Toronto vs Edmonton: key lifestyle difference

    Toronto vs Edmonton? Which one is better? They are both the capital cities of their provinces. They’re big, amazing Canadian cities that have a lot to offer. Toronto is Canada’s most populated city, offering an international hub. On the other side, Edmonton is famous for oil production and vast greenery and parks. So if you’re moving from Toronto to Edmonton keep reading to find out what are the key lifestyle differences. 

    Toronto vs Edmonton: main differences

    Location, size, population, and cost of living are the biggest differences between these Toronto and Edmonton. When it comes to the population, Toronto is one of the biggest cities in North America, and its size is comparable to New York City and Los Angeles. However, Edmonton is a lot smaller, and more affordable, and it’s close to acres of natural wonder. If you need help with moving to Toronto or Edmonton, get in touch with some of the best long distance movers Canada has. 

    plenty of people gathered discussing which one is better, Toronto vs Edmonton

    There are many differences when it comes to Toronto vs Edmonton.

    Edmonton has more affordable home prices

    The average single-family house in Toronto costs around $1.3 million. In Edmonton, on average you will pay $450,000 for a three-bedroom, single-family house. In comparison, buying a parking spot in downtown Toronto can cost up to $100 000. Instead, you can use that money and move to Edmonton. You will have much more money in your pocket after paying your mortgage every month. In the City of Edmonton, there is a wide variety of communities you can choose from, offering beautiful walking trails, quiet living,  green spaces, as well as access to amenities and major thoroughfares.

    Weather differences

    Because Toronto is on the shores of Lake Ontario, the weather changes significantly every season. Even though Toronto is in the northern part of North America, the waters of Lake Ontario keep summers more humid and winters hotter. In Toronto, winter brings snow from December until March. Snow accumulations of more than 1 centimeter occur about 65 days every year. You can enjoy many warm days with lots of sunshine in the summer. However, air quality and smog from Canadian and U.S. industrial plants hinder some sunny days.

    In contrast, Edmonton is known for the most diverse and beautiful weather in Canada. There is a lot of sunshine throughout the year thanks to the dry climate in comparison to the humidity in Toronto. While summer days are hot, nights in Edmonton are cold. In the winter, the temperatures drop a lot, and snow accumulations of over 1 centimeter occur about 141 days each year. The weather usually changes and it can be hard to predict from day to day.

    Edmonton vs Toronto: commute times

    When it comes to Toronto vs Edmonton traffic, traffic in Toronto can be annoying with its traffic jams and rush hours. The Greater Toronto Area is usually affected by highway shutdowns on the 400-series highways because of multi-vehicle pileups and traffic unable to maneuver through the snow-laden streets. Anthony Henday Drive, Edmonton’s ring road, connects every quadrant of the city, making your commute less frustrating. Your commute time will be within 30 minutes even if you work downtown or live in another part of the city. Instead of being located just downtown, Edmonton’s amenities and events are spread throughout the city,  This helps traffic flow in various parts of the city making it better for commuting than Toronto.

    cars on asphalt road

    Edmonton has a better commute and less frustrating traffic compared to Toronto.

    Things to do in Edmonton

    Edmonton has a different vibe from the big international city life in Toronto. However, you’ll never run out of nature to explore, museum exhibits to wander, and restaurants and shops to enjoy. As the starting point for uncharted adventures and “Gateway to the North”, it’s not a surprise Elk Island National Park is a short drive from the city. The park welcomes campers, hikers, and explorers year-round. You can up-close experience lots of wild animals, such as elk, moose, and especially buffalo.

    Also, there are lots of areas to enjoy eating and drinking with friends and shopping. River Valley area offers many parks and green spaces, including trails, golf courses, and amazing scenery. It’s a highly sought-after area where you can work and live. In addition, Southwest Edmonton has some of the fastest growth in the city. There are dozens of commercial areas, brand-new residential communities, and amenities. These neighborhoods have a variety of home styles, such as single-family homes, multi-family townhomes, as well as luxury estates.

    124 Street in downtown Edmonton is known as the Arts District and it’s home to a wide variety of galleries, eclectic restaurants, and arts-related shopping. You can find The Mercer Warehouse on 104 Avenue. It offers quality restaurants it’s a great place to gather before or after a concert or hockey game. The Brewery District is a collection of shopping, modern restaurants, and hang-out places, located on 104 Avenue east. West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in Canada and has everything you need including high-end stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more.

    Things you can do in Toronto

    As a big city located on a Great Lake, Toronto offers lots of things you can do. From a stroll through Kensington Market to a view atop the CN Tower, Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods and attractions offer something for everyone. Niagara Falls is probably the most famous attraction near Toronto. You can take in the view at the top of Table Rock or take a bike tour near the falls. There are boat tours, restaurants, and lots of shopping near Niagara Falls. According to Niagara Falls Tourism, this region is secretly known for producing amazing wines, you can spend hours tasting wine around the area. If you plan on moving here, hire the best long distance movers Toronto.

    Edmonton vs toronto

    There are many fun things you can do in Toronto.

    When thinking about which is better, Toronto vs Edmonton, the choice will be up to you. Toronto is one of the most multicultural urban areas in the world with diverse cultures and communities. On the other hand, Edmonton offers safe neighborhoods and amazing parkland with some of the most stunning wilderness in Canada. So wherever you choose to move, Centennial Moving Canada can help you with your upcoming move.


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