Top 10 Places to spend Christmas in Canada

    Canada is a beautiful country to stay and visit throughout the whole year. However, the Christmas season is definitely one of the most beautiful times around the world and in Canada as well. The last two years of the pandemic have been very challenging for the whole planet. Luckily, it did not affect Christmas. As people still celebrate it no matter what. If you have decided to move during the Christmas period around Canada, you should know that this is a great decision. There are so many gorgeous places to spend your holidays throughout Canada. Book Centennial Moving company on time to get you to some of the great locations. This will definitely be a celebration to remember. It will be a hard decision to make. So take your time to do a little research. In this text, find about the top 10 places to spend Christmas in Canada.

    Quebec city as one of the best places to spend Christmas in Canada

    Spend a great Christmas in the city of Quebec

    Spend the best Christmas in Quebec city

    Think about numerous Santa Clause parades and open markets where you can buy original Christmas gifts. Even if you do not book any particular festive, Quebec is already beautiful enough just to wander its streets. This city has great architecture, you will have real snow on long festive decorated lanes. There is a famous German Christmas market where you can taste different wines and food. Booking some of the moving companies Quebeck City will definitely pay off for that. In addition, you can spend your holidays in one of the most famous hotels at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. There your children can meet a real Santa. In addition, you can join many parades around the city to just enjoy the festive spirit. The capital of La Belle Province can definitely provide a lot of fun and will not disappoint you in any way.

    Top places to spend Christmas in Canada-Toronto

    There is one great thing about Toronto attracting millions of people around the world each year. That is the  Toronto Santa Clause parade.

    people in front of a Toronto sign

    Toronto is one of the best places to spend Christmas in Canada

    Each November people start gathering for this great festival. In addition, throughout the whole of December, the festival moves to Distillery District. There you can celebrate the great kick off the Christmas tree in front of a City Hall. Therefore, start your long distance moving preparations on time in order to get here for a great celebration. The Big Smoke, the name Toronto is famous for, is a place where you can have great dining in a number of cafes and restaurants. Also, enjoy the stroll the cobblestone streets under the twinkling lights up to the 55 foot tall Silver Fir Christmas tree. Here your kids can wave to Santa and line-up of buskers and carolers.

    More Christmas spots on the list

    Apart from Quebeck and Toronto, there are other great smaller cities where you can have great fun as well. One of those is Dawson City in Yukon.

    a mountain and a lake in Canada

    Visit numerous spots in the wilderness of Canada to spend your holidays

    The home of Jack London, together with its national park, the locals light in during holidays with special ‘flotilla’ decoration. Here you can enjoy cruising on canoes and boats with northern lights. Check on time if moving companies in Fort McMurray still have free dates so you can book them on time. In addition, Ottawa starts the illumination ceremony in early December. Here you can enjoy free hot chocolate and Christmas caroling. Here you can find some more places to spend Christmas in Canada in 2021:

    • Almonte, Ontario-a filming location for many Christmas movies
    • Niagara Falls, Ontario- one of the greatest natural wonders
    • Saskatoon- the greatest number of candy and toy stores
    • St. John’s, Newfoundland- 200-year-old tradition of “Mummering

    Other places out of places to spend Christmas in Canada

    The next one on our list is definitely Vancouver. It has an over sixty years old tradition of Vancouver’s Carol Ships Parade of Lights. During December, every evening boats with more than 100,000 lights cruise around False Creek, Deep Cove, and Port Moody. This place definitely rates as one of the top 10 places to spend Christmas in Canada. And not only to spend Christmas time but also to start your new life in this Canadian city. If your children prefer visiting a zoo, it is a tradition in Calgary. There is a great event Zoolights. W also must mention Airdrie, Alberta. It’s Airdrie Festival of Lights is one of the most expensive in the world. Here your family can enjoy a bonfire and many food trucks while wandering around the lanes full of light.

    Christmas for sport lovers

    If you imagine a cozy Christmas in Canada while doing some sports, then a nice ski village in Mont Tremblant, Quebec is the place for you. It is one of the best places in Eastern Canada for snowboarding and skiing. In addition, there is a nice Nordic spa for relaxing. Apart from this, you can discover other famous spots to spend Christmas in Canada. Lake Louise’s in Alberta is among the most beautiful natural skating rinks in the world. It also offers many festive vibes with the traditional sipping of hot chocolate in local cafes and restaurants. Churchill, Manitoba is the polar bear capital and also a home for winter wildlife. This is a magical Christmas wonderland where you can explore the wilderness away from the city crowd. Here you can spend your holidays in the company of wild foxes, owls, lynx, and mooses.

    As you can see, Canada really offers great places and opportunities to have a beautiful holiday season. In some of the top 10 places to spend Christmas in Canada, you can literally find something for everybody. If you prefer busy cities and crowds on the markets. Or if you would like to enjoy hundreds of light festivals all over the country then Canada is the best place for you. In addition, its great wilderness offers numerous paths to wander during holiday seasons. Finally, for ski lovers, there are numerous ski resorts which are s9me of the most famous in the world. But one thing is for sure. You cannot complain that you will have a boring Christmas in Canada.


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