Reasons to move to Prince Edward Island

    How to determine where a certain place is right for you? Well, this is the easy part of deciding the most important part of your life. You will need to take look at the advantages and disadvantages of a certain place. They will help you see if you will make your life happier and easier in a particular place. When it comes to Prince Edward Island, you should know that this magical place is worth visiting. But is it worth leaving everything behind and treating new life here? Well with these reasons to move to Prince Edward Island, you will find it out! And if you decide that moving here is a smart choice, you can always count on relocation companies in Canada to help you get here with no additional stress.

    What are the main reasons to move to Prince Edward Island?

    As we said before, this is one magical place, but that is not the only reason for relocation to Prince Edward Island. Some of the main reasons for people making this decision are:

    1. Costs of living
    2. Easy commute
    3. Things to do and places to see
    4. Education

    These listed are the 4 most important things you should look for in a place. Prince Edward Island has all 4 of them developed and on a high level, so you will see that moving here is a choice you should have made long before now. But it is never too late to take advantage of Canadian moving services and move here.

    Canada sign

    There are many reasons to move to Prince Edward Island, one of the best places in Canada.

    Everything you need to know about costs of living on Prince Edward Island

    One of the biggest concerns people have when choosing the place for their new home is whether they can afford it. In cost of living is not just how much you will need for the rent. You need to calculate everyday expenses. And on top of that the moving expenses you will have after hiring one of the best movers Prince Edward Island has. By determining the ultimate monthly expenses you will have, you will be able to figure out where moving here is something you can afford.

    When it comes to the costs of living here, you should know that this place is not among the most affordable places. You will have some expenses you are not used to. However, with the good community and other benefits, this place has, you will most certainly manage living here and have a cozy and comfortable life.

    The role of the location

    Someone will consider this place relatively cheaper when it comes to the price of housing, utilities, and even food. And if you are good at organizing your time and money, someone will say that you will be able to live here with your average income. The prices will depend on the location. If you want to live close to the center of the happenings, of course, you will have to pay more than living the edges of this place. But keep in mind that the commute is easy, which we will speak more about later. So it will give you a chance to find a home outside of the center and still manage everything without losing too many hours. This is one of the advantages when you think about moving to PEI from Ontario when seeking a job.

    beautiful trail as one of the reasons to move to Prince Edward Island

    You will see that the costs of living here are affordable and you will manage living here with an average income.

    Easy commute – how important is it and is it one of the reasons to move to Prince Edward Island?

    The biggest pro of living here is that this place is small. You will need proximately 3 hours to get from one part of the island to another. That is why people love moving here. You will be away from the crowd and the busy life you can find in major cities. But you are still close to everything you need.

    You will easily explore the island whether you decide it to do by foot or by car. That is why most people hire one of the best cross country movers Canada has. You will most likely enjoy every day here. And when it comes to traveling for work, you will be happy to hear next. You will find that most of the residents care about the local and family businesses. So if you have been thinking about expanding your family business or starting the new one, you will have full support from this community.

    There is more!

    Another great thing is that no matter where you decide to work and where you want to expand your business, you will need around 2 hours to get to New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. So if you have a vehicle, make sure you contact car shipping companies in Canada and relocate along with your car. These two places are more convenient for people working in corporations. But since you are already here, why not give it a try?

    Being close to any type of adventures, places, and small markets, you wil enjoy living here. Also, there is no way you will explore the whole island. There will always be something new. And you will be close to it!

    lovely building

    One of the big roles in choosing your next hometown is how easy the commute is.

    Things to do and places to see are the biggest reasons to move to Prince Edward Island!

    If you are a nature lover and you love spending time outside, long distance moving to Prince Edward Island will be worth it! There are numerous places you can visit even when the weather is bad. Why do we say this? Well, it is simple. Most people will consider the weather to be the con of living and moving here. However, if you are good at planning and organization, there is nothing to worry about. Even when it is too cold, or you can see the snow falling a few days in a row, with the right equipment, you will have a blast.

    Things you must not miss

    • Confederation Centre of the Arts – an art gallery and five theatres are there to show you some of the most amazing work from Canadian artists.
    • Prince Edward Island National Park – along its 60 kilometers, you will have a place where you can swim, hike, golf, geocache, etc. And even if the weather is fine, you can place a tent and spend a night or two here.
    • Greenwich, PEI National Park – By seeing this home of fragile and extensive dune systems, you will be amazed! This is something you will rarely see somewhere in North America.
    • Confederation Trail –  If you love walking, cycling, or snowmobiling, you will find your spot here, along the 435 kilometers of trails.
    • Victoria Row – popular shopping destination.
    • Basin Head Provincial Park – If you love swimming and enjoying some of the nice days you will get here, you should visit this most beautiful beach in Canada.
    • West Point Lighthouse – Located on a beach behind dunes, it is a perfect place for you to spend a night or even take your lover on a romantic date.
    • Confederation Bridge – This is the longest bridge that connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick and the rest of Canada.
    • Crowbush Cove – This lovely golf course is overlooking the north shore of Canada. You will find it very affordable and the best place for golf lovers you will find the whole of Canada.

    These are just some of the most popular places you can visit on prince Edward Island. But as you know, some of the most beautiful parts of any province are the ones that are not so popular and that are hidden. There are some hidden gems Prince Edward Island has and they are waiting to be discovered as soon as you relocate with the province to province movers you have hired.

    landmark in PEI

    One of the biggest landmarks of Prince Edward Island is West Point Lighthouse.

    Is education worth moving here?

    For all of you relocating because you are searching for the best place to raise your family, Prince Edward Island might be the place for you. One of the cons here is that it is not among the safest places on earth. However, with the strong community and people taking care of each other, you will be just fine raising kids here.

    When it comes to the education systems and schools on Prince Edward Island, you should know that there are both public and private schools. You will be able to get your kids to some of the best schools in this part of Canada once you move here.

    But what makes Prince Edward Island the best for education is that there are numberless programs for interstate students. If you are moving here from any other county, you will find a lot of programs you might be interested in. There are lots of scholarships and you will easily manage living here with those.

    Like any other place, there are some disadvantages to living here

    However, they do not have to be disadvantages to you. The most common cons of moving here are the language barrier and the weather.

    Most of the residents here speak French. It can be difficult for someone whose native language is not the same one. However, there are plenty of places where you can find a person speaking English, the most common language in the world. How to make it into the pro of living here? It is easy. Take this as an opportunity to learn a new language and new skills. You never know when you will need to use French. Maybe your new career will start by learning to speak this language.

    When it comes to the weather, it knows to be cold. And when it is cold it is quiet out here. That is why most people avoid even thinking of moving here. But, like with the problem with language, there are things you can do to make this con your pro. You can easily learn some new skills, and get the equipment you need. If you have some warm clothes and you are eager to spend some time in high-quality air during the winter, this should not be a problem.

    forest during winter

    Do not let the snow stop you from having an adventure!

    Moving won’t be difficult

    If you like what you have read about living on Prince Edward Island, you should not hesitate any longer. Hiring a reliable and reputable moving company is one of the first steps you should take.

    When you choose the moving company, make sure that the company has some of the best references you can find. Along with those, you should focus on companies that are licensed and have insurance. These three things are what make a company reliable and reputable. Therefore, the one you will need for your relocation.

    You can also ask for a free moving estimate. This will help you determine the final price of the relocation. It will also help you determine how much money you have left and whether you will be in the chance to get some extra moving services you have not thought of.

    Think green!

    Since you will be relocating to a place that is a natural beauty, you need to give your best in making the relocation that will prevent damage. Here, we are talking about getting the packing and moving of eco-friendly supplies. There are tons of ways to have an eco-friendly relocation. It will take a little more time than you have to gather all of these supplies. But the goal is simple. You want to make your planet clan and keep it safe as much as you can.

    houses and lake

    PEI is truly a wonderful place to move to!

    Give this place a chance

    As you could see, there are some good reasons to move to Prince Edward Island. You need to be focused on the things you need and the thing that is suitable for you and the family member that is about to relocate. Always keep in mind that visiting a certain place is not the same as ling there. Be prepared for some obstacles on the road. But if you give Prince Edward Island a chance you will not regret it.



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