The best home improvements to make before selling

    Are you planning to sell your home soon and move? The prospect of updating and preparing your home for sale can seem daunting, but that is what will get you the best price. You may need to tackle some basic repairs you have been postponing for months. A few simple cosmetic improvements along with repairs can help your home shine and set the tone for a swifter sale. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer before you list your house for sale. Carefully examine your home to notice everything that can be updated, cleared out, or spruced up. There are often easy fixes that will make all the difference. Here at Centennial Moving we have created a list of the best home improvements to make before selling. Read on and get to work!

    Add a fresh coat of paint

    Interior walls and ceilings should always get a fresh coat of paint before putting a home on the market. Painting is about more than just maintenance. While you probably do not spend that much time staring at your ceilings, rest assured that potential buyers will. A fresh coat of interior wall paint is one of the easiest but most effective enhancements you can make to your home. As a result, your house will likely seem newer.

    Painting walls like the woman in the photo is one of the best home improvements to make before selling

    One of the simplest improvements you can make before selling is painting walls and ceilings.

    When repainting with an intent to sell, use brighter, neutral shades. There is a range of soothing beige and gray tones you can use, besides white. If you have both the time and the will to do the painting yourself, this home improvement will also be one of the cheapest. Before researching the best moving companies Quebec City has to offer, make sure to repaint your walls and ceilings.

    One of the best home improvements to make before selling is putting clutter in storage

    In case you have a minimalist decorating style, maybe you can skip this tip. If, however, your decorating style is not minimalistic, remember that you should always declutter before listing your home. Buyers can easily overlook all the good features of your home because of clutter. Pack up items you are not using regularly. Place them in a storage facility if you can’t part with them permanently. Additionally, remove any pieces of furniture that look imperfect or make a space feel crowded. Also, stuffed closets may lead the buyers to think there’s less storage space than there actually is. While you’re preparing for long distance moving, try to reduce the volume of your possessions.

    Update your front door

    The front door of your home is the first thing that catches the eye of a prospective buyer. One of the best home improvements to make before selling is painting your front door or replacing it with a new one. First impressions matter. Therefore, consider painting your front door in a bright color. It will make your home more memorable. If a colorful front door doesn’t sound like something you would do, you can also replace it with a sturdy new steel door or merely update your old screen door with a glass version. Meanwhile, you can ask around to find the most reliable moving companies Fort Mcmurray has so you can plan the relocation to your new home.

    Yellow front door

    Painting the front door in a bright color gives a warm and welcoming feel to the exterior.

    Update lighting fixtures

    Replacing lighting fixtures in a house can be a considerable improvement for a small price. People tend to overlook lighting when they are prepping their home before selling. Do not make this mistake, because bright rooms make a home seem larger and feel more comfortable. A well-lit home can also show potential buyers that you have nothing to hide. Start by replacing old and damaged light fixtures. If a particular room looks gloomy and colorless, add an extra light or a new lampshade to bring the space to life. Light bulbs are inexpensive, so try a few different types to see what works best. It’s easy to emphasize the most impressive parts of your house simply by adjusting the angle or intensity of existing lighting.

    Update your bathroom

    Bathrooms are important to potential buyers. That is why spending a little time and money on updating yours is one of the best home improvements to make before selling. A bathroom that looks old can date a house. You don’t have to do a complete remodel of the room. Some of the best bathroom updates involve small changes like:

    • recaulking the bathtub,
    • swapping the showerhead and faucet,
    • new countertops,
    • new tiling,
    • adding frameless glass doors.

    We should mention that creating a luxury bathroom isn’t a good idea. Smaller projects will provide a bigger return on investment.

    Bright bathroom with frameless glass doors

    Consider replacing old shower doors with frameless glass doors.

    Removing outdated window treatments is one of the best home improvements to make before selling

    Buyers have particular expectations. That entails getting a house that has been well kept and is preserved and livable. Dark draperies, bent blinds, and torn window shades will not help you sell your house faster. Replace these outdated items with simple white mini-blinds or elegant, bright curtains. This is an easy fix that can renew your space in just a couple of days.

    Do a little landscaping

    Lastly, one of the best home improvements to make before selling is sprucing up the exterior of your home. As we mentioned before, buyers’ first impressions are important. Elevate the curb appeal of your home with some landscaping. Cut back anything that’s overgrown, clear out weeds, edge your sidewalks. Don’t forget to also clean the gutters, and maybe give your concrete driveway a thorough clean with a pressure hose. A fresh coat of paint would hurt either. Paint the fence and the exterior of the house (if wooden). As a result, you’ll have a tidy, welcoming entry area.

    Follow our tips on the best home improvements to make before selling, and you will sell your home in no time!

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