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    Moving from one province to another is a big life change, and it might seem intimidating at first. If you decided to move from Charlottetown to Halifax, you must be ready for all the advantages that this beautiful city has. Nova Scotia is one of the most affordable provinces in Canada, and certainly one of the most breathtaking ones. Moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS will be much easier with reliable movers from Centennial Moving Canada by your side. Our moving team has a vast experience in city-to-city relocations, making even the most challenging moves effortless. Call us today, and book some of the finest moving services Canada offers.

    man and woman moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS

    Moving can be a joyous event if you choose a reliable moving company.

    Make your relocation memorable with Centennial Moving Canada

    When we started our company back in 1995, we had a mission. We wanted people to experience the seamless and stress-free relocations they deserve. Moving is one of the most stressful events in life, and we at Centennial Moving Canada want to change that. Our clients have enjoyable and seamless moves with our friendly and knowledgeable team by their side. Let us take care of your relocation, and you will see that moving can be a simple and straightforward process. With almost 30 years of experience, we are efficient in providing immaculate moving services of all kinds as well as predicting and preventing potential issues that come with various types of relocations.

    Our team will make moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS safe and smooth

    Making a decision to move is not an easy one, and executing it is even harder. That is why our team of highly trained and vetted Charlottetown to Halifax movers is the key to stress-free moving. Get one of the finest moving companies in Canada to handle your relocation to Halifax, Nova Scotia. As one of the best moving companies Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS, we will provide you with a personalized moving plan. You can always contact us during working hours and make any alterations to the moving plan that you are not comfortable with. Don’t hesitate to call us at any stage during the relocation process, our friendly employees are at your disposal. Making sure that you are happy with your move is our goal.

    We offer premium long-distance moving services at amicable prices

    Long-distance moving doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With us, you can have supreme moving services at affordable prices. Being established and trusted Charlottetown to Halifax moving company, we try to make our prices amicable and competitive. Moving on a budget is no longer a reason to skip professional services. You can have a relaxing relocation experience at a reasonable cost with our moving team by your side. Get a free moving estimate and see that we offer some of the best prices in Canada. Our expertise and impeccable service do not come at a high price. You will enjoy your relocation with us without having to spend all your hard-earned money.


    Moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS will be easy and simple with our movers.

    Our diligent team will handle various types of relocations efficiently and with smiles on their faces

    No two relocations are the same, and different types of moves come with different potential problems and challenges. Because of that, it is important to choose Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS movers who specialize in various kinds of relocations. It is only then that you can be certain that you’ve made the best choice. With our team of moving experts at Centennial Moving Canada, you can rest assured no complications will come up during the moving process. Our team is experienced and well-trained to foresee and successfully prevent most moving problems. With us, you will get seamless and proficient moving services Canada offers. We provide the following moving services:

     If you need additional space before or after the move, we offer some of the finest storage units in Canada

    While it is optimal to sort through your belongings before the move and only take the items you use and need, some things have sentimental value and we cannot easily let go of them. If you are in such a position, or you are downsizing when moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS and don’t have as much space in your new home, consider renting a storage unit. We provide premium climate-controlled storage units in a secured facility. That way you can relax not having to worry about the safety of your precious possessions.

    Our facilities have temperature control because we want to ensure your belongings are kept in the best conditions possible. Minimizing the possibility of damage from heat or cold, as well as maintaining a high level of hygiene on the premises provides a clean and secure environment for all sorts of items. Even the most fragile leather furniture and confidential paperwork will be safe in our storage facilities.


    Our storage services are the ideal solution when you need additional space.

    About Halifax

    Moving to Halifax with one of the best Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS moving companies has numerous advantages. If you are moving for more entertainment, a better job market, or a more affordable cost of living, you will not regret choosing to move to the city of Halifax. Nova Scotia is one of the most affordable provinces in Canada, making it one of the most appealing ones as well. Halifax with 439,000 residents has a population 10 times larger than Charlottetown. It is ideal if you are looking to move to a city with more opportunities and if you want to experience all the benefits of living in a big city. Nature is spectacular, and you will be able to make a decent living easily with how affordable everything is. The cost of living and housing prices in particular. Welcome!

    Let us make your relocation to Halifax from Charlottetown easy and pleasurable

    With Centennial Moving Canada, relocations are harmonious and easy. Let us make moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS an experience you will gladly remember. Our moving team will show you that relocations can be joyous events, not ones you have to fear and dread. Move effortlessly and forget about the stress and anxiety. With us, you will be able to enjoy the process of moving from start to finish. Contact us today, and let our diligent movers do all the hard work!


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