What are the best moving supplies for fragile items

    Moving from one place to another requires proper packing skills, right? And do you know how to pack? A lot of people make mistakes and it sometimes ends up badly, breaking and destroying fragile items. And things that break can be quite expensive. What can you do to avoid this? The best way to avoid all this is to hire movers! Professional movers know how to organize any type of relocation properly. Most reputable movers offer packing as their service. When it comes to packing fragile items, we highly recommend the services of one of the best movers Canada has. However, if you decide to pack on your own, you need to know some things. You need to know what are the best moving supplies for fragile items.

    Bubble Cushioning is the best moving supply for fragile items

    This is the cheapest and the best solution if you decide to pack on your own. This material is full of air bubbles that behave as shock absorbers. This protective material is used for almost everything when transporting fragile items. Bubble cushioning is also lightweight and won’t weigh down your boxes the way other materials can. There aren’t many drawbacks to using bubble cushioning except that you’ll find yourself going through a lot of it very quickly, which means that is less economical than packing paper. For long distance moving, we recommend that you let movers do all the work!

    Woman behind bubble cushioning

    Bubble cushioning is a great material for saving fragile items

    Packing Paper

    Packing paper is one of the most affordable materials for packing fragile items. Large packing paper rolls can usually be bought for less than 20$. We recommend using packing paper to wrap and protect kitchen items, such as glasses, bowls, mugs, pots, pans, etc, as well as small electronics, picture frames, and paintings. Packing paper can also be used to fill in gaps between items. When we talk about the cheapest and the best moving supplies for fragile items, this is the right stuff. Professional and reliable province to province movers also have all packing supplies, so you don’t have to deal with this.

    Packing paper the cheapest and best moving supplies for fragile items

    Packing paper is the cheapest packing material

    Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

    These small pieces of Styrofoam are useful for filling space and preventing an item from shifting while in transport. Don’t use only styrofoam. Use it in combination with other materials. Put foam inside a box after you put wrapped fragile items in paper or bubble wrap. This way you will ensure that fragile items are secured inside a box. Moving to Kelowna from Toronto requires this. It is a long way!

    Packing foam

    The most popular types of packing foam for moving are foam pouches, foam sheets, foam corner guards, and foam rolls. If you need to pack larger items, we recommend purchasing foam rolls or sheets. With foam pouches all you have to do is place the item inside, wrap it and it is protected! You can also find them free in some places. Electronic stores throw them away after they unpack things.

    To Sum Up

    If you want to save time and energy, we recommend letting movers do all the work. They know how to pack and they have all the best moving supplies for fragile items. You want your stuff secured during long distance transport. If you want to pack on your own, you know now what to use. Don’t spare on packing supplies if your fragile items are expensive and easily breakable.

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