Moving small loads across Canada

    Whenever people think about moving, the very first assumption is big boxes, large trucks, and similar. However, that is not always the case. No matter how big or how small, moving is a serious business that needs a lot of preparation. Packing is a big and crucial part of relocation. Some clients require long-distance moving with a lot of personal possessions, but other clients need a few things transported. In this article, we will be discussing moving small loads across Canada with our credible moving companies Canada as your high-quality choice.

    What is considered a small load?

    One thing with packing is that you can never have enough valuables. Everything is equally important, no matter the size. But what happens with small loads? What can you call a small load? Small loads weigh less than approximately 2000 lbs or 910 kilograms. Consequently, this means that a client has less stuff that needs to be transported. Freshmen, freshly graduated students, newly married couples, and more usually choose this type of transportation. Despite the weight of your valuables, picking our reputable Canadian moving services is your best choice when you’re thinking about moving small loads across Canada.

    man preparing for moving small loads across canada

    Small as it may seem, relocation needs a good organization

    How to properly measure your moving items?

    Since weight is an important part of the load, you need to be sure not to cross the limit. The crucial step in measuring your valuables before loading them into a truck is to do proper calculations of length, width, and height. These three dimensions come after the weight. You can do this manually or get help from the movers. Make a list and divide your possessions into categories. A potential list can look something like this:

    • Large-sized items. This can be anything from electronics, like TVs to some parts of furniture such as sofas or beds.
    • Medium-sized items. Closets, chairs, and tables can fit into the category of medium-sized items.
    • Small-sized items. You can load various belongings such as boxes full of clothes or small-sized electronics, similar to video gaming consoles.

    This way you will ensure the safety of your belongings while relocating to Canada.

    A person measuring something precisely

    It’s important to be precise when measuring small loads.

    Things you need to know when moving small loads across Canada

    As we mentioned before, relocation ought to have a good team and a well-organized plan. The plan contains several steps. One of the first things you need to consider is the number of your items for relocation. Pack your items securely, but be mindful of what we said before – items should not be heavier than 2000 lbs. This also means that you need to buy additional supplies to pack your items nicely and firmly. Choosing our affordable storage solutions Canada offers will reduce your stress of packing.

    When packing multiple belongings in several boxes, make sure not to overpack. If you do so, you may ruin your items. As we mentioned before, it is best to keep a track of the categories in which you put your items. Keep the track of the size, but also of the fragility. Put light things together and move them from heavy and larger things. Always mark the boxes, so you can always know what’s inside of them.

    Picking out the right destination while moving small loads across Canada

    Discuss your new destination with a moving company. Since Canada is a large country and has several different provinces, you need to be as specific as possible. Whatever your choice is, our reputable province to province movers is here to fulfill all of your desires. This also means you need to accommodate a different lifestyle in a new place.

    Moreover, many clients choose relocation of small-scale belongings within Canada. This essentially means short-distance or long-distance moving. Since you don’t have items of a large scale, you can be sure that it won’t cost you as much as it would for a big move. It all depends on your choice and with the right long distance movers in Canada, you can make it come true.

    Set a deadline for the relocation

    Moving is a lengthy process and everyday life can intervene in your plans. Additionally, this means that job, school, and other circumstances can be in the middle of the process. However, you need to remain determined with your organization. Move during the “off-season.” In essence, this means that you can start relocating during a period of less frequent relocations. Winter is the best season to do so.

    man looking at his wristwatch

    Do not rush anywhere with moving. Remain steady to reduce stressful situations

    Check the condition of your belongings before relocating

    Moving is a life-changing experience. Everything is so new and unknown. We often leave old things behind us and focus on upcoming ones. Having said this, it’s incredibly hard to say goodbye to some things that have been a great part of our lives. If a certain item of yours isn’t in the best condition, the best option is to replace it and buy a new one. This way you can always save space for other things in the truck. 

    Maintaining moving budget

    Moving comes with few expenses, so you need to be introduced to the budget of your household for the move. Discussing prices and fees with movers before helps in maintaining it properly. Write down everything that needs to be paid, from the most expensive to the least expensive. Check charges that need to be paid first, essentially, the very charge of an overall move. Talk with your housemates about the budget that you have and you can always split the expenses. A spreadsheet of charges is optional, but it can be very useful:

    • Moving price
    • Packing fees
    • Transportation/traffic fees
    • The overall value of items
    • Moving insurance
    • Car or vehicle insurance
    • Total cost

    This is just one example, but the possibilities are endless. You need to make one based on your needs and requirements. Having a general overview of your budget will prevent and save you from any unexpected charges. Keep money in both your bank account and cash.

    Make moving small loads across Canada easy

    To make your experience even easier, you can think about a consolidated moving. Consolidate moving is when multiple loads of different clients are shipped together to the same destination. This fits quite well as we previously mentioned moving destination and your budget. Not only will you save up during relocation, but you also can ease someone else’s relocation! If you have a friend, a neighbor, or anyone who needs help during this process, this is a perfect option for all! In addition, consolidating moving is a great chance for someone who is moving from Canada to USA. This way you can connect with Canadians who are heading towards the same destination.

    people wrapping up small loads

    Moving small loads across Canada comes with lots of possibilities

    How to transport different types of small loads

    The moving industry is rich with different types of loads and it’s best to have a reliable moving company to tailor your move perfectly. It all depends on your wishes. A few examples of small loads are:

    • Small apartments
    • Study rooms
    • Additional home supplies
    • Cars and other vehicles

    Handlining small apartments

    Small apartments are suitable for people who live alone or for newly married couples. One-bedroom apartments are considered small apartments. They are usually not bigger than 450 square feet. This type of move usually means that essential items of the will be transported, such as kitchen tables and chairs, closets, bathroom supplies, and more.

    Another type of small apartment that can be considered small-scale is a studio apartment. Studio apartments are self-contained in which all rooms fit into one living space. In addition, this means that the kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all in one place. On the contrary, one-bedroom apartments have separate bedrooms. Studio apartments are perfect for newbies who are starting to build their careers. All five rooms that are in studio apartments can be easily transferred to another location.

    You need to take proper measurements of each type of this apartment. You can fill extra space by buying new stuff, but you cannot do anything if the new apartment is not equal to the previous one, thus, be careful with measuring. Consider that order of your belongings can be different in a new location. Therefore, get used to a new type of living.

    Relocating different types of small rooms

    As we said before, students are usually the ones who need small loads transported. Therefore, their study rooms consist of a working table, chairs, bookshelves, electronics, and so on. Pay special attention to notebooks and course books. Each of them goes to a separate box. For a prosperous country like Canada, students often pick our trustworthy cross Canada moving solutions in pursuing their academic studies.

    When you start building a family, children need their own space. You can fit all of their valuables into one bedroom that can be transported to a larger house. This can even include families with more than one child. Two or more beds and desks won’t be a problem for experienced movers. Put similar items together to ease the transport. Cradles and toys go with baby’s and toddler’s stuff. Make-up vanities or gaming desks are intended for teenagers or young adults. Closets are unique for all, but be sure not to mix up an adult’s closet and a child’s closet. Older children can help their parents in ordering and remembering what items are included in the transport. 

    white teddy bear in baby's bed

    Take good care of baby’s, toddler’s, and teenager’s items.

    Transporting small home supplies

    Home supplies can be various things. Relocate heavy musical instruments like pianos or bathroom devices like washing machines or drying machines. Sanitary supplies are also a part of important small house supplies. Those are bathtubs, sinks, showers, and many more. You need to take good care of them. Load them first. Put them in the front of the truck, far away from the door. This way, you can be sure there won’t be any unforeseen circumstances that can potentially harm your supplies. If you need, secure them even more by putting them in a box or wrapping them in a special protective wrap. This also includes decorations and much more fragile stuff. Large and expensive Christmas trees can only be placed horizontally in the moving truck.

    Shipping light vehicles in Canada

    Car and vehicle transportation can be a little bit tricky. Cars and vehicles that weigh 2000 lbs are considered light vehicles. The most common type of light vehicle in Canada is a commercial van. However, not all cars satisfy the 2000 lbs requirement. You need to look at your vehicle’s specifications before making a move of transporting it. When you do that, choose responsible car shipping companies in Canada to ensure safety. Having car insurance is very important during the shipment! Keep this important piece of paper with you while you are relocating!

    What if items are overestimated?

    Miscalculations happen and that is perfectly normal. In this situation, you need to remain calm and have a plan B. Discuss this with your movers in advance. If somehow items are over said weight, the best you can do is to move necessary items first and then come back for the rest. Try relocating items that are close or exactly 2000 lbs and then load the rest, lighter ones. This will prevent any harming or unnecessary scratching.

    a person making a plan about moving small loads across Canada

    You need to be prepared for every scenario when moving small loads.

    Get the best out of relocation with an experienced moving company

    We have seen what we can call a small load and how to properly measure it. We have structured a nice budget plan and prepared for the relocation itself. In conclusion, all you need to do to make your moving small loads across Canada is to satisfy the first and most important weight rule and everything else will come to its place. This article and hiring reputable movers is the first step you need to make when you want to make all of your wishes come true. We wish you a happy and successful move!

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