Moving Rights & Responsibilities

    Please take a moment to read through the Moving Rights & Responsibilities of Centennial Moving Canada. We will walk you through the most critical information on your client rights and a simple moving process should you decide to hire our moving company. If you have any questions or concerns, we highly encourage you to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you with your move.

    Centennial Moving relocation process

    Moving with the assistance of our experienced team of movers can be summed up in the simple steps detailed below:

    1. Calculating the weight of your household furniture – the first thing that needs to be done in the moving process preparation is to calculate the estimated total weight of your shipment. This can be done through “Manage Inventory” in your online estimate. The estimated total weight will determine the estimated moving cost of your move.

    2. Determining the cost of your relocation – the estimated cost of your relocation is based on the estimate weight of your household, your origin and destination locations, additional services required, as well as your moving dates. After collection of all information, our sales agents will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of how much your relocation may cost in form of online moving quote.

    3. Accepting the moving terms and cost – if you see enough value in our proposal, you can accept it and book your move by contacting us and putting in an upfront deposit. Before accepting the estimate you will expected to acknowledge yourself with Terms & Conditions as well as the current document.

    4. The moving day – our team of trained and experienced movers will arrive at the scheduled time to pick up your belongings. We highly recommend going through our packing course to ensure all your items are correctly and safely packed before moving. If you want to ensure everything is packed perfectly, our full-service moving company can handle that for you. Our moving service is based on door-to-door service, so you can rest assured that it will be picked up and delivered from and to your home. During the loading and unloading, our movers pay attention to protecting your home with floor runners and extra padding. Few days prior to the truck arrival, our dispatch team will contact you for final pickup confirmation.

    5. Going through determining the inventory list on moving day – before our staff starts moving your belongings, it will be necessary to go over the details of your relocation. Firstly, our representatives will prepare the contracts so you can review them once again before signing. After that, they will check the moving inventory to ensure it is the same as previously agreed upon. The total weight of your shipment stated on the moving estimate must be the same on moving day. You can request to ship additional items by making another reservation for another date and time. The moving truck is weighted before arriving to your pickup location and again after loading is complete to determine the actual weight and therefore actual moving cost. While we check the inventory list, we recommend our clients do the same to note any discrepancies. You are welcome to be present during the truck scaling. At request, our dispatch team will provide you with the address of the scaling station and time to be present.

    6. Using Storage services – if you have items, you want to put in storage for a short or long-term, we offer one month free storage promotion for our storage facility located in Toronto, ON. This applies for moves that are transiting Toronto. Our clients can also reserve an extended storage period through our sales agent, which will be subject to additional charges.

    7. Arrival day – our representatives will contact you to notify you of delivery and confirm the time of arrival at least 1-3 days in advance. It usually takes up to 3 weeks (maximum 5 weeks) for moves between West and Center (Toronto area) and up to 4 weeks (maximum 6 weeks) for moves between West and East (including Ottawa and Montreal areas). Moves between neighboring provinces take 1-10 business days.

    8. Notification of charges – our representatives will inform you about the payment procedure. The total amount must be paid before arrival day through cash payment, credit/debit cards, or e-mail money transfers Interac. All fees are billed according to our standard rates and may include parking time and downtime, handling major appliances, pianos, exercise equipment, bulky and heavy items, and shuttle service fees in case of no access to our tractor-trailers. All charges are verified and communicated to you upfront.

    9. Unloading and delivery of shipment – You don’t have to be present personally during the unloading or the moving process. However, there should be a person authorized by you to ensure that our movers can unload your belongings at your home. Before signing your final receipt, our clients must inspect their belongings before the mover’s departure. All missing items or damages should be reported during unloading to your drivers. All damage and lost items claims should be made within seven days of the delivery date via e-mail at in written form. By Centennial Moving’s damage policies and liability limits, all claims must include a description of damages with pictures. Your moving consultant will supply you with necessary claim instructions.

    10. The final Bill of Lading – you will obtain the signed Final Bill of Lading after the confirmation that you have received all your belongings with the complete Inventory list. Make sure you get a tax deduction with those documents because most relocations qualify.

    Customer Responsibilities

    Origin responsibilities

    The customer is liable for providing accurate and honest information when filling out forms, giving out details regarding the relocation, and providing valid contact information. Clients are in charge of carefully reading all the information provided by the Centennial Moving Canada representatives and asking questions about the moving process.

    You or your representative (your family member, friend, colleague, or anyone else authorized to act on your behalf) are responsible for instructing our movers, answering questions, and signing the necessary legal forms such as the Bill of Lading and Inventory Lists. Suppose, for any reason, you or any other authorized representatives are not present during moving days. In that case, our movers will ask you to sign a waiver acknowledging that you accept all the items on the condition our movers deliver them.

    Transit Protection is not applicable for items that our professional movers and packer have not packed. However, for the things, we have packed, and in case of negligence on our part, your belongings will be covered based on coverage plan selected.

    We recommend having a box for your TVs, artwork, mirrors, and lampshades. In case you don’t have the original one, you may buy a box from a store (Uhaul, Home Depot, etc) or from us ($50). If there is no box for these items upon pickup, our movers will professionally pack it using moving blankets. We hope you understand the importance of packing such items to avoid any physical or technical damages that may occur during the move, as no matter how carefully it is being handled, it still may get damaged due to its fragile nature. Thus, our responsibility is very limited in case of a damage claim.

    The client is responsible for preparing all electrical items, such as stoves, freezers, and other electrical machines, for shipping. This includes proper disconnecting and packing cords from your electronics, defrosting fridges and freezers, and servicing electronics.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a proper and adequate approach to our moving truck on moving dates upon arrival. In addition, the customer is responsible for providing information on possible access restrictions due to construction, prohibited parking, inaccessible driveway, or any other situation which might otherwise restrict access to our moving trucks.

    The customers are in charge of proper crating or packing high-value items such as jewelry, artwork, paintings, etc. If they are not sealed and crated, our moving company shall not be responsible for any damages or losses. We recommend carrying essential documents and valuables with you to avoid unpleasant situations.

    Reviewing the Inventory forms is both the customer’s and our responsibility. However, clients are in charge of inspecting their own homes to ensure none of the belongings get left behind. In addition, customer is responsible for approving the inventory list and condition of items before pickup, as well as the shipment and delivery details to avoid last minute cancellations or rescheduled.

    Destination responsibilities

    The client is responsible for providing accurate contact information by phone or e-mail. They are also responsible for being available for our movers to contact them regarding the delivery dates.

    All our customers are advised to have at least two people available during delivery to ensure the proper receipt of shipment. One person is recommended to sign the inventory form as movers deliver items by item and direct the movers where they should put them. The other person should check the state of the things as they are being offloaded.

    The customer is responsible and expected to pay the agreed-upon payment before delivery. Payments can be made in cash, with credit/debit cards and Interac e-transfer. Note, 3% administration fee applies to all credit/debit card payments.

    The client must sign the Bill of Lading and Inventory forms before the driver’s departure.

    Clients should note any damages or loss claims on the Inventory Form upon delivery and before the driver’s departure so that it would be possible to file a valid claim. In case of damages and losses, the client is responsible for filing claims – in written form and within seven days of delivery.

    Transit protection and moving coverage

    Centennial Moving has been in the moving industry since 1995. In that time, we have become one of the most trusted companies for long-distance moves in Canada. Our movers are highly trained and experienced, ensuring a safe and smooth relocation.
    Your possessions are our concern – we take great strides in ensuring your items’ safety and hope you do too! We highly recommend you contact your home insurance agent prior to moving and find out your policy’s coverage of “Goods in Transit”.

    Alternatively, we offer three types of moving coverage for your belongings: Basic Liability Coverage, Extended Liability Coverage.

    • Basic Liability Coverage – This is the minimum protection of your belongings in transit. It is free of charge, no matter the total weight of your shipment, according to Basic Liability Cover. However, in the event of damages or loss, your amount of coverage will equal $0.60 per pound of lost or damaged items. That means for 100lbs lost or damaged items; you will get $60 (100 lbs x $0.60 = $60). Basic Liability Coverage treats all items equally, which means the coverage is calculated on the weight of lost/damaged items and not according to their actual value.
    • Extended Liability Coverage – you can opt for this type of insurance if you want a higher level of coverage. This type of insurance compensates at a rate higher than Basic Liability Coverage. It also depends on the weight of the claimed lost or damaged item for $2 per pound. This type of coverage is charged at 3% of the total weight of your load. That means, for example, if the weight of your entire shipment is 1500 lbs 3%, the price of this coverage equals $45.
    • Similarly to basic liability coverage, the amount you are paid in case damage occurs or an item gets lost will equal the weight of a said item multiplied by $2. For example, for a 100 lbs item, you will get $200 (100 lbs x $2 = $200). Please be advised that a standard deductible of $300 is applied to all claims under Extended Liability coverage.

    Centennial Moving Canada does not bear responsibility in cases where the mechanical condition is unknown or damages to the interior or exterior inherent to items being shipped unless such damage was noted on the inventory forms. We are also not responsible for injuries that occurred under uncontrollable climatic conditions or boxes we have not packed.

    We strongly encourage you to acknowledge yourself with the Terms & Conditions file attached to your online estimate for important information not covered on this page.

    Feel free to contact our office for all and any additional information regarding your upcoming move.


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