Moving cross Canada with kids - simple guide

    Moving is the most stressful endeavor in any person’s life. Especially if you have to do it with the children in tow. Even though nobody is looking forward to it, sometimes we can not say no. Hence due to the new job, better schools, or a neighborhood, a relocation becomes mandatory. But how do we prepare the young ones for a long trip? For them, this is double the stress because they will be leaving everything they know behind. Therefore you can not anymore simply pack everything and go. Now you need careful preparation and planning. Hiring one of the relocation companies Canada with a lot of experience is in your best interest. With that in mind, we would also like to share a few tips with you. With these steps moving cross Canada with kids will be effortless for everybody.

    Before moving cross Canada with kids inform them what to expect

    Young children will most likely not know what is going on. And a big change that is about to happen will be a huge shock for them. And not a good one. Because they are leaving everything familiar to them. Therefore, before cross country movers Canada arrives, you need to prepare your kids for the relocation. Thus they will not feel that all their security and comfort have just disappeared. So start by calling up a family meeting and inviting everybody to come. Explain calmly what is going to happen and where you are going. Next, be ready to answer a lot of questions. Also, do not get surprised if it becomes a bit emotional. Therefore it is of the essence that you are calm and collected throughout the meeting.

    mom and son looking at the computer talking about moving cross Canada with kids

    Moving cross Canada with kids is easier if you explain and show them where you are going and why

    Let your kids help you pack for the cross Canada relocation

    Feeling included will give your kids a purpose and with it a sense of security. Also, it is good to keep them busy and occupied all through the relocation. That way, they will feel like they too are part of the decision to move. Therefore, even if you hired one of the best long distance movers Canada has on offer to help you pack, include your kids in the process too. For example, ask them to pack all their toys. However, if they are too young, they can help you decorate the boxes. Use several colorful markers and have fun labeling everything. Moving cross Canada with kids does not have to be a stressful chore. If you make an effort to make it inclusive and fun, they will be relaxed and calm all through the move. But do not wait last minute to pack as it will take a few days to finish everything.

    boy and a girl putting toys into a box

    Ask the children to help with packing their room for the relocation

    Pack an essentials bag  for the cross Canada move with kids

    Relocating across the country will take some time, so you need to pack an essentials bag. It is everything your kids will need on the trip to your new home. Therefore before you start packing, make a list of everything you will need. Items like snacks, water, juice, medicine, wipes, and their favorite toys are very important. They will keep them occupied as car trips can be quite boring for the kids. Likewise, do not forget to pack toiletries and enough clothes for a few days, including pajamas. However, almost all moving companies Ontario has to offer always advise their customers never to pack the essentials bag into the moving truck. You want it to be with you at all times. Especially if you have small kids. Also, this will save you from frequent stops that are bound to happen when relocating across Canada with kids.

    Carefully plan the route

    Moving with kids across the country is not easy. The long car drive will become boring fast, and you will have a lot of arguing and bickering on your hands. Additionally, rest stops for the bathroom will happen often. They are bound to delay your trip if you do not plan well in advance. If you are not sure where to begin, and which relocation services Canada to choose, Centennial Moving can advise you on the best routes to take. Also, because it will last for more than a day, you will need a place to rest. So make sure you book hotels on the route where you can sleep. However, do not stop at random places once you start the trip. Where you marked, on the map, is your goal. Otherwise, as soon as you ask the kids if they need the bathroom, they will say yes.

    Moving cross Canada routes ideas

    If you’re moving cross Canada with kids, there are a few different route options you can take. The most direct route would be to take the Trans-Canada Highway, also known as Highway 1, from coast to coast. This route runs through some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, including the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies, and the Great Lakes. This is the route your long distance movers Ontario will usually take as it is the most direct and fast one. However, it can also be quite crowded and stressful, particularly if you’re traveling with young children.

    Highway in Canada near lake and mountain

    The most direct route when moving cross Canada with kids would be to take the Trans-Canada Highway

    Alternatively, you could take a more leisurely route through Canada’s smaller towns and cities. This would allow you to explore different parts of the country at a more relaxed pace and would give your kids a chance to experience a wider range of cultures and lifestyles. Whichever route you choose, moving cross Canada with kids is sure to be an adventure! And here are some ideas for making your relocation a fun family trip.

    Places you can visit when moving from Alberta to Ontario

    Moving from one side of the country to the other is a big undertaking, and there are a few things to consider when choosing the best route. If you’re moving with kids, it’s important to choose a route that will allow you to make plenty of stops along the way. After all, cross-country road trips are all about the journey, not just the destination. Fortunately, there are many scenic routes to choose from when moving from Alberta to Ontario. The Trans-Canada Highway is the most direct route, but it can be quite boring for kids.

    An alternative route is to take the Northern Lights Route, which takes you through Jasper and Banff National Parks. This route is longer, but it’s worth it for the spectacular views. If you’re looking for even more adventure, you could even take the Alaska Highway – just be prepared for some long driving days! Whichever route you choose, cross-country road trips are a great way to see Canada with your kids.

    Jasper National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife

    When planning a cross Canada move with kids, it’s important to choose a route that will keep everyone entertained. And what could be more exciting for kids than a visit to Jasper National Park? Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is home to an abundance of wildlife, including elk, bighorn sheep, and grizzly bears. There are also countless opportunities for outdoor adventure, from hiking and camping to canoeing and horseback riding. Best of all, Jasper is easily accessible from major highways, making it the perfect stopover on your cross-country journey. So if you’re looking for a family-friendly destination that’s sure to please everyone, be sure to add Jasper National Park to your itinerary.

    Jasper National Park is one of the places you must visit when Moving cross Canada with kids

    Jasper National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife, so don’t miss it. Your kids will love it!

    Another stop you need to make is Banff National Park

    Another great option is Banff National Park in Alberta. In addition to being a beautiful place to explore, Banff National Park is also home to a variety of wildlife. Kids will love getting up close and personal with animals like elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats. And, they’ll also have the chance to learn about the park’s rich history and geology. In addition, they have a chance to enjoy scenic views from atop one of its many mountains! With so much there for everyone who visits Banff, you make sure not to miss it during cross Canada relocation.
    With so much to see and do, Banff National Park is the perfect place to include on your cross Canada moving plan. And after the long preparation for the move, you will also need some time to relax. You can be sure that your belongings will be safe with long distance moving companies Alberta you choose to transport your things.

    Planning a route when moving from Ontario to Quebec

    Moving from one province to another can be a big undertaking, especially when you’re crossing the country with kids in tow. However, there are a few things you can do to make the journey a little easier. First, it’s important to choose the right route. If you’re moving from Ontario to Quebec, the best option is to take the 402 east to the 401 east. This will take you through the cities of Toronto and Montreal before reaching Quebec City. Along the way, there are plenty of attractions that are perfect for families with young children. In Toronto, be sure to visit the Toronto Zoo and the Royal Ontario Museum. And in Montreal, take a ride on the Biodome and explore Mount Royal Park. By taking some time to plan your route and choose your pit stops, you can make your cross-country move a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

    City view Montreal, Canada

    There are plenty of attractions that are perfect for families with young children in Montreal

    Biodome is a must-see attraction along the way

    The Biodome is located in Montreal, Quebec and it is an ecological museum that allows you to step inside four different ecosystems. The first is the Tropical Forest which is the largest of the four ecosystems in the biodome. In this section, you will find animals such as sloths, armadillos, and toucans. The next ecosystem is the Laurentian Forest where you can find animals such as red squirrels, racing snails, and porcupines.

    After that is the Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system which is home to beluga whales, seals, and different types of fish. The last ecosystem is the polar world where you can find penguins, arctic wolves, and polar bears. Throughout the biodome, there are also different types of plants that are native to each ecosystem. The biodome also has a play area for children called Parc des Lilas where they can play and learn about the different ecosystems at the biodome. So make sure to include this attraction in your route.

    How to plan the route when moving from Toronto to Ottawa

    Moving to a new city is an exciting but also daunting experience. When moving to Ottawa from Toronto, there are a few different routes you can take. The most direct route is via the 401, which will take you through the province’s heart. However, if you’re looking to take in some sights along the way, you might consider taking the scenic route along the Niagara Parkway. This route will take you past some of Ontario’s most beautiful scenery, including Niagara Falls. If you have kids, they’ll love seeing this natural wonder up close. Regardless of which route you choose, make sure to plan your trip in advance and allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the journey.

    Don’t miss the chance to visit Niagara falls when  moving cross Canada with kids

    If you’re moving from Toronto to Ottawa with kids, we are sure you made the perfect relocation plan. Your boxes and belongings are packed and long distance movers Toronto have everything under control. There is only a long ride with kids ahead of you. So, if you are on the road, one of the places you’ll want to visit along the way is Niagara Falls. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canada, and it’s easy to see why. The falls are truly impressive, and there are plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. For families with children, there are a number of kid-friendly attractions, such as the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. There are also several scenic hiking trails in the area, perfect for exploring on a sunny day.

    Aerial view on Niagara falls

    Niagara falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canada

    Also, there’s plenty to do in the area for kids of all ages. From taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist to visiting Fort Erie, there’s something for everyone at Niagara Falls. In addition, Niagara Falls is a great place to learn about Canadian history and culture. There are several museums and historic sites in the area, as well as numerous restaurants that serve traditional Canadian cuisine. Including a visit to Niagara Falls in your moving plan is a great way to ensure that your family has a memorable and enjoyable experience of relocating across Canada.

    Transportation options when moving cross Canada with kids

    Moving to a new home is always a big undertaking, but it can be especially challenging when you’re moving to a different province – or even across the country. If you’re planning a long-distance move with kids, you’ll need to carefully consider all of your transportation options. Flying may be the quickest option, but it can also be more expensive – especially if you have a lot of belongings. Driving may take longer, but it can be more economical – and it gives you the flexibility to make stops along the way. You could also ship your car, which would free up space in your vehicle for other items. Ultimately, there’s no one answer that’s right for everyone. The best option for your family will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget and your travel preferences.

    Is it better to drive or fly when moving cross Canada with kids?

    If you’re planning on moving across Canada with your kids, you may be wondering whether it’s better to drive or fly. While flying can be faster and less stressful, it can also be more expensive, especially if you need to ship your car. Thankfully, there are a number of car shipping companies Canada that can help make the process easier and more affordable.

    A few things to keep in mind when choosing a car shipping company

    – Make sure the company is legitimate and has a good reputation. You can check online reviews to get an idea of what other customers have said about their experience.
    Get a quote from several different companies before making a decision. This will help you compare prices and services to find the best deal.
    – Find out what type of insurance is included with the shipping service. This is important in case something happens to your car during transit.

    By doing your research you can find a car shipping company that will make moving across Canada with your kids much easier.

    The best option for moving cross-country with kids depends on your family’s unique needs and preferences

    Moving cross-Canada with kids can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to pack up your entire life and figure out a way to transport it all to your new home, but you also have to keep your kids entertained during the long journey. For some families, flying is the best option. It’s fast and relatively easy, and it means that you don’t have to spend days or even weeks on the road. However, flying can be expensive, and it can be difficult to keep small children entertained during a long flight.

    Woman Moving cross Canada with kids in the plane

    For some families, moving cross Canada with kids can be easier if flying

    For other families, driving is the better option. It gives you the opportunity to explore different parts of the country and play tourists along the way. Plus, it’s often easier and cheaper to find lodging when you’re driving, since you’re not limited to airports and hotel chains. Ultimately, the best option for moving cross-country with kids depends on your family’s unique needs and preferences. Car shipping companies in Canada can also be a good option if you’re not comfortable driving long distances with your family.

    Help your kids settle in after the cross county move

    You have arrived at your new home, and it is time to unpack. Start with the kids’ room first. For they will need a place to rest after the long trip. However, you do not have to do everything. Few essentials will be enough, so unpack their beds, a few toys, and clothes. The next room on the agenda is the bathroom. After such a long time on a trip, everybody will want to take a shower. Lastly, unpack everything you need to cook a simple homemade dish. Again, you do not have to unpack the entire kitchen, just a few items you need to make it happen.

    girl sleeping in a bed

    After relocating across Canada, your kids will need to rest, so unpack their bedroom first

    Moving cross Canada with kids does not have to be a chore

    Moving cross Canada with kids will have a huge emotional impact on the entire family. Therefore make it possible for kids to have fun. So turn every chore into a game that everybody will enjoy. Children can pack their room and help you label all the boxes. The same goes for the trip to your new home. Crossing long distances across the Country of Canada will take some time. Hence ensure you have the music ready and a few toys that will keep the kids happy and occupied. Lastly, make it possible for the children to stay in touch with all the friends they are leaving behind. That way, they will be able to quickly adjust to their new home.

    Overall, your relocation can be a great experience for the whole family. It can be challenging at times, but it can also be an experience of a lifetime. Take this opportunity to make memories that will last. Also, look at the move as an opportunity to start fresh in a new place. So, if you are considering moving cross Canada with kids, know that it is definitely doable – just be prepared for some bumps along the way.


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