Damage or Loss Claim Policy

Although our movers work diligently to protect your belongings during transportation, occasional damages or losses may occur. It is important that you notify the driver immediately during offloading, so said damage can be noted. In the event the damage is not visible during offloading, don’t panic. You have up to 7 days to notify us and file a damage or loss claim.

In our industry, it is not typical for moving companies to provide you the in-depth details of their policies and procedures for claims. Damage claims are reviewed, accepted, and processed on a case by case basis. We are fully licensed and insured, however, the terms ‘licensed’ and ‘insured’ simply imply we have sufficient auto, general liability, and cargo coverage that the Department of Transportation requires. Most companies offer a 60¢ per lb. waiver and release for their standard moves. It is important to know that this type of coverage is not the same as full value replacement insurance. However, it is the most standard coverage in the moving industry because there are no additional fees to the client, descriptive inventory requirements, or value needed to be assigned to the move. Below are three options of insurance coverage for your move:

Basic Liability (we extend this coverage at no additional cost):

As mandated by the Department of Transportation, we offer the $0.60 per pound waiver and release (that is described above) for damages or losses. Again, this is the most common coverage throughout the moving industry. Like most companies, we extend this coverage at no additional cost. In any case, this is not full coverage insurance.

Premium Liability Coverage:

When covered by Premium Liability Coverage, lost and damaged items won’t be replaced or repaired when you file a claim. Instead, you’ll be compensated $2 per pound per item. The cost of Premium Liability Coverage is 3% of the total weight of your load.

Example #1: the estimated weight of your belongings is 1500 lbs. The cost of Premium Liability Coverage is $45 (1500 lbs x 3%).
Example #2: the estimated weight of your belongings is 4500 lbs. The cost of Premium Liability Coverage is $135 (4500 lbs x 3%).

Valuation Coverage:

Although the standard coverage is 60¢ per lb., when a damage claim is accepted and processed, typically our company will have the damaged furniture piece repaired by a professional furniture repair company we contract. In the event, an item cannot be repaired or is lost, a replacement piece can be purchased (in the same condition as the item damaged). Should an item be difficult to locate for replacement, our customer would be reimbursed for the item, as determined by fair market value (the amount expected at a local auction house). The Depreciation value of a product will increase by 13.5 percent each year since the item was originally bought. This is a coverage plan for up to $30.000. Valuation Coverage applies only to items packed by the movers. Damaged or lost boxes will be compensated at the rate of $2/lb. To inquire about the cost of this coverage plan, please contact our sales agents.

Premium and Valuation Coverage plans don’t apply to antique items (over 50 years old).

Note: $300 deductible applies to all claims.


In any case, claims of damage will not be entertained unless there is some visible damage/neglect apparent. This mostly applies to electronics as often older electronic components no longer work after the process of moving (example: DVD player worked properly prior to move, however, isn’t working after your move, and there is no evidence of negligence, this item would not be covered). This can be due to the surges from “plugging and unplugging” into outlets and/or heat and exposure during transport (none of which would constitute negligence by the crew).

Claims on any IKEA furniture or furniture assembled from “particle board/wood” will not be accepted. Particle wood does not hold up over time, thus deteriorating during changes of humidity. The glue holding this wood together degrades over time as well. In addition, the cam locks typically used to hold multiple pieces together fail often. The parts of what makes some IKEA furniture cheap is that it’s made of particle board which is inexpensive but also somewhat fragile. Properly packed into its original packaging, there’s almost no risk of damage, but if you’re disassembling one of your old pieces or moving a fully assembled item, there’s a reasonable chance that accidents will happen especially during cross-country moves where the risk of breakage is increased.

Load Only Services: claims of damage on items transported via equipment NOT driven by our crew will not be entertained. This mainly refers to rental trucks (loading of).

Boxes: Please pack carefully. Any items packed in a box/container, that is NOT packed by one of our team members, that incurs damage, will not be covered.

The other coverage option would be to contact your personal homeowner’s/renters insurance carrier to inquire whether they offer coverage above the standard 60¢ per lb. coverage. If offered, this is typically done in the form of a rider added to the policy (the cost varies, however, will typically fall between $50.00-$100.00).

These guidelines are in no way an attempt to avoid negligence on our mover’s part. We feel it extremely important to be transparent as these guidelines are in place to create an environment of honesty and integrity.

To file a claim, please contact our Claims Department at claims@centennialmoving.ca

Please download the full version of Claim Policy.

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