How to combine two households into one in Calgary

    You’ve made a decision to move in with your partner. Although an exciting moment for both of you, the question remains: How to properly combine two households into one, so both of you are happy and comfortable? When joining homes, a lot of prior work has to be done. Communication is an important factor, which is why you shouldn’t rush the process. Once you give final touches to an interior plan for a new house or apartment, waste no time and start looking for the movers. You can always rely on our Centennial Moving crew since they’ll deliver the moving journey you hope for. Contact us as soon as you pick the best time for your move.

    Combining two households into one requires a plan

    Before you and your start moving in, take time to examine your future home. Discuss what wall paint and furniture would work best in each room. However, make sure to take all personal preferences into consideration and come up with a mutual solution. The point is to make your future home comfortable and enjoyable for both.

    simply furnished kitchen

    It takes time and thorough preparation to combine two households into one.

    Discuss with your partner how will you combine two households in the best way possible

    Moving in together is a big decision. Therefore, you must carve out your future living space in a way it fulfills your needs and those of your partner. Does your partner want a bigger bedroom, while you’re ok with a medium-sized one? Do you enjoy cooking in a spacious kitchen? All these questions are important. This is why you should take a steady approach when planning.

    Ask a realtor to guide you through Calgary’s real estate market

    It’s good to hire a trusted realtor who can help you find the best deal. How soon will you find a perfect home for you and your partner depends upon many factors. Your realtor might tell you that it’s better to wait for prices to drop. Or maybe there aren’t houses or apartments you and your partner like. That’s why patience is the key when finding a home. You might get lucky and buy the first home you visit. On the other hand, months may pass until both of you agree that a specific place in your home. Therefore, don’t cancel all your utilities in your old place just yet.

    Keep in mind it’ll take you longer to find a house than an apartment. While apartments are easier to furnish, houses are a completely different story. Plus, you want to make sure everything inside a house you want to buy works well. That’s why a detailed home inspection is mandatory when buying a house.

    Hire an experienced interior designer

    If you can’t decide how to furnish and decorate your future home, simply hire an interior designer. Let them know about your preferences, and the designer will come up with the best solution based on the given information and the size of the home. Don’t hesitate to discuss all matters with a designer. Let him (or her) know about the color schemes you’d like the most. Communication is crucial to a satisfactory final result

    Declutter all your belongings

    Now that both of you know what you’re working with, it’s time for decluttering. Keep in mind it will take you a day or two (or maybe three) to fully get rid of unnecessary items. There are probably furniture pieces that won’t fit into the new living room. Further, some clothing pieces you have will only clutter your new wardrobe. Unless you plan to get a walk-in wardrobe, get rid of unnecessary clothes as soon as possible. However, make sure all items – whether furniture, souvenirs, clothes, etc. – are in a good state.

    couple discussing how to combine two households into one

    It’s easier to combine two households into one if you get rid of unnecessary items.

    Sort all the items you have. Start with your bedroom and finish up with your home office, or any special room in your old home. Prepare either cardboard boxes or garbage bags. Just make sure to write on each what’s inside to avoid mixing the items for sale with garbage. Separate the items into a few categories, for example:

    • Donation – Browse local charities online and see what donations they usually accept.
    • Sale – Nowadays, there are many options for selling personal items online, either on e-Bay or through apps.
    • Recycling – Don’t throw all outdated glass, wood, or plastic items. Instead, pack them in a garbage bin designated for recyclable items. Do the same with old computer parts, as nowadays you can recycle electronics as well!
    • Gifts – Decluttering is also a great opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend with friends or family members, and surprise them with some gifts. Ask them what pair of shoes or furniture piece they would like to have.

    Be realistic about the items that can go into your new home

    Moving in together is, in a way, a downsizing for both of you. That’s why it’s good to take a better look at all furniture you own and decide what to keep and what either sell or donate. For example, your partner’s desk might fit better in a new home office. Or maybe your maroon sofa is more aesthetically pleasing. That being said, take time to examine each furniture piece and decide which one fits better in your joined home. However, don’t hesitate to make room for the new as well.

    Shop the rest of the furniture and decor together

    Shopping for your new home is a great way to bond together and slowly build your mutual nest. Just don’t forget to bring a list of necessary items with you. Also, keep in mind that shopping might last longer than you expected. You probably won’t enter the first store, buy all you need, and call it a day. Even online shopping from home requires browsing, checking specifications, comparing, and all that jazz. However, avoid buying any extra furniture if you’re moving to Calgary from somewhere else. There’s no need to pay for extra labor work and packing supplies. Instead, take just essential furniture with you, then shop for more in Calgary.

    two people moving a couch

    Shopping for a new home with a partner can be fun!

    An expert moving company will help you join your household much faster

    The next step after you buy a home, and declutter your stuff is finding a company to help you move. This is also where you must be patient and take time to search and compare before you make a final decision. If you’re moving from another province, you better look up some of the best province to province movers. If your future home is in the same city, local movers will do just fine. As you may notice, the movers you need are the ones that provide all the services your moving journey requires.

    If you’re moving from Montreal to Calgary, for example, have in mind it is going to be a big change in your lives. For a couple trying to combine two households into one, starting over in a different place is an exciting period. However, you need a reliable team to carry out all the tasks. Long-distance relocations call for experienced professionals who are skilled at adapting to challenging situations that might disrupt moving plans.

    Tips for finding professional movers quickly

    Browse online licensed moving companies Toronto to Calgary, with at least a few years of experience behind them. It’s in your best interest that a credible company takes care of your move. Therefore, avoid any potentially fraudulent scam that doesn’t hold the necessary licenses. There are plenty of professional and courteous companies that know how to get work done and remain legally responsible towards their customers. Many of them allow paying for services in installments, which can make budgeting easier for both you and your partner. Moving into a joined household, especially to another city, is a huge cost. Therefore, put an emphasis on the companies that do offer different payment options.

    two guys carrying boxes

    Hire professional movers you can rely on from start to finish.

    Next, list a few credible companies that offer some of the best relocation services Canada has on offer. The best way to check if the services are worth the coin, refer to reviews written by former customers. Make sure they are skilled at packing different kinds of items like delicate ones, luxury clothes, pianos, or anything you own that needs a special packing method.

    The company that carries out your move must offer a free estimate

    A service like moving quote should come completely for free. That way, the companies show you what would be the approximate cost of your relocation, whether local or long-distance. It’s not the final price tho, however, it helps with planning a moving budget when combining two households into one. Therefore, ask for at least four-five moving estimates, compare them together with your partner, and contact the company you’ve chosen.

    What if you own a car?

    If you want to move a car, it might be a good idea to explore car movers Canada has on offer. Long-distance moving journeys are stressful and tedious, and certainly, you wouldn’t like to get to your destination drained. Therefore, spend extra dollars on professional car moving services and enjoy the move in peace!

    Prepare a moving budget

    Write down all your upcoming moving expenses. That will help you come up with a solid moving budget. It’s good to add up extra money, just in case. It’s far better to be left with extra money after the move, than to worry about whether you have enough for all services, and moving insurance.

    Take time to unpack and furnish your combined households

    Moving doesn’t end until you fully unpack and furnish your new home. This is why unpacking services are necessary as well, especially if you are trying to combine two households into one. Also, avoid unpacking in a hurry. First, it’s more likely that something goes wrong. Second, you won’t have as much energy as you think. Both you and your partner will have to take a good rest, and eat nice comfort food before you begin to unpack. What you can do is unpack essential furniture (bed, a few chairs), and other essential items.

    couple about to combine two households into one

    Unpack and furnish your new home room by room.

    You’ll best combine two households into one with top-notch storage

    Unpacking takes time, and that’s why your items have to wait in one place from the beginning until the end of the move. When moving long-distance, high-quality warehouse Canada services come in handy. On the other hand, short-distance relocations require nothing more than a portable storage container.

    If choosing long-term storage, opt for those that are fully climate-controlled. There you may store many different items, from electronics to books. However, request all the info about the storage before you rent it. Ask the company that provides storage services these questions:

    • Are your storage units video-monitored? 
    • Can I have all-day access to my stored items?
    • Could you tell me when it’s convenient for you to show me your units?

    The last question is crucial because it’ll tell you more about the company than anything. If they say yes, then you can be sure they have nothing to hide. Otherwise, they are more likely scammers that will keep your belongings hostage in the end. This is more common than you might think. So, avoid any company that doesn’t want to show you their storage spaces, for whatever reasons. Don’t let any company convince you you can trust their marketing while rejecting your request to see if you’re willing to pay for the storage quality they offer.

    Joining two households takes time

    As much as you want to quickly combine two households into one, and start a new life chapter, it doesn’t work that way. It’s the process that can become a beautiful memory, only if you complete it step by step. This is why it’s great to have a capable relocation crew at your side, and therefore not to worry about difficult moving journeys at all. Take one task from your to-do list at a time, and soo you and your partner will enjoy a new life in your mutual home!

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