Things to know when moving from Hamilton to Kitchener

    Moving is not an easy job, even when moving locally. Leaving your old home is never easy. But, in your case, at least you’re not moving that far away. After all, you’ll still be living in the same province, near Toronto. You’ll just be a few kilometers further south. And that in itself should make moving from Hamilton to Kitchener much easier for you. Well at least as far as the transition and adaptation bit goes. But, you’ll still have to handle all of the moving tasks as if you were moving to, say, Surrey. Still, even though you’ll be pretty close to your old home city, Hamilton, it would perhaps be smart to learn a bit about Kitchener and how it compares to Hamilton before moving. And, if aside from hiring one of the reputable moving companies Canada prides itself in, the knowledge on this matter is why you’ve visited our website, know that you’re absolutely in the right place. We can tell you quite a few things about Kitchener and how it stacks up to Hamilton. Here’s what we believe are the things you should know before moving.

    Interested in moving from Hamilton to Kitchener? Let’s talk money!

    Neither Hamilton nor Kitchener are the cheapest of cities. Basically, you have to spend a pretty penny if you wish to have a high standard of living in these cities. Plus, you can’t really expect to save some crazy money by moving to Kitchener, since these two cities are basically trading blows when it comes to costs. And even if you choose the most affordable Canadian moving services, your move will still likely be pretty pricey. So there’s that. But, even though Kitchener and Hamilton are not that different in terms of prices, we should still probably have a closer look at a more detailed breakdown of prices:

    A woman handling money.

    Don’t expect moving to be cheap!

    • Rent prices are roughly 0.88% lower in Kitchener than in Hamilton
    • Consumer prices  are about 2.97% lower in Hamilton than in Kitchener
    • You can expect  to pay about 2.43% less for groceries on average in Kitchener than in Hamilton while the restaurant prices of food are, interestingly, up to 16.17% higher in Kitchener
    • The price of square meter in City Centre is about 3.15 % more in Kitchener while the price per square meter outside of the city center is 11.86 % in Kitchener
    • Childcare is roughly about 5.77 % more affordable in Kitchener

    What is the main difference between Kitchener and hamilton in terms of living?

    Since these two cities are so close by, naturally, there isn’t going to be a crazy difference. Of course, you can’t expect the weather, for example, to be much different. After all, they’re like 10 minutes apart. Which is great if you don’t like much change. But of course, some differences still exist. The biggest difference perhaps being how big the cities are. While Hamilton is 1,138 km² large, Kitchener is a mere 136.9 km² in size. That’s a huge difference.

    The size of the population also plays a role. Hamilton is home to more than half a million people while Kitchener houses only about 200.000. All that leads to Kitchener being more of a quiet city without much traffic or too many crazy things going on while Hamilton is more of a typical big city. But don’t worry, just because Kitchener is a smaller city, that doesn’t mean that moving companies Kitchener has to offer are any worse than those of Hamilton or even Toronto. You’re safe whichever option you choose!

    Aerial shot of a busy highway.

    Hamilton is a much busier city than Kitchener!

    If safety is your priority, you have nothing to worry about

    Canada is, in general, perceived as a lot safer than many other parts of the world. Of course, complete safety simply doesn’t exist. You always get at last a few bad eggs, no matter how good as a whole the population of a city or a country is. Still, you’ll be happy to know that Kitchener is pretty much just as safe as Hamilton. That means that if you’ve felt safe in Hamilton all this time, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to moving to Kitchener from Hamilton. But just to be safe, you and your family should still adhere to basic at-home safety measures. Both before and after the move to Kitchener. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

    Don’t stress too much, you likely won’t feel the change at all

    When moving, focusing on your personal experience is just as important as focusing on objective differences and similarities between two cities. That’s why we should also mention a few things about what you, personally should expect from relocation to Kitchener from Hamilton. Luckily, in your case, there isn’t much to tell. Hamilton and Kitchener are so close to one another that you’ll still be able to see all your friends and family, visit all your favorite places, and even keep your job. You can even think of them as an extension of one another. So there’s really no need for you to stress out too much at all! Of course, moving is always a bit stressful. But, as far as having to adapt to a new environment goes, you likely won’t feel a thing.

    A woman watching TV at home.

    When moving from Hamilton to Kitchener there’s no need to stress!

    Moving from Hamilton to Kitchener? There’s no room for panic!

    As far as moving goes, moving from Hamilton to Kitchener is as easy as it gets. It’s nothing like moving from London, with movers London ON residents recommend, to Calgary in Alberta, or from Vancouver to Winnipeg. Especially if you realize how lucky you are and try to make the best of your relocation to Kitchener, you could have a truly wonderful move. Don’t be afraid. As mentioned before, there’s really not that much to it. It’s just an opportunity for you to redefine your life and even create the perfect home you’ve always wanted to have!


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