Working with Ontario movers during the pandemic; what to know?

    Are you planning to move around the state of Ontario and beyond? Then make sure that you’re being completely safe. In the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s still not completely safe to relocate from one place to another as before. However, the moving companies Canada have adjusted and made sure to provide you with the best services even in the roughest of times. Let’s see how to approach working with Ontario movers during the pandemic and have a great moving experience.

    When working with Ontario movers during the pandemic make sure you call them as early as possible

    The Covid-19 pandemic brought certain changes with it. That’s not true only for the moving industry. For that reason, delays and problems have happened ever since with better and worse periods of time. However, some things stay the same. For example, calling our movers London ON as early as possible will make sure that everything goes by as smoothly as possible. By choosing an earlier date you can be sure that the moving company can truly prepare for any type of problem that can occur. And on top of that, the relocation will be much easier wherever in Ontario you’re moving.

    A person on a phone call

    Make sure that you call your movers as far in advance as you can

    There are other options than in-person quotes that you can use in times of a pandemic

    Usually, people request in-person quotes to make sure that everything goes by perfectly. However, in times of the pandemic, that’s not the best choice for health and safety reasons. For that reason, you can ask for a variety of moving quotes. Whatever type of Canadian moving services you might need, we’ll give you a precise and quality quote. Be it that it’s over the phone, virtual, or any other type of estimate, we’ll be able to provide it to you. Giving precise quotes and estimates is important, but the health of our clients and workers is our number one priority.

    Before working with Ontario movers during the pandemic take some time to declutter

    Something that you can do even without the help of movers is to downsize. By getting rid of certain items you can be sure that you’ll create a much easier moving experience for you and the movers. Above all, there are none of the moving companies Kitchener that will tell you that decluttering is a bad idea. This will make your home cleaner, and more spacious. Besides having a smoother move, it’s going to reduce the risk of anybody getting infected. This is some great news for both you and our movers. Have a safer move and get rid of all the unnecessary belongings around your home.

    Pack and clean at the same time if possible

    If there’s a process that can be hard and dull when you’re moving, then it has to be packing. Above all, it’s so repetitive and requires a lot of attention and repetition. That’s why we’ll always suggest you clean up your items and home at the same time. By doing so you will create a safer space for both you and the moving crews. For that reason, don’t hesitate and make sure to get some cleaning supplies with packing materials. By doing so you will ensure that everything goes by without a problem. So consider cleaning while packing your belongings.

    A couple packing

    Working with Ontario movers during the pandemic is easy if you pack and clean everything

    Don’t hesitate to cancel your move if anyone is sick

    We’re still in a pandemic and it’s important to stay healthy. For that reason, canceling a relocation isn’t such a big problem anymore. Especially if you don’t feel well when it’s time to move. However, it’s important that you do it as soon as you feel sick. This can help a moving company during times of the pandemic. With a tight schedule, it does not always shuffle it around. The sooner you give us a piece of information the better we can react to it. And of course, the sooner you cancel your service, the easier and quicker someone else can get it.

    Make sure both you and your movers feel good a couple of days prior to the relocation

    As we already mentioned, it’s important that you’re completely healthy. By doing so we keep the risk of spreading the virus to the minimum and make sure everyone’s healthy. However, it’s best not to think only about you. Above all, it’s not a bad idea to call your moving company a couple of days prior to your relocation. Ask about how the movers that will do your move are feeling. It’s simple, at some companies crews will do a couple of moves a day even. For that reason, it’s vital information if they are healthy when coming to your home. Everyone needs to be healthy if you want to have a smooth and easy-moving process.

    How to keep everyone safe when working with Ontario movers during the pandemic?

    In the end, everyone wants to be safe and sound. But how to do it when it’s already moving day and the truck is outside of your home? Then it’s best to take care and follow the safety protocols. Make sure that there are only the people that need to be in your home when it’s time to move. Above all, it’s important to keep the Covid-19 safety protocol and follow it from start to finish. Of course clean and disinfect and make sure everyone is wearing masks to lower the chances of any potential transition. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    A face mask on a blue paper

    Keep you and your movers safe

    With the pandemic, there’s a number of protocols that both clients and moving companies need to respect. relocating from one place to another has changed and that’s a fact. However, with our advice on working with Ontario movers during the pandemic, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Above all, make sure that everyone feels good before the move and that you keep yourself and the movers safe. However big or small your move might be, the most important thing is that everyone is healthy when it’s over with.



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