5 reasons why moving to Kitchener may be a good idea

    Are you looking to move to Kitchener this year? No wonder why, in the past two years, Kitchener has been flourishing. More and more people are moving out of Toronto and are flocking to other towns. Mostly, in the nearby Waterloo region. If you’re not quite sure yet, we at Movers Canada are here to deliver the top 5 reasons why moving to Kitchener may be a good idea.

    5 reasons why moving to Kitchener may be a good idea

    The Waterloo Region, in which Kitchener is located in, is now the fastest-growing metropolitan area in all of Canada. There has never been a better time to relocate to Kitchener. And if you decide to do so after reading this article, we suggest that you start hitting up moving companies Kitchener right away. Without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why moving to Kitchener may be a good idea.

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    1. It’s one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse regions

    As of 2031, more than a third of the population of Kitchener-Waterloo will be foreign-born, making Waterloo Region Canada’s sixth-most diverse metropolitan region. Because just 20% of Canada’s total population is foreign-born, these data are of great significance. Waterloo Region is above the national average in terms of ethnic diversity. Plus it’s affordable!

    The low cost of living in Kitchener is a major draw for potential residents. I won’t bore you with the numbers, but on average, a house in Kitchener costs around $200,000 less than in nearby areas like Oakville, Brampton, and Toronto, all of which are roughly an hour to the east. If you’re looking for a place to live, Kitchener and a short commute to work is a no-brainer. Sounds good? With our professional and friendly personnel, long distance moving has never been easier. Feel free to call us whenever you’re ready.

    2. Kitchener welcomes newcomers

    Many immigrant settlement programs in Waterloo Region assist more than 10,000 immigrants each year. In addition to job search assistance, mentorship programs, and language training, these programs, financed in part by the federal government, United Way K-W, and the YMCA K-W, provide a wide range of additional services to immigrants. Kitchener has welcomed many immigrants in the last couple of years. And many former Toronto residents as well. Kitchener has become very appealing to Torontonians. Here in Kitchener, you will almost never be stuck in traffic. Within 15 minutes, you can travel everywhere in Waterloo Region. During rush hour, a 40-minute commute from Waterloo to Cambridge would be the worst-case scenario. It’s a pleasure to drive around here since it’s so laid back.

    3. Culturally diverse universities

    Top-ranked colleges and universities from across the globe flock to the Waterloo Region each year to study here, including two of Canada’s best institutions. For example, at the University of Waterloo, one in ten undergraduate students and one in three graduate students are foreign students, making it an extremely multicultural campus.

    moving to Kitchener may be a good idea if you're a student

    Meet new friends at the university

    As reported by UW’s student body, the university’s ethnic diversity is celebrated via a variety of student organizations. Many cultural organizations and groups on campus are created by ethnic groups and supported for their representation of culture. This institution is full of passionate individuals trying to transmit their cultural identity to others that may not know a lot about it. And we have no doubt that you too would excel in such an institution.

    4. There are many employment opportunities

    Kitchener has been called the next Silicon Valley. Tech is flourishing in our country! Kitchener, Ontario, is becoming a hotbed for internet startups, thanks to the expansion of Google’s headquarters, the growth of Shopify and Vidyard, and a slew of other high-profile software businesses. Isn’t everyone a fan of statistics? This is a fun one for you: the unemployment rate in the region now stands at four percent. You’ll have plenty of employment opportunities here in Kitchener. Our best cross Canada movers will be happy to relocate you no matter which area you’re coming from.

    Google headquarters in Kitchener

    Moving to Kitchener may be a good idea if you’re looking to change your job.

    5. Beautiful sights all around you!

    The Grand River is a must-see if you’re visiting Kitchener. The river flows through the city, is home to a wide variety of fish, birds, and other animals, and is surrounded by paths and parks where people can enjoy the scenery. You can enjoy walking through the wonderful Victoria Park every day if you move here! It’s a terrific site to feed ducks and geese, right in the midst of downtown, and it holds a lot of yearly events. The Huron Natural Area is another must-see for anyone interested in animals and beautiful scenery. The fact that there are almost 270 acres of woodland, marshes, and meadows crisscrossed by hiking routes and waterways is astounding, given the size of our city. Huron Natural Area, on Trillium Drive in the city’s south end, is a haven for nature lovers of all kinds, from walkers and joggers to photographers and bird watchers.

    Final Notes

    We know that Kitchener is the future tech hub of Canada. But Kitchener is also a very family-friendly town and that’s why moving to Kitchener may be a good idea. In Kitchener, you’ll have all of the amenities of a big town, but it still has its small-town charm. With beautiful scenery all around. We believe this is the perfect time to move to this region. Hurry up and pack your bags while the housing market is still stable. If you’re a renter, in Kitchener you’ll pay a fraction of the price you’d pay in Toronto or Ottawa. If you want to hop on the trend and move from Toronto to Kitchener, be sure to call us to help you out. Our professionals will move you in no time and we offer affordable rates. You’re just a click away from your first free moving quote. Happy relocation!

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