Top places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers

    It is a fact that a lot of people move internationally nowadays. It’s not that it’s a trend but people do it for justified reasons. For instance, you will meet a lot of people relocating for work purposes or simply running towards better life opportunities. Whatever the reason is, Centennial Moving is here to help you move to your new destination. Nevertheless, we would like to tell you a reason as to why New Yorkers are moving to our country. Even better, we will list all the places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers. Stay with us to learn more.

    Moving to Canada as ex-New Yorkers

    As a New Yorker, you definitely have some questions about Canada, don’t you? That’s why we will dedicate this topic to tell you not only about the best places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers but also about the most interesting things here. Before we get into that, make sure you check with moving companies Hamilton if they are available for your moving day.

    Canadian flag on top of the mountains

    We should tell you more about what to get used to before you actually move to Canada as an ex-New Yorker:

    • You need to be at least 18 years old in order to apply for a Canadian residence
    • It’s expected of you to live at least 6 years in Canada before calling it home
    • You need to have a good reason to move to Canada
    • It’s a must to provide your tax documents to the Canadian government when applying for resident
    • You need to have a clean record

    What to expect from life in the land of maple syrups and beavers?

    To be honest, it’s really hard to talk bad about this country. There are so many upsides and positive aspects of living there. It’s almost impossible to say that there is any downside to life in Canada. Nevertheless, it’s not our job today to focus on the negative sides, but quite the contrary! We will try to list all the positive sides of living in Canada. Before we do that, make sure you contact moving companies Red Deers in order to get the best moving deal of your life.

    Here are some of the most representative things when it comes to Canada:

    • Canada has an amazing healthcare system – Not only does Canada provide public healthcare for everyone but also educational healthcare. This means that it teaches people how to prevent injuries.
    • Nature’s beauty is breathtaking – You will get the chance to enjoy the amazing scenery this country has. Also, you will definitely be able to run across bears, beavers, bobcats, and so on.
    • Residents are very welcoming – Not only is Canada beautiful but its residents are very well behaved and nice. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you will love its people.
    • The cost of living is high though – One thing you will have to get used to here is the high living standard. But, you should know that it won’t be that big of an issue since you’re coming from New York.
    • Its winters are cold – This is something a lot of people are still adjusting to. You should know that winters are truly cold and harsh in Canada. But, you will probably end up buying a lot of nice stuff so go for it.
    Kid eating a cupcake with small Canadian flags on top

    Canadians are very welcoming and kind.

    How to prepare for your Canadian life?

    First of all, you need to know that life in Canada is a bit different than life in NYC. Well, to be honest, it’s much different. Life in Canada is actually much calmer than this in NYC. You will see for yourself. Canada has a population of just over 36 million which is, compared to the USA, almost 10 times less! To your amazement, you will be glad to walk the streets without so many people rushing all over the place. On top of that, you will discover so many places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers! That’s without a doubt. Also, if you plan on moving your car to Canada, our car movers Canada will help you with ease. That way, you will be able to drive your car through the country feeling as if you never left your own.

    Discover the best places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers

    Finally, we came to the main part of our article – talking about places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers. We’ll explore some cities you could relocate to once you leave New York City. Depending on what you’re looking for, we will try to describe the best places to move to after leaving the USA. Here are the best places to move to after leaving your beloved New York City:

    • Toronto – This city is the closest thing you’ll get to NYC. It’s the city that is active 24/7. Toronto has a lot of restaurants, bars, and places that very much resemble NYC.
    • Vancouver – If you’re a young and ambitious pal looking to move just across the border, you’re welcome to Vancouver! Moreover, its scenery is beautiful.
    • Ottawa – This city is actually populated with a lot of American citizens. You will definitely feel like you’re home. It’s very diverse and multicultural.
    • Montreal – Young professionals who know French love Montreal as well. You will be surrounded by so many young professionals and students on exchange.
    • Windsor – Another city that is populated with American citizens is Windsor. As of 2016, many Americans are rushing to move here.
    • Victoria – If you want to surround yourself with natural landscapes yet a place that is a tech hub, this is the city for you.
    Chairs at the beach

    Choose a home you will love with all your heart.

    What should ex-New Yorkers know about Canada?

    Finally, we told you all you need to know about places in Canada for ex-New Yorkers! What you should do next is prepare for your relocation to the country of Canada. You will love any city regardless of which one you choose. Just make sure you prepare your documents on time. The process itself can be tricky if you’re not prepared upfront. All in all, good luck and contact us if you need anything.


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