Winnipeg vs Ottawa: best city for families

    Choosing the best city for your family can be exhausting. In order to make the right choice and avoid unnecessary stress and potential headaches you will have to search for a place you can call home a few months before the relocation. There are plenty of things you need to think of and pay attention to. Since we know all of this, we will try to help you decide which city suits you and your family the most. And the list narrowed down to two places – Winnipeg and Ottawa. To decide which one is the best for families – Winnipeg vs Ottawa, we have made a list of advantages and disadvantages you should look into. And to make it even easier, one of the best moving companies Canada has, Centennial Moving, will help you with the relocation, no matter where your final destination might be.

    Winnipeg vs Ottawa: the best city for families

    Every town has its pros and cons. It will depend on the thing you need and your possibilities to accomplish whatever you have imagined. Looking for some of the most important things in a certain place to raise a family, there are certain things that all people look for:

    1. Cost of living,
    2. Activities suitable for children,
    3. Education,
    4. Job opportunities.

    And we will compare these things in Winnipeg and Ottawa so that you will have a more vivid picture of what each city is offering you.

    the view of the city from sky

    When choosing your new hometown, make sure you explore it.

    Cost of living differences

    Comparing these two places, there are a few differences that you will have to pay attention to when choosing between these two cities. When it comes to the costs of living in Winnipeg, you should know next:

    Winnipeg is a relatively affordable place to live in. For example, the highest price in a restaurant that you will pay is around $16 per person. This should not be high but you should include the price for the kid’s menu also. And speaking of the costs of living here, the median house value is $340,000. This is on the average national level. Of course, the bigger house you seek, the price will be higher. You should not worry about the costs of moving. You can always ask for a free moving estimate for your long distance moving. This way you will determine the moving costs and you will be able to control your finance.

    And do not think that Ottawa is something different. The prices are the same, so it is more of which place you like better. If you want to compare these two cities just based on the costs of living, you will not move an inch in making this decision. There are some other things you will need to consider.

    Activities suitable for families with kids – Winnipeg vs Ottawa

    A lot of people decide on moving from Winnipeg to Ottawa for one reason only. And that is the number of activities and attractions for kids. Winnipeg has some of the most famous destinations for kids, but Ottawa has a bunch of different ones, that are suitable for children of all ages. You will be in a chance to experience so many new things and make new memories all together as a family. You will not be excluded as a parent, just because the place is suitable for kids only. Ottawa is more family oriented than Winnipeg.

    the sigh of winnipeg people see after they make decision which place is better Winnipeg vs Ottawa

    Winnipeg has its advantages and disadvantages

    Which one has the better education system?

    Seeking of finding the best city for families, you cannot but compare the education systems and programs in both cities. But the educational system is not the only thing you should look for. You need to search for the opportunities your kid might have after graduation. Some cities can offer you a postgraduate part-time job for inexperienced people, who are looking for a place to start.

    Winnipeg is a leader when it comes to these changes. If you move to Winnipeg you will not only get your kids into some of the best both private and public schools. Your kid will also be able to get a job in large companies a minute after he graduated. Which can mean a lot. That is why a lot of families hire long distance moving companies Winnipeg has and move here.

    Ottawa is not different. There are some great schools here, but nothing compared to the chances of getting a job after you finish the school program.

    Job opportunities – Winnipeg vs Ottawa

    In this section, we are speaking of job opportunities for parents and elderly ones. Since we have already informed you that kids will have better chances in Winnipeg after graduation, it is time to explore job positions and opportunities for parents. Speaking of these, most of the parents will find their dream jobs in Ottawa. You will have plenty of opportunities in almost every field. The unemployment rate is below the national average so you will have no problem finding a job. One other thing makes the city of Ottawa a better place for finding work than Winnipeg. And that is the commute. The commute to any other major city is very easy. You will easily get from one part of the city o another. Not to mention the easiest highway routes you will find in the whole country.

    building and blue sky with clouds

    Winnipeg vs Ottawa – it is your choice.

    After comparing these two cities, you can conclude one thing only. When comparing Winnipeg vs Ottawa, the best city for you is the one that suits you the most. Both cities have a lot of advantages that might influence your ultimate decision. But at the same time, both cities have some disadvantages as well. Basically, it all comes down to your needs and the compromises you are willing to make when choosing the best place to raise your family in. Good luck and be sure that no matter which choice you may make, you will choose the right one. Because you are putting the needs of your family before your own needs.


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