Top post-relocation family activities in Thunder Bay

    Finding great places for family activities is usually the #1 priority after a relocation. Thus, if you were moving Toronto to Thunder Bay, you might want to sort out your post-relocation family activities sooner rather than later. With this in mind, we’ve prepared some of our favorite activities for you to consider. From sailing on Lake Superior to enjoying the gorgeous waterfront of Thunder Bay, there is a lot to explore!

    Top 8 post-relocation family activities in Thunder Bay

    Here are our top 8 activities, in no particular order:

    • Sailing
    • Learning about the history of Thunder Bay
    • Family picnic
    • Learning about the fur trade
    • Hiking and camping
    • Digging for gems!
    • Enjoying the waterfront
    a bench near a lake

    There are many outdoor locations to enjoy.

    You should take some time to familiarize yourself and your family with each of the above options. While every activity is more than worth your time, you might find some to be more enticing than others. Furthermore, you may want to ask your long distance movers Ontario about their own experiences. Chances are that your movers might have some inside information that may make all the difference in which activity to try out first. Speaking of information, let’s explore these activities in more detail so you know what to expect.

    Lake Superior Sailing Adventure

    Sailing on Lake Superior is just about the best way to get introduced to Thunder Bay. Sail Superior is a local boating company that can provide you with everything from short boat trips to sailing excursions that span several days. You can choose to sail with an experienced crew or charter your own boat and tailor your own sailing experience.

    If you are looking for a mixture of relaxation and excitement, sailing might just be the best option for you.

    The Thunder Bay Museum

    Every place has deep historical roots. Thunder Bay is no different, as it has an amazing history of its own. You can learn all about it at the Thunder Bay Museum. The exhibits inside showcase various important accomplishments from the town’s locals, and there is even an exhibit of an Albertosaurus! If you are looking to learn a bit more about your town while also enjoying yourself in the process, the museum is always a great place to visit.

    Enjoy numerous post-relocation family activities at the Cascades Conservation Area

    If you are in the mood for some gorgeous views of waterfalls, you will want to head on over to the Cascades Conservation Area, located just a short drive away from the Thunder Bay waterfront. It is a very popular location for visitors and locals alike, as you can have a family picnic, hike on one of its gorgeous trails, or simply relax and enjoy the view. The latter might be all that you need after one of the relocation companies Canada relocates your belongings to your new home. But if you happen to have some spare energy, you can put it to good use, as well!

    one of the best post-relocation family activities - hiking

    In the mood for some hiking? Cascades Conservation Area got you covered!

    Fort William Historical Park

    If you and your family appreciate local history, there is another place that you can visit. The Fort William Historic Site can teach you about the First Nations and the very important fur trade. You will get to learn to differentiate between a wigwam and a teepee, under the tutelage of locals dressed in authentic period costumes. You will also get to explore the fort on your own, check out the displays at the visitor center, and much more! Many of the province to province movers choose to visit this very park as soon as their work allows them to. It is an amazing place, well worth your time and attention.

    Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

    Ontario has no shortage of amazing provincial parks. But the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park stands out from all the rest. The park’s history is absolutely mindblowing (we will let you discover this on your own), and the landscapes are quite surreal. In the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, there is an adventure to be had around every corner!

    You can set up camp in one of many gorgeous locations, hike to the Top of the Giant, or take a casual stroll on Jones Creek. The Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has something for everyone, and it is very close to Thunder Bay itself. Being only an hour’s drive from TB downtown, it is a place that offers amazing post-relocation family activities.

    One of the top post-relocation family activities – Digging for gems at the Amethyst Mine

    Thunder Bay area is quite famous for its geological history. Amethyst mines litter the area and provide a great opportunity for family activities. If you are moving with kids, and want to have them experience digging for gems on their own, you will want to visit the Amethyst Mine Panorama. There, your kids can dig for gems and experience the excitement that comes with finding them.

    amethyst cluster

    You can add a self-found amethyst to your home collection!

    But every Amethyst mine is also worth exploring. Most notably, you will want to check out the Purple Haze and Diamond Willow. They are more than worth your time.

    Thunder Bay Waterfront and Marina

    If you don’t want to leave the city of Thunder Bay, visiting the waterfront might be your best option. The waterfront is the social hub of the city, offering amazing views, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. The whole area is incredibly popular, as evidenced by the presence of wedding photographers, children, and families alike. On a bright and sunny day, the waterfront is absolutely teeming with activity! It is one of those places that are on the top of everyone’s “hang-out” lists.

    As far as post-relocation family activities go, there is a lot that you can do in Thunder Bay, or close to it. All of the attractions that we’ve mentioned are within an hour’s drive from the city, while you don’t need to drive at all for some of them. The most important thing is having fun, of course, so choose your activities well!


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