Finding the perfect family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB

    Moving is always challenging, but when a whole family is relocating, it takes the difficulty up a notch. Apart from having to tackle all the moving tasks, you need to cater to your kid’s needs and make big decisions. One of them is where to move to if you are not lucky enough to have that picked for you. The ones that relocate for a job to a certain place, think that this is bad, but it lifts a big burden off their shoulders. If you would hire one of the reputable relocation companies in Canada 99% of the moving-related troubles wouldn’t be yours to worry about. But if decision-making is up to you, then you might benefit from our guide on the best family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB.

    General information about Brandon MB

    Brandon is the second largest city in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is located in the southwest corner of the province, on the banks of the beautiful Assinibourne River. Our Canadian moving services service this area, in case you want to be part of it shortly. Same as Manitoba, Brandon brings many benefits to its residents, like:

    • Beautiful views
    • Good job opportunities
    • Lower costs of living compared to other provinces
    • Plenty of housing opportunities
    • Diverse population

    Since Brandon is a big city, it has many neighborhoods to choose from. But only a few can be categorized as a family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB.

    Picture of a girl playing on a playground

    A family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB is supposed to have the three key factors

    Waverley is the most family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB

    With a good reason, Waverley is number one on our list that even our moving companies in Brandon MB would recommend. When a family is moving, the biggest concerns are safety, education quality, and family-friendly amenities. As far as safety is concerned, Waverley is the safest neighborhood in Brandon – with crime rates 55% lower than the city average. Waverley Park School is the best elementary school in the area, making this neighborhood great for people with young kids. Entertainment vise, all neighborhoods offer the same since they are close – Riverbank Discovery Centre, Keystone Center, and Fun Time Pottery.

    Linden Lanes

    You can see how good the neighborhood is by the fact that 50% of its population of 4,800 are families. Compared to the previous one, Linden Lanes has a better educational system and a more affordable housing market. Linden Lanes School is the highest rated in the area, making it a great neighborhood for those for want their kids to have the best possible education. And as for housing prices, rent is surprisingly lower than the city average.


    With a population of a little under 2,000 residents, Parkdale is one of the most sparsely populated neighborhoods in Brandon. The median age is 38, showing that most young families call this part of the city home. They enjoy all the good sides and amenities of the other neighborhoods, only standing out by having a community park and playground that your kids will love. Brandon is full of greenery, but your kids will love stretching and being active after a long move with the province to province movers. The whole family will enjoy a nice afternoon here.

    Picture of a toddler enjoying the best family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB

    Just like its name suggests, Parkdale has the best park in the city

    Whatever family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB you pick, our skilled team can get you there

    Overall, Brandon is a city for families, automatically making all the neighborhoods family-friendly neighborhood in Brandon MB. But since there are many, every one of them will stand out in some way, you just need to pick one that suits your family best. Don’t dally, Brandon and its young community will make you feel at home in no time!


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