Most popular moving destinations for families in Canada

    When you think about countries with good quality of life, Canada is one of the first that comes to mind. It’s one of the largest countries in the world, with a huge choice of bustling cities, smaller towns, and remote places with beautiful scenery. Canada could easily be one of the friendliest places to live in the world. With unblemished landscapes and stunning nature, free healthcare, and an open-minded approach to life, it’s no wonder. The only question is which place is the right choice for you and your family? There is no one right answer, only what works for you. We at Centennial Moving Canada have put together a list of the most popular moving destinations for families in Canada to help you decide.

    What to look for when viewing popular moving destinations for families in Canada

    Before we get to popular moving destinations for families in Canada it is important to mention what you should look for when viewing these places. There are a few crucial things you need to look for when deciding whether a destination is the right one for you and your family and we will list them all.

    a train going to popular moving destinations for families in Canada

    Moving is something that happens in almost everyone’s life at some point. When moving with a family, that process is a little bit more difficult.

    Starting off, the first thing you need to look at when viewing a place is its cost of living. That is an important factor to look at when moving generally, but especially when you have a family to take care of. The cost of living will directly affect your quality of life, so make sure the prices are reasonable and affordable.

    For people with kids, it’s important to think about their future. This means that you should always look at the educational opportunities a place offers. Your children’s future depends on that so choosing the place that offers great schooling will be beneficial.

    Moreover, you will need to check out crime rates, as well as other aspects, such as weather, and places to have fun

    What are popular moving destinations for families in Canada

    Canada has so many amazing places for raising a family. However, there are a few favorite destinations for families, and with good reason. So without any further adieu, here are our top 6 moving destinations for families in Canada for you to consider.

    1. Ottawa, Ontario
    2. Vancouver, Brtish Columbia
    3. Burlington, Ontario
    4. Oakville, Ontario
    5. Edmonton, Alberta
    6. St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
    7. Halifax, Nova Scotia
    8. Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Ottawa, Ontario is one of the most popular moving destinations for families in Canada

    Ottawa offers amazing employment opportunities and great education and it’s a very safe place to live.

    Ottawa, Ontario

    As Canada’s capital, Ottawa offers excellent employment opportunities. Salaries are higher than in other Canadian cities. Ottawa has prestigious educational institutions, affordable accommodations, and daycare. Moreover, it is one of the safest cities in the country. You’ll find popular museums to visit in the heart of the city. The Rideau Canal freezes over in the winter and turns into a huge ice-skating rink. As far as outdoor activities go, skiing is quite popular. What moving companies Red Deer recommend you visit first are the national parks. They are some of the most beautiful in the whole country. You can also go swimming and camping, and be surrounded by beautiful nature. Overall, the capital of Canada might be the best capital in the world for families!

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Vancouver, British Columbia is a metropolitan city with a small-town vibe. It’s one of the most diverse, multicultural cities in Canada. The city has unique neighborhoods which present plenty of opportunities for employment and for enjoying recreational activities. This family-friendly city has some of the best schools in the world, which makes it a great place to raise children. In addition, it has a growing food scene with lots of amazing restaurants and cafes. Striking scenery surrounds Vancouver. With beaches and mountains, this Canadian city has it all. In addition, outdoorsy people will love the mild winters there, which is quite unusual for Canada. So, if you want a little bit warmer weather, and unique, interesting people, hiring long distance movers Vancouver team and moving here might be just the thing you need!

    Burlington, Ontario

    Ontario, in general, is a popular moving destination for families, and it attracts many newcomers. Burlington stretches at the southwestern end of Lake Ontario. If you want to live in a big city but still be close to nature and the great outdoors, Burlington can be the perfect place for you. With plenty of schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities available also, it’s no wonder moving companies in Burlington claim this city is so popular. Moreover, there are many attractive sights to visit — for example, countless parks, museums, and several annual festivals. There are plenty of activities for you and your family to enjoy, while also keeping in touch with nature. The schools in Burlington are also pretty great. Overall, Burlington is a pretty family-oriented city.

    Lake Ontario, Canada

    Burlington lies on the southwestern bank of the beautiful Lake Ontario.

    Oakville, Ontario

    Oakville is the golden middle between a bustling city and the quiet suburbs. It’s nestled between Halton Region on Lake Ontario and the thriving city of Toronto. This location gives its residents the chance to explore Canada’s natural wonders whilst enjoying the lifestyle of the big city. It’s very close to Toronto and Niagara Falls. This lovely town in southern Ontario has a vibrant creative scene. For instance, performances take place at the local Oakville Centre for Performing Arts. Also, there are a few annual festivals. Therefore, it may be the perfect choice for people who prioritize arts, culture, and music. However, one downside is that you need a car to get everywhere, so make sure the car movers Canada team helps you bring your car with you. It’s also a great place to raise a family and retire. In conclusion, Oakville is one of the best places to live in Canada.

    Edmonton, Alberta

    Many consider Edmonton one of the most prosperous cities in Canada. The city has close business trade links with the United States, which means that there are more corporate jobs available. Being home to many multinational corporations and a fast-growing tech industry, Edmonton is a popular moving destination. Considering it offers excellent opportunities for career development, many people gravitate toward it. However, there are other opportunities besides jobs. Edmonton offers good schools and work opportunities, with a low cost of living. Edmonton hosts amazing and unique festivals and events all year round. That is why it has earned the nickname “the city of festivals”. A short road trip from Edmonton will take you to the mountains. There you can enjoy the incredible landscape and crystal blue lakes of Jasper National Park. And don’t forget that Alberta is Canada’s sunniest province.

    person with a Canadian flag around her standing near a lake

    Find experienced movers and relocate to one of the most popular moving destinations for families in Canada.

    St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

    One of the most popular moving destinations for families in Canada is the coastal town of St John’s. This might be the place for you if you’re looking to get away from big city life. Located in Newfoundland off the Atlantic coast, St John’s is the oldest city in North America. The area is known for its history and culture. This plays a big part in the city’s economy. As a result, you can see tourists in St John’s throughout the year. The smaller, community feel you get in this town is hard to find in big cities. In addition, housing is affordable and the cost of living isn’t high. That is why people usually hire moving companies Kitchener teams and move here as soon as they can. It’s also great for outdoor activities since there are plenty of hiking routes, parks, and opportunities to go sailing.

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Another beautiful city that seems like it’s tailor-made for families in Halifax. First of all, the cost of living is one of the lowest when compared to other bigger cities. Moreover, they put an accent on education. This means your kids will be able to get a top-notch education. However, the tax rates are higher when compared to the rest of Canada. Another important factor to take into account is that the crime rates are very low, making Halifax one of the safest cities to live in. It is very uncommon for house robberies to happen, so all of the things long distance movers Halifax team moves will stay safe even if you don’t unpack them immediately. Lastly, there are a lot of opportunities to have fun here, some for you and your kids, and some for adults. Halifax is usually recommended for younger parents, as you can still live your life while having the support to raise a child. And, if you like it enough, you can always stay there for a while.

    Final thoughts on popular moving destinations for families in Canada

    After carefully viewing every destination on this list, you will hopefully get an idea of where you want to continue living your life with your family. These destinations are some of the most popular when it comes to living with families and there is a reason for that. We listed their pros and cons as well as mentioned what life is like living there. This will give you an overall idea and help you decide.

    Hopefully, by knowing where you want to live with your family, you will organize a perfect relocation that will be stress-free. Don’t forget about the mental health of your family as this could be a particularly difficult time, especially for the kids. Even when you move, opting for storage solutions Canada, instead of unpacking immediately might be a good idea. This way, you can discover your surroundings as soon as you move and know what to expect. We gave you a general idea of what to expect when moving to each of the popular moving destinations for families in Canada, but it’s up to you to decide where to move and discover the place on your own!

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