Why is Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers?

    Canada is arguably one of the most pleasant places to live in the world. Apart from beautiful sceneries, and diverse culture,  Canada is a place where many startups come to life. In addition, the unmatched quality of education is the reason why Universities in Canada rank among the best. It’s more than obvious why is Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers. By moving to some of the most popular Canadian cities, you have plenty of opportunities for career growth and higher education. In case you are considering moving to Canada, you need a professional moving crew to help you relocate the right way. You can always come to us at Centennial Moving and learn more about our top-level service offer. Thanks to our capable and friendly team, your move will run smoothly and effortlessly.

    Canada is becoming a favorite place among millennial New Yorkers for many reasons

    Without any doubt, New York is a vibrant place full of opportunities for young people. However, millennials of New York have been eager to explore further possibilities and lifestyle choices. Canada is one of the most favored places for living among New Yorkers since there is so much to do and see. Plus, they find Canada perfect for career growth and higher education. It’s safe to say that Canada has some of the best Universities in the world. In addition, a booming job market allows fresh graduates to pursue their dream careers right after they complete their college years. On the other hand, entrepreneurial spirit is ever-present in Canada. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Canada belongs to the countries with the lowest unemployment rate. Thanks to the stable economic situation, the poverty rate has also decreased in recent years.

    three happy people discussing why is Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers

    There are many reasons why is Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers.

    Living in Canada is one of those thriving countries where there’s a place for everyone. No matter where are you moving from, Canada has a spot for you. That’s why Canada is known as a multicultural melting pot and a wide array of cultures. The communities in Canada are open-minded and tolerant, which is why millennials from New York enjoy living there. Besides the quality of life, the community is also what matters to them.

    Canada is the country of new ideas and development

    As it’s already mentioned, Canada is undoubtedly a thriving country. This is also a place where new ideas are born. The interest in science and development is a regular thing in Cannada regardless of your occupation. It’s not a surprise why Canada ranks among the top countries with the highest science literacy rate. Moreover, education plays an important role in the life of Canadians, which is the reason why so many experts from various fields live and work there.

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    There are many job opportunities in Canada.

    Universal healthcare also inspires New York millennials to relocate to Canada

    It means a lot to live in a country with an excellent healthcare system. By moving to Canada, expensive medical bills become the thing of the past. All you have to do is show up at the medical facility with your health card and call it a day. The way the universal healthcare system works is by paying for insurance through taxes. Canada is the country that enables you to access medical facilities without dealing with complicated procedures and paperwork.

    The nature in Canada is breathtaking

    No matter whether you live in a small town or a large city in Canada, proximity to nature is inevitable. Canadians enjoy abundant options for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, or kayaking. This is something that appeals to millennials from New York who lead active lifestyles.

    a guy thinking about why is Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers

    Amazing nature is another reason why os Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers.

    Ottawa is a number one choice among millennial New Yorkers

    The majority of New York Millenials choose to settle in the city of Ottawa. As the fourth-largest urban area of Canada, Ottawa is a buzzing place that never sleeps. Moving to Ottawa means living a life full of benefits and opportunities. Experts say that Ottawa residents are among the happiest in Canada, obviously for a good reason. For example, those who want to thrive in tech and science will feel at home in Ottawa. The city is one of the most important scientific and tech hubs in the country, and also gathers researchers from across the globe. The job market in Ottawa promises a wide array of jobs. In addition to this, Ottawa offers excellent academic programs for those who would like to change career fields. Apart from jobs in science and tech fields, sectors like education and healthcare also provide employment opportunities.

    The Conference Board of Canada ranked Ottawa as the best place to live in Canada. Due to its growing economy, diverse society, and top-level educational system, the city saw a significant influx of newcomers. Among them are millennials coming from New York. Many New Yorkers who currently live in Ottawa report an improvement in their lifestyle and habits. Although Ottawa is also an urban area and a serious business center, a healthy work-life balance is a regular thing. The residents of Ottawa place an equal value on work and quality rest time. Plus, the city is noticeably multicultural, with so much to see and experience. Does this sound like a perfect moving destination for you? If so, find a licensed moving company to help you get ready for a long distance relocation ON!

    New York millennials also choose to move to Kingston

    Relocation to Kingston is another popular moving destination among millennials of New York. Moreover, it takes only about thirty minutes to get to Kingston from New York State! That’s why many New Yorkers choose to swap hustle and bustle of New York streets for a new life in Kingston. Besides a new culture and way of living, proximity to nature is a big plus. It can be said that a balance between urban city life and nature is what makes Kingston so special. Once your working week is over, you can plan a weekend getaway, or just visit the surrounding areas for a nice walk in nature. Those who prefer a more active lifestyle will be pleased with abundant hiking options not so far from the city. Furthermore, the city is quite bike-friendly.

    The cost of living might be fairly high, however, the salaries make it possible to stay in a stable financial situation. However, before booking one of the moving companies Kingston ON has on offer, it’s necessary to solve a job situation first. While it’s not difficult to find a better-paying job in Kingston, it may not happen right away.

    Toronto is one of the favorite moving destinations in Canada of millennial New Yorkers

    We can’t talk about the benefits of living in Canada without mentioning the city of Toronto. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Toronto fulfills all requirements for a top-level place for living. A strong economy, healthcare system, and environmental policies are just some of the crucial factors. As soon as they move to Toronto, people realize what makes such a big city stand out. Although it’s impossible to avoid long commutes, living in Toronto is anything but dull. Plus, it’s another multicultural area in Canada that many New Yorkers pick as their moving destination.

    Toronto at night

    Toronto is an excellent place for living!

    Although being the largest city in Canada, Toronto has over a thousand parks, as well as trails for runners and bikers. Moreover, New Yorkers who move there often get caught by surprise once they discover that the city is pretty safe. With over 140 neighborhoods to choose from, it’s easy to find a decent place to live. However, it still takes a bit of research before you decide which neighborhoods might be the best.

    Millennial New Yorkers consider London ON as a great place to live too

    There are many pros to moving and settling in London ON. It doesn’t take long for millennials of New York to hire reputable movers London ON has after they learn about the benefits of moving there. First and foremost, life in London ON is affordable. Furthermore, house prices are much lower compared with the rest of the country. In addition, the crime rate is quite low. The city is perfect for those who like the mix of urban vibe and a strong sense of community. Plus, proximity to nature sites – like the Forest City – give more reasons to New Yorkers to pack their bags and move to London ON! This city has something for everybody’s taste, and it’s never monotonous. Many concerts and sporting events take place throughout the entire year. On the other hand, the cultural scene of London ON never disappoints art lovers and frequent gallery visitors.

    a red mug

    New Yorkers get pleasantly surprised by Canadian culture.

    Besides tech and digital media, manufacturing is among the top industries in London ON. The diversity in job vacancies attracts New York millennials who are on a hunt for better offers. Moreover, London ON is a paradise for remote workers and freelancers due to the strong job market and affordable living. That being said, moving long-distance to London ON is definitely worth the effort.

    Hamilton also ranks among the most favored places to move to

    For those who prefer moving to medium-sized cities, Hamilton is a perfect choice. The city is known as a safe and affordable place with a diverse community. In addition to this, life in Hamilton is quite affordable. Most people rent their homes, although it’s possible to own a place after a while.

    Life in Hamilton is everything but boring, and the people are always on the go. In this lovely city, you can always feel like a tourist.  Foodies will enjoy a wide array of dining places where it’s possible to try authentic Hamilton cuisine. Furthermore, entertainment here never disappoints with different choices of pubs and bars. In addition, you also have access to amazing natural sites. With over 100 waterfalls, Hamilton is famous as The Waterfall Capital of the world. If all of this sounds great to you, take the time to find credible movers in Hamilton and pack for the move!

    Reliable moving professionals will make your relocation to Canada simple and easy

    Are you a millennial from New York or any other city looking forward to a fresh start in Canada? If the answer is positive, then your first step is finding the place in Canada that seems perfect for you. However, make sure to consider all important factors before you make a final decision. A change of place of residence is a huge step and therefore it’s important not to jump into hasty decisions. Looking for reliable moving help is what comes after you decide which city in Canada will be your next home. To it the right way, you should consider only licensed and experienced movers. Only such moving companies will be able to meet your moving needs. Therefore, do your best to thoroughly research the company. Only a company that works in their customers’ best interest will execute your relocation to Canada hassle-free.

    a guy sealing a moving box

    Make sure to hire moving professionals.

    The reasons why is Canada becoming a favorite place of millennial New Yorkers are enough to conclude that Canadian cities are perfect for working and living with ease. However, keep in mind that a post-move adjustment takes time. The best way to ease inevitable culture-shocks is to inform about the city you’re moving to. Fortunately, there’s plenty of available information you can find online. Also, this is a great way to keep yourself motivated while preparing for the upcoming move. Plus, a reliable moving crew will make an entire endeavor easier for you. We at Centennial Moving are always ready to carry out long-distance relocations and make them enjoyable! Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a free quote!



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