The 10 largest cities in Canada and why to move there?

    Living in Canada is such a unique experience. The country is filled with beautiful natural sights, and almost every city and small place have so much to offer. Views of lakes and mountains and amazing trails that you can take walks on. Living in a country in which nature is such a huge part of the experience also offers a lot of the activities. Fishing, climbing, water sports, whatever you are into. Canada is also amazing to live in based on the quality of life that it offers. As everyone already knows, it has good health care, schools are on a high level and cities offer great job opportunities. So, what are the 10 largest cities in Canada, and why move there? Choose what city fits you the best and call the moving companies Canada offers so they can relocate you there.

    Moving to a new city in Canada

    Finding a home in a new city and moving there can be a hard and stressful situation. That really should not be the main feelings you have with this. You should be excited and happy about starting a new stage of your life. Moving is a great chance to think about your life and an opportunity to change what you don’t like. So, think of it that way. The relocation process doesn’t have to scare you. Especially since you can hire long distance movers Canada offers to help you with this. Professionals will make you feel relaxed on your moving day and will help you prepare everything.

    aerial view of one of the largest cities in Canada

    Moving to one of the largest cities in Canada is an exciting thing to do in your life

    Preparing for a long-distance move

    Preparing means having a plan. When you have a plan you won’t become overwhelmed with all the things that you need to do for your relocation. Long-distance moves are hard and require a lot of work, from preparing everything to actually transporting on a moving day. If you are moving from province to province movers can make this so much easier for you. Talk to them and make a plan. You can also ask for all information that you might need about relocating to a new province.

    If you have decided to move to one of the largest cities all the way across the country, you will definitely need help from professionals. Consider using cross country movers Canada has to avoid stress and mistakes. You really don’t want to add to the feeling of moving to a completely new part by doing it on your own. You can pack and prepare yourself and then use moving services from a reliable company.

    Toronto is first on the list of the largest cities in Canada

    Toronto is the largest city in Canada, even tho it is not the capital of the country. It is situated on Lake Ontario and is very close to the USA border. It is an ever-growing city that is really a business and finance center. This means that you will have a lot of business opportunities if this is important to you. It is ranked highly as a safe city and a city with a good cost of living. Toronto is also considered very youth-friendly if you are moving here as a young person trying to start a career and a life. You will be able to make friends easily and enjoy winter sports if this interests you.

    Montreal is bilingual heaven to live in

    Montreal is a city in Quebec province and is the largest French-speaking city in Canada. It is still very bilingual, so if you are moving from the English-speaking part, don’t worry. You will still be able to live and adjust yourself. This city is famous for its tech industry and AI research, as well as the gaming industry but also has a space for the finance and film industry. And moving from Toronto to Montreal would be a very exciting change if you are looking for something different but not too far away.

    Montreal is labeled as one of the happiest places to live in, so that should tell you something about living here. It is built in different architectural styles, ranging from French colonial you can see in the Old town to bohemian style. So, taking a walk in this city will be a great experience as well. Its streets are filled with small coffee shops and restaurants and people are very welcoming.

    Consider moving to Calgary

    Calgary is known as oil and gas headquarters and is a very wealthy city. It offers a lot of job opportunities in those two areas, but also aerospace, business services, financial services, and so on. It is on top of the list as one of the most livable cities. Even tho it is one of the wealthiest cities, it still offers good housing prices and people can afford to buy a property. Calgary is a great choice for nature lovers, as a lot of cities in Canada are. But, be aware that it can get pretty cold, so take this into account when choosing whether to move here or not.

    people living public transport in snow

    Calgary can get pretty cold over the winter so take in into consideration

    The capital city of Canada

    Ottawa is the capital city of Canada,  and it is also ranked as one of the best places to live in. It offers amazing educational opportunities so it’s perfect for people who are moving for that reason. Walking around this city you can enjoy Victorian architecture, and you can visit lots of museums that hold Canadian art and history artifacts. Taking a stroll next to the Ottawa River or Rideau Canal is one of the favorite things of locals. Moving to Ottawa means living in a very welcoming city. You will feel very safe here as the crime rates are low, which is another reason so many people move here.

    Edmonton is one of the largest cities in Canada

    This city is the capital of Alberta province, and it is home to lots of different demographics. It has something for everyone, from beautiful nature to affordable housing. It has been a great pick recently for people with young families and young professionals. You could be moving from Toronto to Edmonton in no time if you see it fit for you. Canada’s largest living museum is here, so be sure to check it out as one of the many great experiences this city offers. And if you like shopping, you’ll be glad to hear that Edmonton actually has the largest shopping mall in North America. But there is something for people who enjoy art and history as well, just explore all the options for this city.

    Winnipeg is a great option for a cheaper city

    And if you are thinking about moving from Toronto to Winnipeg, you must already know about this city. It’s got a name for the nearby lake and is one of the cheapest cities in Canada. It is also recognized as a very touristically and culturally important city that offers a lot to see. You can find it all here, from beautiful green spaces to concerts, ballet, and cozy restaurants. Spending time in this city will never be boring. You can visit so many museums and learn about history or you can simply enjoy in beautiful parks. Just take your pick. You should be able to find great job opportunities and experiences here, and it is a great reference for later.

    Moving to Mississauga

    If you want to be close to Toronto, you can move to Mississauga, because it is considered part of Greater Toronto. It has seen a rise in employment, with job opportunities in pharmacy, aerospace, finance, and electronics. It is also right on Lake Ontario and hence offers a great time that you can spend here. Think about picnics, boat rides and amazing summer nights spend with friends and family at the lake. It is also a popular spot for shopping and over summer hosts a lot of multicultural festivals that you can enjoy. You will be able to fit great into the community, as there are a lot of different people living here. Mississauga also offers a great education, health care, and of course cultural life.

    woman and a child sitting next to a lake

    You can enjoy beautiful days on the lake with your family

    Another one of the largest cities in Canada is Vancouver

    Western Canada city in British Colombia is a popular destination for both visits and also relocations. It is very densely populated and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities. Like the cities that we have mentioned before Vancouver, it also offers beautiful nature and views. It is surrounded by mountains and the Pacific ocean, so you can find something for everyone. From water sports to hiking to simply enjoying parks, Vancouver has it all. And even tho it offers a lot of job positions, it is on the list of the more expensive cities.

    Brampton used to be “Flower town”

    Brampton used to be known as “the Flower town of Canada”. This was because it used to be home to a large greenhouse industry. Over time, the city’s economy comes from other services as well, like science, communication technologies, the food and beverage industry, and others. With a big community of immigrants, Brampton has a pretty diverse population. This means it offers a lot of different experiences for people living there. And a fact that a lot of people are moving exactly to Brampton says something about the city’s livability.

    Brampton can be a good place to raise a family in. It has low crime rates and offers good education. On the other hand, prices for renting a home are a bit higher. It has good employment opportunities, great nature, walking trails and a lot of restaurants and places for shopping. You can find everything you need for a great life in this Canadian city.

    The beautiful town of Hamilton

    Hamilton might be the smallest of the cities on this list, but it doesn’t mean that it is not worthy of thinking about moving to. And all the moving companies Hamilton has will tell you this. This port city sitting on the west part of Lake Ontario offers such a unique urban feel and is a very bustling city. It’s perfect both for young people who can enjoy the vibrant nightlife and for families who can take slow days and enjoy nature. Close to the city you will find Niagara Escarpment, a ridge with a forest that locals call a mountain, and other beautiful sights. Living here also gives you access to amazing art scenes and lots of museums and galleries.

    It also has a diverse community, good housing prices, and amazing health care access. It also has a slowly growing culinary scene, so you can be sure you will enjoy beautiful food living here. Hamilton is a very safe city and is perfect for anyone looking for a smaller place but still a big city feeling. The economy is also growing, so there is no lack of job opportunities.

    niagara waterfalls canada

    Living in Hamilton offers beautiful nature and views

    How to choose which of the largest cities in Canada is right for you?

    Now that you have a lot of information on the largest cities in Canada, how do you choose the best one for you? Think about the important parts of your life and what the city has to offer in order for you to be happy? If you are just starting your career and job opportunities are important, think about the cities with the most developed economies. If you are starting a family, maybe a calmer city with lots of outdoor activities is the right choice? Or if you are a young person who wants to meet different people and experience a lot of fun times? There are bustling cities for you. No matter what you are looking for, Canadian cities can make an amazing home for you.

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