How to survive moving during the holiday season

    Planning a move during the holidays is considered to be one of the most stressful things we can do in life. Moving between November and January can be really exhausting and it can cost too much, as well. And we’re not talking about money alone. The fact of the matter is that you are supposed to spend the Holidays with the ones you love, relaxing. Not relocating from one home to another. However, if you absolutely need to do so, there are some tips and tricks you can utilize to survive moving during the holiday season. If you follow them and do exactly as you have planned, you have a good chance to relocate with the minimum amount of stress. Hiring a good and reliable removing company to help you relocate during the holiday season is all but required. Luckily, you can contact Centennial Moving Canada and watch your relocation go by smoothly and fluently, even through the holiday season!

    Tips on how to survive moving during the holiday season?

    1. If possible, plan your relocation during the holidays, and move after them,
    2. Leave the decorations the last ones to pack if you are moving during the holiday season,
    3. Label all the boxes,
    4. Determine your moving budget, get a moving quote and suitable Canadian moving services,
    5. Check the weather forecast.
    Christmas decoration

    Make some plans and make sure you follow them to survive moving during the holiday season.

    Planning your move during the holidays

    If you want to spend your last days in your old house during the holidays, you can contact the moving company and set the moving date days after Christmas. This way you will still be able to decorate your home and enjoy the holiday with the ones you love. Moving after Christmas will give you a chance to enjoy the holiday and still get everything done for the relocation. You will find some companies to have affordable rates. Plus, it will be a perfect chance to make some more memories with loved ones in your old place.

    If you hire movers on time, it will make the process of relocation easier. And of course, there are always family members and free that can help you prepare for the move. For example, help you pack. Plus, there are simple things you can do during the holiday season that will not affect your celebration. You can hire car shipping companies Canada and transport your car first. You will not need one for the Christmas dinner and you will get one task done.

    Decorations should be packed last

    For all of you who are moving during the holiday season, when it comes to packing some tips will help you stay organized. For example, one of them is to pack the decorations last. The holiday is all about decorations. If you plan to move one day before or after Christmas, you will need your decorations near you. How does it work? If you move days before Christmas, having decorations packed the last one will mean that you will unpack the box among the first ones. You will not have to waste time in your new home and you can start decorating it the minute you walk in. And for those who are planning a move days after Christmas, you can still have a decorated home, and pack them after Christmas is over. This is one of the best pieces of advice people moving cross Canada with kids will give you. Kids will enjoy their holidays, and you will get everything ready for the relocation on time.

    Family decorating tree after moving during the holiday season

    You can decorate the tree and then unpack the boxes.

    You may want to label all the boxes when moving during the holiday season

    No matter at what time of the year you are planning a move, labeling the boxes is one of the essential pieces of advice you will get. However, during the holiday season, this is required. And there are a few reasons for it. When you pack, label the boxes with decoration. You will find them easier. After that, labeling clothes and crockery should be done. This will also help the movers know how to handle which box. There are certain rules movers and packers have when it comes to loading belongings into the moving truck. By labeling them, you are making their job easier. It also means that it will be done faster. They will know where to place fragile items, how heavy the boxes are, and which items are the easiest ones to break.

    Determining a moving budget is a must

    Every relocation will cost you. But during the holiday season, relocation can be an extra cost you have not planned. You are already in the process of buying gifts. That is why it is a must to determine the moving budget and see how much money you have for this task. You might end up losing all of your savings in a few weeks. That is why saving money should start the moment you decide that it has come time to relocate. Plus, there are some things you can do on your own, without hiring professionals. Explore all of them and see where you can save some money.

    How to predict the weather when moving during the holiday season

    Well, you cannot. But there are some things that you can do to help you avoid some disruptions and obstacles bad weather can cause. For instance, you know that the holiday season is usually cold and that you will need some extra clothes. When you move during the holiday season, make sure you wear a lot of layers. This means there is no point in having one big sweater on. You might get sweat during the packing process. It might make you uncomfortable. That is why having layers of clothes is important. You can easily take off and put some clothes on, depending on your needs.

    When it comes to snow and other storms that might happen during the holiday season, it is also important to be prepared. Have some shovels, gloves, hats, salt, boots, and all the other equipment you will need to get the snow off your driveway.

    boxes in front of the door

    When you want to determine the budget, calculate the moving cost expenses and the gifts

    Lastly, do not forget to stay hydrated. And most importantly, do not forget to offer movers some hot drinks to make themselves warm. If we help each other with these small things, moving during the holiday season will not be a big problem. Follow these tips, make some plans, and stick to them. If you do so, you can have both a smooth relocation and a holiday spent in the way you like!


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