Top 2023 long distance moving statistics


    The pandemic’s impact on relocation patterns is now somewhat diminished. At least, based on national statistics and forecasts, that appears to be the case. The truth is that predictions for the moving business in 2023 are at best informed guesses due to the unpredictability of the nation’s near-term economic outlook and the nature of world events. However, that could be advantageous for clients of moving companies. Getting back to normal might be potentially daunting. Still, with Centennial Moving Canada, everything is possible. If you are not sure whether you should move long distance or not, you should see what experts are predicting for this year. For this reason, here are all the top 2023 long distance moving statistics. Then, you can make your final decision when you take all the information into account.

    How often do Canadians move?

    Before the pandemic, Canadians would often move because of their job, family, etc. However, things changed drastically during the pandemic. The only reason why people moved would be because they either lost their job or started working remotely. Since social distance and other rules have been lifted, people are starting to live relatively normally. Up to four million Canadians relocate each year. Summertime, from June through September, sees 70% of such relocations. The moving industry is worth billions of dollars, and it’s easy to understand why. Long distance movers Canada are constantly busy, especially during the summer. If you plan to move any time soon, you should try to avoid summer. However, it is not impossible to manage relocation even during the high season if you book moving services on time. This also means starting to prepare everything well in advance.

    woman packing

    Canadians will be moving more this upcoming year

    When are Canadians usually moving?

    Moving companies are busier in the summertime since 70% of people who want to relocate during the year do it then. They boost their fees to compensate for the slow winter months when business is down since they are aware that people will pay more to secure their ideal relocation date. In fact, there is such a strong demand that moving during the summer may run you twice as much money when compared to the cold months. During this busy season, you can wind up paying more than $5,000 to move, depending on where you’re going and how many things you have. When planning your relocation, keep this in mind and decide whether it’s worthwhile or not. It is understandable that people want to avoid snow and ice when moving to Toronto. You can save money if you hire Toronto long distance moving companies during late fall or winter.

    The reasons why people move

    Moving has many benefits so that is why people usually relocate. Most people who move do so as a result of a growing family or a work transfer. Apart from the fact that it’s fascinating that people have so many similar motivations for relocating, knowing the business you’re in can be useful to you. It will not only make you feel better, but it may also make you feel less alone. Here are the most common reasons.

    • Partner, marriage, and children 43%
    • Employment 36%
    • Downsizing because of divorce, kids moving out, etc. 19%
    • Retirement 17%
    • Money reasons either getting or losing it 14%
    • A change of scenario 14%

    The same long distance moving statistics and percentages would continue in 2023. For example, if you plan to live in Ontario, people have the same reasons to move with Ontario long distance movers.

    family laughing

    People are usually moving because of family reasons

    Long distance moving statistics about the way Canadians are moving

    In Canada, there are more than 550 movers and storage facilities. There are several alternatives to think about when getting ready to relocate. It’s time to make use of your knowledge of the moving business and relocating to Canada. Start by locating moving companies, self-storage units, and other moving services and businesses via a third-party service website. By doing this, you can be certain that the companies have proved that they provide high-quality service. Moreover, you may easily get several estimates from a single source. Many people think locating and hiring movers or moving services might be tough. The reality is that a moving services site can help you find everything you’re looking for with ease. In addition, you should focus your search on Alberta long distance movers if you are moving to this city.

    Going back to normal

    Even while there are fewer local relocations by homeowners, the prognosis for the moving business as a whole appears to be returning to pre-pandemic levels. The pandemic years were one large, lengthy, hectic season for relocating. Moving has slowed down now that the housing market has stabilized in most locations despite rising interest and inflation rates. Moving long distances internationally is still quite popular as people adjust to remote and hybrid work schedules. Many people are hesitant to relocate locally and switch from their 3% mortgages to ones that are 7% or more. If you are interested in Winnipeg, the situation is similar. Many people are hiring long distance moving companies Winnipeg and moving across the country. Local moves are not as popular as long-distance ones but this might change this year. As mentioned, things are going back to normal.

    a couple hugging

    Many people are moving long distance yet again after the pandemic

    The cost of moving will become stable again

    Moving expenses quickly increased due to labor shortages and supply chain interruptions because of Covid. High material costs forced movers to shift the expenses onto their customers even if they could obtain the trucks, tools, moving materials, and boxes they need to operate. Customers who were relocating saw an even greater price increase as a result of the shortages and high demand both for moving services and storage solutions Canada movers offer. Prices have been returning to their pre-Covid levels. The supply chain still has some issues, but they have lessened. When the sector regains its foothold in normality, prices should either continue to decline or at the very least stabilize. This is good news for anyone planning to move any time soon. Moving long distances is always more expensive. Therefore, it is good to know that prices have been slowly decreasing and stabilizing.

    Where are Canadians moving to?

    Here are long distance moving statistics about the most popular locations for people moving in 2023. The following cities are the most popular ones.

    • Ottawa, Ontario – The city constantly scores well for the quality of life, cleanliness, and is one of the greatest towns to live in globally. Canada’s capital city is a perfect location to call home.
    • Calgary, Alberta – Calgary is a vibrant city that never sleeps and is deeply influenced by nature and its surroundings.
    • Quebec City, Quebec – Both visitors and locals like Quebec City because of its distinctly European atmosphere and it is one of Canada’s most beautiful and desirable cities to reside in.
    • Vancouver, British Columbia – It is a bustling contemporary city with some of the most magnificent landscapes in the nation, with everything from sandy beaches to rising mountains with hiking routes and snowsports to enjoy.
    long distance moving statistics about Ottawa

    Ottawa is the most popular city for newcomers

    Long distance commercial moving remains popular

    Businesses are experimenting with a wide range of solutions due to the difficult climate. Commercial moving is growing upward and will for at least the foreseeable future, which is good news for moving companies. There are many people successfully working remotely these days. However, movers are still conducting a lot of corporate relocations, so it doesn’t appear like a downturn in commercial relocating is imminent. Furthermore, many employees are coming back to their offices. This means moving back to the cities where they worked pre-covid. In addition to business relocations, many people and families who intended to move from pricey metropolitan cities to more affordable and rural areas have yet done so. There will be more in 2023 considering all the employees quitting their jobs and moving out of town for business purposes.

    The logistics of moving in Canada

    It is also interesting to know all the logistics of moving. The most common way is to move alone but rent a moving truck followed by hiring full-service professional movers. As mentioned, June is the busiest month until September. Then, surprisingly Mondays are the most popular day to move followed by Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are the least popular so you can use this to your advantage. In addition to this, the median age of people moving is 35. More than 60% of relocation are families with kids.  Renters tend to move more than homeowners, which is expected considering that a landlord might raise the rent. Furthermore, most people move a house with one to three bedrooms. When moving long distances, most people tend to opt for car shipping Canada movers offer instead of traveling with their car to a new address. It is easier to have a car shipped while you take a plane.

    long distance moving statistics about houses

    Renters tend to move more than homeowners

    Long distance moving statistics about the items people move

    You may find that there are many items you no longer use or need when you begin to compile a picture inventory for insurance purposes. Try not to bring too much with you. It’s an expensive relocation mistake to make, especially if you book cross-country movers. Make an inventory list of your possessions and take a closer look at them before hiring moving services. You’ll be able to decide which items to give, sell, and discard this way. Relocation expenses can be significantly decreased by donating furniture and other belongings. Also, if you have any additional priceless items, think about hiring a professional packer. More than 74% of people move all their household objects. 21% move electronics such as computers and similar. Lastly, 5% move art-related objects such as paintings, musical instruments, etc.

    Plan the budget properly when moving long distance

    The cost of moving is influenced by a number of variables, including the size of belongings, the distance, and whether you hire experts or do it yourself. You will have the enormous task of managing everything if you decide to handle relocation alone. The first expense will be buying packing supplies, and it will depend on how many items you are transporting to your new home. The cost of renting the vehicle, gas, and several other smaller out-of-pocket expenses are the following things you should consider. The answer is to hire a long distance moving company if this sounds like more work than it’s worth. But, do some research and phone a few businesses. You’ll steer clear of falling for a relocation scam. You can find out how much movers charge for a one-bedroom apartment and any other household size you are interested in.

    a calculator on a phone

    Moving fees should stabilize this year so you can prepare your budget accordingly

    International moving statistics

    International moving can also be discussed in relation to long-distance one. There has been an increase of about 20% from last year. More people are free to roam as remote and hybrid work becomes more popular. During the year, popular locations like Europe, Australia, and Asia should see a continuation of the pattern of travelers moving from one country to another. To be more specific, Canadians are moving to Slovenia, Portugal, France, and Italy. Then, For Asian counties, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea. New Zealand and Australia are also quite popular when it comes to international moving. Lastly, the US and Mexico attract a large number of Canadians looking for a change of scenario in a different country.

    Should you move this year?

    As you can see, these would be all the top 2023 long distance moving statistics you should know. It is useful if you know all the important information. Through this, you can avoid certain days or months when moving companies are the busiest. In addition, the moving industry should go back to pre-covid time and see the increase in long-distance relocations. This means more options for you as a client and hopefully lower prices. Reach out to several moving companies and check their moving rates for more information.


    Moving By the Numbers: A Sneak Peek Inside the Moving Industry in Canada and Beyond

    Moving By the Numbers: A Sneak Peek Inside the Moving Industry in Canada and Beyond

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