Top reasons why people are leaving Toronto in 2022

    Toronto used to be a very popular city to relocate to and start a new life. The city offered many benefits such as a diverse culture and art scene, amazing food, high salaries, and lower costs of living than other cities of that size. However, in recent years, many people are choosing to leave Toronto and move away. This is partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but many other factors are contributing to this change in migration as well. If you’re currently living in Toronto and wondering about moving, hire one of the best relocation companies Canada has and read our top reasons people are leaving Toronto in 2022. 

    Why are people leaving Toronto in 2022? 

    Of course, many reasons play a role in peoples’ relocation choices. This can be for personal reasons as well. But, with the recent changes in the economy and employment opportunities, people are choosing to leave more and more. Let’s look at some of the main reasons for this: 

    1. Covid-19 
    2. Unemployment rates 
    3. Higher living costs 
    4. Lack of cultural events 
    5. A suffering artist industry 
    6. Better quality of life 
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    People are leaving Toronto in 2022. learn why!

    People are leaving Toronto because of the pandemic 

    The whole world has suffered from the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, including the world’s most popular cities like Toronto. Many people are choosing to leave these cities and move to the country where they can be surrounded by nature and close-knit communities. Given that everyone was in quarantine for some time, the wish to get out of the city and live more freely is rising. Moreover, the pandemic had devastating effects on the economy and many people lost their jobs these past two years. This is another reason why people are moving from Toronto to Edmonton.

    The unemployment rate is going up

    Even though Canada was known for their relatively low unemployment rates, this is changing. The number of people without jobs is rising. According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate jumped to 5.4% in August 2022. This was right after an all-time low two months before. Suddenly losing your job and not knowing if you’ll be able to find a new one is stressful and frustrating. That’s why many people are deciding to try their luck in other places.  

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    People can’t keep up with Toronto’s rising prices

    Higher living costs 

    Another negative outcome of the pandemic is that living costs are rising. Although Toronto was never cheap, housing prices and food prices were relatively acceptable and stable for such a large city. Now, prices are steadily increasing, while job opportunities are dropping rapidly. With that, many people are finding themselves in unstable living conditions. And unable to pay their bills. Many are moving from Toronto to Saskatoon to find cheaper housing. What’s more, the number of eviction notices has also been going up steadily. That’s why people are either moving once they’re evicted or they’re moving because they are afraid it’s going to happen to them as well.  

    Lack of cultural events 

    Toronto is famous for its cultural diversity, exciting food scene, and vibrant nightlife. That is one of the main reasons it has attracted so many people over the years. Young people and artists have enjoyed Toronto’s colorful cultural scene full of events, parades, concerts, and much more. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a stop to many of these events, leaving people feeling unsatisfied and isolated. Restaurants, culture, festivals, sports – everything has been scaled back, canceled, or switched to online versions. With that, people are wondering why they’re still living there. After all, it’s what made Toronto so special!  

    Artists are leaving Toronto because their industry is suffering 

    Naturally, one of the industries that have suffered the most is art. It has been estimated that more than 10,000 artists were negatively affected by canceled events and a lack of customers. It has been really hard for the industry to bounce back, given that many places are still shut down and people aren’t leaving their houses as much anymore. Currently, there are no plans in motion to reopen Toronto’s medium- and large-sized theatres any time soon. Then it’s no surprise that actors have been relocating more and more. 

    Even worse, the hospitality industry suffered as well, and many artists depended on it to make ends meet between their gigs. So, many artists have nowhere to work, and no one to work for and is choosing to move out of the city. 

    People are looking for a better quality of life 

    Many people are reconsidering their priorities after the pandemic. After countless lockdowns and quarantines, people are forced to think about what’s important to them in terms of quality of living. Consequently, many are seeking a rural lifestyle, with less pollution and more nature. Even young people are saying that cities have become alienated and cold and finding new friends is almost impossible.  

    Another aspect of a better quality of life is a sense of community. People want to feel close to those living in their community, and a shared sense of home is comforting to many. Cities are becoming ghost towns where no one leaves their apartments and everything is done online, which contributes to feelings of loneliness. That is why there has been an increase in people who are moving to smaller towns and rural areas. 

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    With the right team on your side, your move will be faster and easier!

    Hire the right movers when you decide to leave Toronto  

    After the factors we have mentioned above, you might have decided to leave Toronto as well. If that is the case, make sure you hire the right movers to make your relocation easier. If you have pros like moving Toronto to Regina SK on your side, at least you don’t have to stress about loading and unloading everything (or hiring a truck for that matter). Especially if you’re moving as a family, letting reputable movers take care of your things while you relocate your family is the best way to go! 

    So, as we mentioned above, there are various reasons people are leaving Toronto. Many of the reasons we have mentioned, however, are the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Are you also looking to leave Toronto and find a new home with more nature and a close-knit community? You’re not alone!


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