What to know about living in Surrey?

    Canada covers a vast area, that is divided into various territories and provinces. Every one of them is unique, and they will be suitable for different people. Even though Ontario is without a doubt the most popular among foreigners, other provinces, like British Columbia are also worth considering. The biggest cities might be Vancouver and Abbotsford, but that shouldn’t deter you from looking at other places too. Our Canada movers cover a large range of cities, and Surrey happens to be one of them. So, can you see yourself living in Surrey? Let’s find out.

    What should you know about living in Surrey?

    Even though the star of the show in British Columbia is Vancouver, its neighbor, Surrey is just as good. Sure, it might be less populated, but it spans an area of 316 square kilometers and is home to 6 different communities. For a city this developed, it is difficult to generalize the pros and cons, so for more in-depth research, you should look at each neighborhood on its own. Luckily, our moving company in Surrey BC can get you to each part of the city. But for the sake of finding out what living in Surrey is, we list a few general things that are good to know.

    • Low cost of living
    • Good connection to nature
    • High crime rates
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    Surrey covers a vast area

    Surrey has a low cost of living

    Even though Lower Mainland is known as an expensive area, Surrey is a refreshing surprise. It might not be the cheapest option, but it is more affordable than Vancouver, and a few other municipalities. Surrey beats Vancouver in the affordability race in every category, but the results stand out the most with housing costs. Renting is almost 20% lower in Surrey, making this city a worthwhile consideration for people who plan to be tenants after they move with our Canada relocation services providers. Many people choose this city over other, mostly because of the housing prices, that have skyrocketed in the past year.

    Good connection to nature

    Almost every Canadian city will have this pro displayed because Canada is naturally beautiful! It is a big city, so some neighborhoods have more access to nature than others, but one of the hundreds of parks will be at least close to every neighborhood. South Surrey is especially attractive because of the beaches – Centennial Beach is one of the best.

    High crime rate

    No place is perfect, and Surrey ain’t either. It is mostly due to the bad reputation, but Surrey is famous for its gang activities and high crime rates. While it is true, every city has a higher crime rate in certain areas. So, if you want to hire a car shipping Canada company for your move, simply stir clean of these neighborhoods, and you will be good to go.

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    Living in Surrey is flawless if you avoid the troublesome neighborhoods

    Living in Surrey might be the best decision you will ever make

    To cut it short, living in Surrey is great no matter your situation. But it has a special allure to families with kids, because of the excellent educational system and great healthcare, aside from the things we already mentioned. You won’t be able to get to experience this until you move, but visiting the city’s official page will help you gather valuable information. We wish you good luck!


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