Is Surrey a good place to move as a senior citizen

    From a senior’s point of view asking a question such as ‘Is Surrey a good place to move as a senior citizen’ is completely valid. Seniors who aim at adopting a relaxed lifetime can visit Surrey, situated within a stunning natural setting of Canada. To give you a helping hand, we shall explore why Surrey is a desirable place of residence for the elderly. Surrey has many features that might be beneficial to senior citizens such as its calmness, healthcare services, entertainment centers, etc. Now, let’s find out what factors make this town a perfect place for those who would like to live there in peace at a venerable age.

    Learn some basic things about Surrey

    Settled in British Columbia, Surrey is a city full of activities for its citizens. In fact, the population of Surrey is around 570,000. Also, you should know that Surrey is appealing to seniors. It is a great thing that there are around 90,000 seniors in this city. Retirees prefer this city because of its hospitable atmosphere, plenty of services, as well as peaceful surroundings.

    Two elderly men eating

    Surrey is a highly senior-friendly city

    Surrey has been able to offer this age group an interesting adventure. It’s hardly surprising that senior citizens like to make Surrey their hometown since it is a vibrant and friendly city. If you are one of them, one of the best moving companies Surrey BC offers will help you reach your new home trouble-free.

    Several neighborhoods are at your disposal

    As a senior who should choose a neighborhood in Surrey that would be enjoyable to live in, bear in mind that any of them qualifies, because they are all senior-friendly. Do not worry even if you are moving long-distance. The long distance movers in BC  will be there to assist you. Your final choice depends on your preferences. For instance, if you prefer an urban lifestyle and being close to different facilities, neighborhoods such as Whalley and Cloverdale could be ideal for you. However, if you like a serene setting with fewer people around, Fleetwood, Guildford, Newton, or South Surrey should be your choice. Surrey has different types of neighborhoods that accommodate many lifestyles. They help the elderly discover their ideal partner depending on one’s preference. Consider these places and you will probably be lucky to find yourself a comfortable place of residence in Surrey.

    Is Surrey a good place to move as a senior citizen based on the cost of living?

    Surrey has more pocket-friendly housing options for seniors in comparison to Vancouver. Life in this area costs less than average. The cost of a standard two-bedroom townhouse in Surrey currently averages about $574,000, which makes it easy for people to own property. When it comes to renting, you should know that two-bedroom apartments cost around $2000 a month.

    Person doing calculations

    Go through some calculations and you will see that moving to Surrey is a good decision

    This is relatively cheaper compared to what Vancouver offers. If you are living here and you want to move, one of the finest moving companies in Canada has you covered. In addition, it is slightly more affordable to purchase groceries in Surrey as compared to Vancouver. Basically, affordable housing and a lower cost of living make Surrey a good place for retirees.

    Healthcare facilities are highly professional

    The first thing you should know is that Surrey has five hospitals and one health center. The care is governed by the local health authority, Fraser Health, in this urban center. The hospitals provide numerous health services and enable convenience in accessing proper medical care at home. Also, it supports the senior people of British Columbia through assisted living centers found outside the hospitals in Surrey. These include services that provide support for senior individuals who are still able to live on their own but need some help in doing the daily chores. As you can see, Surrey provides an environment that promotes comprehensive health care and support to alleviate any worries for the elderly as they age.

    You can continue with old and find new hobbies

    Surrey encourages active and healthy aging among seniors through a variety of exciting opportunities all year round. If you love playing bingo, pool, cards, scrabble, or if you are adventurous enough and love activities such as dancing and chorister singing you will have a lot of fun here. Surrey offers chances for people who love art and it includes writing, pottery, knitting, and painting. For instance, if you are a library lover, you may join a book club and share your reading experiences with other lovers of reading.

    A senior man painting a bowl

    New hobbies are waiting for you

    You will never lack ways to remain active, connected, and fulfilled, as the city is committed to enhancing the quality of life among its senior population. Surrey indeed promotes an ideal setting where senior persons feel at home pursuing their hobbies or even discovering completely new interests. So, when moving, rely on Canadian moving services, and there will be nothing to worry about.

    Seniors are properly taken care of in Surrey

    Surrey has created an array of community-based support options for old persons who need them. In fact, the Canadian Seniors Association is among the important organizations for seniors advocating for senior’s autonomy and self-capacity. The organization provides multiple assistance projects including social gatherings as well as instructional programs to keep the elderly active and connected. They help seniors adapt in Surrey and form a sense of togetherness, as well as an opportunity for them to get important assistance. With such organizations and services at hand, seniors in Surrey can live happily and be well-supported while they still revel in vivacious lifestyles. So, enjoy everything your new hometown can offer and you can be sure that one of the best long distance moving companies in Victoria BC will take great care of your items.

    Is Surrey a good place to move as a senior citizen for housing options?

    There are various types of senior housing available in Surrey, catering to different preferences. Retirement communities are one such housing option that stands out from others, as they provide a wide range of services and amenities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. In Surrey, there are many options available, including apartment units and townhouses for both rental and purchase.

    Person holding a key

    Housing options are diverse – you will find what you are looking for

    There are assisted living facilities available for the elderly who require care while still maintaining their independent lives. Surrey’s senior housing offers different models, ranging from a vibrant retirement community to independent living and assisted care, that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each person seeking retirement. These options ensure that seniors can live comfortably and securely during their golden years.

    There will not be a problem concerning transportation

    Surrey provides senior citizens with reliable transport alternatives. The public transit system of British Columbia, BC Transit, allows you to travel cheaply. Just show your senior card, and you will get a ticket discount. In addition, “Better Living” is also an important part. They ensure that the transport is organized for people who need assistance. They are ready to help you with whatever, e.g., running errands, visiting the hospital, going to social events, watching movies, etc. In order to provide independent living among seniors, they should have access to the available transportation resources hence the existence of this support network which helps them transport to locations within and outside Surrey. Now you know why this city is one of the best places to retire in BC.

    The crime rate is lower each year

    Surrey had a recorded crime rate of 50 crimes for every 1000 people in 2022. On a brighter note, there has been an improvement in the crime rates within the first quarter of 2023. The decrease in crime rates indicates that is indeed serious about ensuring citizens enjoy a safe living environment. Surrey still endeavors to make the city a safe place. The reduction in crime rates shows that the efforts are headed along the right path. Seeing such initiatives being realized in ensuring a safe and secure home for all Surrey residents is heartwarming.

    Surrey is a great city for seniors because of its entertainment options

    What you should know about living in Surrey is that plenty of activities are available for seniors in its lively social and entertainment environment. For example, Surrey Art Gallery delivers an insightful art adventure for exhibitions and programs. The Bell Performing Arts Centre has different shows available for all art lovers.

    The answer to the question 'Is Surrey a good place to move as a senior citizen' is yes, especially when you consider the entertainment options

    The answer to the question ‘Is Surrey a good place to move as a senior citizen’ is yes, especially when you consider the entertainment options

    For those looking for some adventure and thrills, the Potter’s House of Horrors has a scary experience to offer. Besides, Surrey offers a rich diversity of community events, live music venues, and recreational activities that promise something interesting to do all day long. One thing is certain – you are going to have fun in this city.

    Natural beauty in Surrey is breath-taking

    Surrey has beautiful scenery and this is one of the reasons why people are moving to Surrey. Peace Arch Provincial Park is a peaceful and beautiful park having tranquil gardens and scenic trails for walking. Visitors can choose to lounge around by the seashore or even walk along the coast at Cresent Beach. Nature lovers are sure to find peace in the tranquil trails of Redwood Park, where majestic trees loom over them. The Urban Safari Rescue Society is also worth visiting. It is a place where you will see exotic, different animals and hear about wild fauna protection. The natural treasures that surround Surrey help seniors to reunite themselves with nature. Also, you will enjoy watching everything nature has to offer in this city.

    How to deal with legal and financial considerations?

    Some of the critical issues that need to be considered by the seniors who opt to settle down in Surrey are of a legal and financial nature. Internet resources offer incomparable data volumes, that is for sure. However, only attorneys will give professional opinions regarding estate planning, preparing wills, and financial advisors. They can ease seniors through the perplexities of Canadian laws.

    Lawyer talking on the phone

    Consult a lawyer and check everything you want to know

    Moreover, Surrey is known for its kind neighbors and volunteers whom you can always count on. Such volunteers can inform you about local laws, taxes, and financial resources and help you with payments. Consulting experts or benefiting from the available facilities and networks in the area would mean a better transition for seniors. You are going to have a peaceful transition and there will be no problems.

    How do you decide if Surrey is a good place to move as a senior citizen?

    For any senior who wants to move to the City of Surrey, check all of your options. Additionally, it would be useful to benchmark Surrey versus other senior-friendly cities in terms of living, health care, and types of activities. By spending several days in Surrey you can get a glimpse of the lifestyle as well as the facilities offered. Talking to some locals while you are there may reveal a lot about Surrey’s real lifestyle. Moreover, searching on internet sources and talking about the region with real estate agents involved might aid in gaining more knowledge. Finally, basing a reasonable choice on moving to Surrey is a question of thorough study, self-observation, and asking both professionals and locals.

    An answer to the question “Is Surrey an ideal location for senior citizens?” lies in whether you feel comfortable here. Surrey offers a friendly atmosphere, different types of accommodation, cultural facilities, and community assistance. It is considerably less expensive than adjacent Vancouver and its crime rate is lowering. Seniors can visit parks and beaches and take part in cultural and entertaining activities. You should visit this place to see and compare Surrey with other senior-friendly cities. Also, you should talk to the locals when you go there. Therefore, due to the commitments of the residents, it is ideal for the aging population who want to have a memorable and enjoyable life in their old age.

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