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    Although not every relocation is the same, there are some things each one has in common. Getting extra professional help while moving is the best decision and will result in a fast and successful relocation. Even though people usually think that moving is all about transportation, things are actually much different. Before you set on this adventure of a lifetime, Centennial Moving Canada has a couple of wise words to say! Here is why we are one of the long distance movers Halifax recommends. Contact us today and we will show you exactly why we are your best option and what to expect!

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    We will provide save and fast relocation for you and your family

    We are one of the best long distance movers Halifax has

    Long-distance relocations are specific in many ways and the more prepared you are, the better the outcome will be. Hiring a moving company to help you out definitely sounds like a good choice and you should consider it on time. Although you may think that this method is much more expensive, all you need to do is compare the final price. Our moving services in Halifax are quite affordable and completely adjusted to your needs. For this type of relocation, you will need all the professional help out there, especially if this is your first one or if your household is big. Here are some services you may get with our long distance movers in Halifax: 

    • City-to-city relocation
    • Province-to-province relocation
    • Canada to USA relocation
    • Storage service
    • Car shipping service

    If you decided to move to another city, province, or to the USA, our long distance moving services will make the entire experience much better for your entire family! You will arrive on time, without spending a fortune and your inventory will be safe throughout the entire trip. Keep in mind that our professional employees will guide you through this relocation and answer all of your questions on time! Here are more details about our services!

    City-to-city relocation is easier than ever!

    For everyone that would like to move from Halifax, you should know that there are a lot of tasks in front of you! For long-distance relocation you have to focus on the smallest details as these may cause some huge issues later. Toronto to Halifax movers will carry out this relocation on time and you can deal with the rest of things. You will have plenty of time for saying goodbye to your friends and family and even explore the new city! All this while our professional long distance movers Halifax are making sure everything runs smoothly!

    If you want province-to-province relocation, rely on us!

    If you plan to move in or from Nova Scotia, choosing our moving company will be a jackpot! This is especially important for those who didn’t have a chance to visit their new home in advance or are simply short on time. Long-distance relocations are known to be time-consuming and our movers will provide huge amounts of it! Province to province moving will be much faster if you have good assistance on the side! Choose us and move in no time!

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    Our long distance moving company in Halifax will provide only the best services for your relocation!

    We service plenty of destinations from Halifax in Ontario

    Moving long-distances means completing plenty of tasks before and after the relocation. If you are not familiar with the vast area of Ontario, our long distance moving team in Halifax is at your service. We are more than glad to make your move from Halifax to Ontario stress-free and efficient. Moreover, we take pride in the ability to relocate you to many distant locations in Ontario at affordable prices. Check the list of locations our long distance movers Halifax can cover, and the price range for:

    • Moving from Halifax to Ottawa ON ($1,100-$4,000)
    • Relocating from Halifax to Hamilton ON ($1,300-$3,500)
    • Halifax to Toronto move ($1,300- $4,500)
    • Halifax to London ON move ($1,400-$4,500)
    • Moving from Halifax to Brampton ON ($900-$2,500)

    We are a family-oriented team, so we know that relocation can be expensive. Therefore, we tend to create affordable prices, suitable for everyone’s needs. As shown above, moving to Brampton will cost you not more than $2500, while moving to distant Toronto and London is $4500 at the most. If you feel that these numbers fit your budget, hire Centennial Moving and start your relocation today.

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    If you choose the right long distance movers Halifax, you will never take the smile off your face

    Contact us to move you from Halifax to St. John’s, NL

    Are you planning to move anywhere in St. John’s? Then choosing our long distance moving companies in Halifax will be the best thing you can do. We assume that you don’t know the area well, and you are already under a lot of stress. Halifax and St. John’s are different in terms of climate, expenses, and entertainment. Moreover, the distance between them is around 1.081,4 km, which is approximately 20 hours of traveling. Therefore, long-distance relocation sounds even more difficult and pricey.  However, according to Centennial Moving vast experience, moving from Halifax to Saint John is affordable. If you have good assistance on your side, you will pay between $3000 and $4500, without hidden charges.

    Canada to USA relocation is our job!

    Every relocation that goes above a certain mileage is considered to be a long-distance one. In that case, moving you to the USA will be our job! Canada to USA relocation will result in you being at your new place extremely fast and with a huge smile on your face! Our movers are great at providing guidelines and giving additional advice so feel free to ask them anything! Also, make sure to stick around as they may have some questions for you. Remember, having good communication with professionals always ends up successfully!

    Are you moving to Charlottetown, PEI? We are the right choice for you

    Moving to Charlottetown, PEI can be exhausting and stressful. However, your relocation will be fast and enjoyable if you choose the right moving partner. You don’t have to worry about anything, as moving you to Charlottetown will be our part of the job. The distance between Halifax and Charlottetown is 325 km, which is not great but it requires careful planning. Why would you travel all day, when you can go to your new home in 3 hours only. Our long distance movers in Halifax will transport all of your belongings in no time. The best thing is that we care about your finances, and we try to be as affordable as possible. You will pay from $1,200 to $4,100 to move from Halifax to Charlottetown, according to Centennial Moving’s vast experience.

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    Our moving teams can relocate to Charlottetown, PEI very quickly. We are not just your movers, but also long-term parners

    Centennial Moving Canada offers storage services, as well

    Once you make all arrangements with our Halifax long distance moving company, consider using storage units as well! They provide extra space for all occasions and will keep your inventory safe for as long as you need! All you need to do is make an inventory list and let our employees know all the details. They will help you with choosing the best storage size and the amount of time for using it! Storage services are the best way to give yourself additional space when you are moving long-distance, and we are here to help!

    Car shipping is something you may need when moving long-distance

    Although we need our vehicle for multiple tasks daily, sometimes it can cause much more stress than expected! This usually happens during a long-distance relocation and we completely understand you! That’s why our car shipping services will provide safe and fast transportation for it. You will not have to worry about a traffic jam, gas, or other expenses while moving! As one of the best long distance moving companies Halifax has to offer, we think of every detail for your moving satisfaction!

    Why choosing our long distance movers in Halifax is your best option?

    To answer this question we may easily just say- because it is stress-free! If you check out our moving tips you will see that long-distance relocation can cause a lot of stress for you and your entire family! Why would you choose to do it yourself and spend more money when our trained professionals are carrying out dozens of relocations a day? As soon as you give us the details about your relocation we will start the process and you will be in your new home in no time! 

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    All the hard work is our job so make sure to give us a call on time!

    How to choose the best long distance movers in Halifax?

    To answer this question we may advise you to choose the movers that will make you feel relieved! We know this is easier said than done. However, choosing the right movers does not need to be difficult. All you need to do is provide details about the location you are planning to move to. Moreover, people mostly feel stress-free if they know the exact cost of their relocation, or they fear hidden costs. Our long distance moving companies in Halifax are among the cheapest in the area. Thus, a move from Halifax to Vancouver BC can only cost you $2,000, and a move to Moncton NB not more than $5,500. Therefore, affordability is what makes our long-distance movers special, and the first choice when it comes to relocation. Therefore, our long distance movers in Halifax can relocate you to if you are:

    • Planning a move from Halifax to Calgary AB ( $1,800-$8,500 )
    • Moving from Halifax to Vancouver BC ( $2,000-$10,500 )
    • Moving from Halifax to Moncton NB ( $1,300-$5,500 )
    • Planning a move from Halifax to Fredericton NB ( $1,300-$6,000 )
    • Moving to Montreal from Halifax ( $1,200-$4,300 )
    • Moving to Saskatoon from Halifax ( $1,800- $9,500 )

    If you are planning to relocate to any of these areas, we will be more than glad to assist you. All you need to do is call us and our Halifax long distance movers will answer all of your questions. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    What is the best season for moving long-distance?

    Long-distance moving is hard, so choosing the right season for relocation is important. Movers at Centennial Moving company can help you move any time of the year, in any country or area you desire. You can decide for yourself, based on your budget, needs, and preferences. If you are looking to save some money, you should consider moving in the late fall, winter, or spring. Those with school-aged children should consider making a summer relocation. Moreover, if you prefer to move in mild weather conditions, you may want to do it in spring and fall too. Whenever you decide to move, you should avoid weekends and the first and last week of the month. The best long distance movers in Halifax have all you need for a perfect relocation in any season.

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    You don’t have to worry about the best season for your relocation. Our professional movers will make a plan for you

    Do not hesitate to read FAQ about long-distance moving

    We have already emphasized that long-distance moving is hard. Therefore, you deserve to get all the assistance. One thing that makes things easier is that you can always read the FAQ section on our website. This will help you prepare for your relocation, and learn more about the process of long-distance moving. After you read this section, you can still contact us by email, or call us on the phone. Some of the questions included may be: How early do I need to schedule my move? How do you protect my furniture when it rains? Is there a minimum charge? Therefore, don’t hesitate to go through this section when you are browsing your moving company’s website. You can rest assured that you will find answers to all of your questions when you visit our company’s FAQ part on the website.

    Wherever your new dream home is, in the country of Canada or within the USA, we got you covered! All you have to focus on is preparing for this adventure of a lifetime! And while you should embrace every big change coming your way, let our moving company helps you out! For a much smaller price, you will get plenty of time on your hands, the extra security of your inventory, and good peace of mind!

    So, if your relocation is getting closer or you are thinking about it, it is time to give us a call! As one of the top long distance movers Halifax has on offer, Centennial Moving Canada will arrive precisely on time and start doing their magic! Prepare for their arrival and inform them about everything worth mentioning. After that, you can relax because as soon as you see our truck arriving, the hard work is over!

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