What to expect during a consolidated move

    Have you ever heard of the term consolidated move? We will not blame you if you have not. Unless you have been through such a move or you work in the moving industry, chances are that the term itself is unfamiliar to most of our readers. So, right at the beginning, let us explain it. Consolidated move or a groupage is the term that refers to bundling different owners’ belongings and shipping them all in one container. The biggest benefit that the end user experiences are lower shipping costs. The costs of shipping one container are shared between clients whose belongings are being grouped. Your costs are proportionate to the space you are using in a container. With that being said, let us ask you if you are aware of what to expect during a consolidated move. Centennial Moving Canada is here to help you understand.

    What to expect during a consolidated move – the overview

    We have already explained the principle of the consolidated move. No matter whether you are moving internationally or within Canada with Canada long distance movers, the transport can be shared. Your items may be shipped in a container or in a semi-truck. Still, regardless of the shipping mode, the hauling space can be shared. And that is the first of what to expect during a consolidated move.

    Apart from that, here are the additional benefits that you can get from groupage:

    • Lower price – given the fact that more people would be sharing one transport, your transportation fees go down
    • Better damage prevention for your items – more items in a container means less space for your items to roam around. In fact, containers are packed so that items inside fill the container to the max, preventing any items from sliding during transport
    • Lower carbon emission
    • Streamlined transit

    When it comes to the reasons why companies opt for a consolidated move, they are pretty obvious. Firstly, it would be too expensive to haul half-empty trucks all over the country. Plus, hauling multiple persons’ belongings at once reduces the carbon footprint of any given move. So, how that consolidated moves came to be was a pretty natural course.

    a truck in mountains

    Consolidated moves transport different people’s belongings together

    How consolidated moves work

    The whole process of consolidated work is pretty straightforward. Firstly, your chosen Canada relocation services will come to your place with a truck to pick up your packed belongings. Then, they will take them to a warehouse where they will be loaded onto a semi-truck and taken to their final destination.

    So, all that you need to do is to make sure that all of your belongings are packed and ready to go. If you opt to have professionals help you with packing then you would not have to deal with that too! So, figure out a way to go about this business and go ahead.

    What to expect during a consolidated move – transit times

    There is one downside to consolidated moves and it is the transit time. Because haulers are going to make sure their containers are as full as they can get, it is quite possible that your belongings are going to have to sit idly and wait for more goods to require transport. For all of you who are looking to be quick about your moves and gather your belongings as soon as possible, this may not turn out to be a preferred option then. However, sometimes, you simply do not get to choose.

    Another thing that can affect the transit time is the distance your belongings need to travel. Very often cross country movers Canada has to offer may prioritize longer hauls over short ones. So, moving between two neighboring provinces and having stuff delivered can sometimes take longer than moving to a different part of the country.


    Talk about timing with your transit provider

    What you need to know about packing for consolidated moves

    Packing for consolidated moves is as important as packing for any other move. Perhaps, it is even more important to do it properly in this case. The reason for it is that your items are going to be transported with so many other people’s. This means crowd. While consolidated transportation is very safe, you will still want to make sure that your items receive the best protection possible.

    To do this, you can either let professionals deal with it or do it yourself. Professionals have the knowledge and the packing materials in abundant quantities. You should ask yourself whether you have the skills needed for properly packing your items. When it comes to packing materials, you can surely easily come by what you need. You may just need to hustle a bit in order to find out how many pieces of different types of materials you may need.

    If you decide to pack by yourself, we would suggest using a lot of cushioning. You will want to make sure that all of your belongings have sufficient protection at all times.

    more eco friendly transit is what to expect during a consolidated move

    What to expect during a consolidated move? – consolidated moves are more eco-friendly.

    A consolidated move is a good way to be ecological

    Lastly, we would like to address the greenhouse gas emissions and the moving industry. Obviously, in order to relocate, it is necessary to use trucks and they emit smoke which is a pollutant. So, it is important to bear in mind that opting for a consolidated move will pollute less than if everyone took one designated truck to move their stuff around. Being as green as possible is just one of the reasons to go with this type of move.

    You should now know what to expect during a consolidated move

    By now, you should know what to expect during a consolidated move. As you have seen, there are many pros with limited cons. If you find yourself in a situation where a consolidated move is an option, we would suggest choosing it.


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