose the right moving company. You must take care to find a company that will meet all your criteria. We at Centennial Moving have been successfully moving people to multiple locations since 1995. In addition to the fact that we can provide you with experienced and skilled Winnipeg long distance movers, you can also find a number of different moving services with us. We can offer you:

    If you’re not sure which service is right for you, feel free to contact us today and get a free quote. Our friendly workers will help you to choose a service that will suit you completely.

    What can you expect from one of the top long distance moving companies in Winnipeg?

    For a successful long distance move, the most important thing is to be well organized and to respect deadlines. You will achieve this best if you hire one of the best long distance moving companies Winnipeg has to offer. Professionals in their business will be with you at every step of your move and will enable you to move quickly and on time. You can expect friendly and experienced long distance movers from us who will make sure that your move goes smoothly. After packing your belongings, we will transport them in modern and well-maintained vehicles. At Centennial Moving, we know that every move, like every client, is different, so you always get an individual approach. And most importantly, all this at affordable prices. Regardless of whether you need moving services, storage, or car shipping, you can count on us. All you have to do is contact us today!

    Leave the packing to the professionals

    Anyone who has ever moved knows that packing is a time-consuming and demanding process. And on top of that, it can be emotionally draining. It’s not just packing things into boxes, it’s much more difficult. You should pack up your entire life in boxes and move them to Winnipeg. And in that case, you can rely on us. Experienced workers will make sure that all your belongings are packed properly. And in addition, they will be adequately protected in order to prevent damage during transport. If you want, you can leave the complete packing to our long distance moving company Winnipeg. Or you can choose for us to pack your belongings together. You will be able to relax and reduce your responsibilities knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

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    Long distance movers in Winnipeg have the knowledge, experience, and tools to make your move easier.

    Moving furniture becomes easy if you leave it to experienced long distance movers in Winnipeg

    People often face the problem of moving furniture from one house to another. Because it is important to properly pack furniture for moving. Also, this is where the problem of large and bulky furniture often arises. Sometimes it is almost impossible to move it without movers. In those situations, you need one of the best long distance moving companies Winnipeg has to offer. At Centennial Moving, we have workers with enough knowledge and experience to pack and move your furniture. We have a solution even for large furniture. In no time, we will disassemble your furniture and pack all the parts for the move. And after the move, we’ll reassemble it for you in your new home. As you can see, we have a solution even for seemingly unsolvable things. All you need is to call us and expect fast and quality service.

    If you have an excess of things, we have a solution for you – reliable storage units!

    When you’re moving long distances, sometimes it’s difficult to take everything with you at once. Many people decide to store some of their belongings until they move into their new home, and only then pick them up. If this is the case with you or if you just noticed when packing for a move how many things you don’t want to take to your new home – you need storage. Before you look for suitable storage units, make an effort to throw away or donate those things that you really don’t need. And for anything you decide to save, you can contact Centennial Moving Canada. Our workers will work with you to find the best storage solutions Canada offers for your things. Afterward, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in a safe and secure place until you need them again.

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    Moving doesn’t have to be expensive if you choose good long distance moving companies in Winnipeg.

    Long distance relocations can be easy and enjoyable with our team by your side

    Knowing all the important facts about long distance relocations is key if you want to have a smooth moving experience. One of the main factors you should keep in mind is to book moving services as soon as you know you will be moving. Moving companies are busiest during summer as that is the peak moving season. Do not wait too long to start looking for moving services. Up to 8 weeks before your move is the ideal time to start your search for the perfect movers. That way, you will be sure you got the best and most reliable moving team, like our team at Centennial Moving.

    The main difference between a local move and a long distance relocation is the time it will take for your belongings to get to your new home. Movers have limited driving time in a day, so if you are driving for two days to your new home, the movers might need three to four days to transport your possessions.

    Choose the best season to move and get one of the finest moving companies in Winnipeg to handle your relocation

    If this is your first time moving, you should know the best time to move when you choose a moving date. Summer is usually the most popular time to relocate because the weather conditions in Canada are the best. However, you should know that moving during summer also means that your desired movers might be busier than usual. To ensure you hire the long distance moving company you like best, start looking for moving estimates early. Moving during summer is optimal because the chances of rain are minimal, and the temperature outside is not too low or too high. You can move comfortably without worrying that your boxes will get wet or damaged.

    Get to know the city while one of the best long distance moving companies Winnipeg takes care of your move

    It is important to know the city you are moving to. Leave your moving tasks to long distance movers in Winnipeg and get to know the city. There are many reasons why people move to Winnipeg. As the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada, it has a lot to offer its residents. That is why it is inhabited by a very diverse and multi-cultural population. Affordable housing, low cost of living, and diverse employment opportunities make it a good choice for relocation. And that’s not all, in addition to everything, here you will get a strong health system and excellent universities for education. Explore the hidden corners and beauties of the city of Winnipeg that are waiting for you. And you can do all that without worrying because you know that your move is in the safe hands of Centennial Moving Canada.


    Our movers will make your long distance relocation memorable and seamless.

    Let the Centennial Moving team facilitate your relocation from Winnipeg to Ottawa ON

    Moving to Ottawa from Winnipeg means you will need reliable long distance movers by your side. Let our team facilitate your move so that you can focus on enjoying the experience of moving to the Canadian capital. Knowing the differences between the two cities is key when you decide to move. With a population of 1.017 million, Ottawa is one of the most populous cities in the country. Winnipeg, on the other hand, is also a populous city with 749,607 residents as of 2021.

    The main difference you will experience when moving from Winnipeg to Ottawa is the cost of living. While Winnipeg is one of the most affordable cities in Canada, Ottawa is slightly more expensive, which is to be expected. The average cost when moving to Ottawa from Winnipeg with Centennial’s team of moving experts can range from $1600- $7000, and we try to make our prices as amicable as possible.

    Enjoy the big city amenities and the excellent employment opportunities Ottawa has to offer. Although the cost of living is on the higher end for Canada, the education, employment, and housing options justify it. The average salary is also higher, standing at $3330 vs. $2487 which is the average in Winnipeg. All this amounts to overall higher quality of life in Ottawa.

    Get in touch with us and have a great moving experience

    To conclude, the most important thing about moving long distance is to get professional support. The easiest way to make sure you hire one of the best long distance moving companies Winnipeg has to offer is to contact Centennial Moving Canada. We will help you move smoothly and quickly at affordable prices. So, don’t wait much longer, get in touch with us today and have a winning team on your side during your move.

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