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    Long-distance moves are usually very complex and require a lot of time. It’s almost impossible to handle everything on your own, so many people opt for professional help. However, finding a suitable long-distance moving company is not an easy task. Luckily, you don’t have to search more. Centennial Moving Canada, one of the best moving companies Toronto has, is at your disposal. Some of the most skilled and experienced long distance movers Toronto has to offer are just a click away from you. So, contact us, get your moving quote, and ensure safe and enjoyable relocation.

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    Using professional moving services is the key to a successful long-distance relocation

    Who we are and why should you hire us?

    For almost thirty years now, Canadians have trusted our company to handle their relocation, whether locally or long distances. However, not only the years of experience make us stand out from others. It’s the expertise that we’ve gained during all these years. We’ve carefully developed our services so our customers can enjoy a safe, smooth, and stress-free relocation at affordable prices. With new technologies and commitment, we’ve created helpful and quality moving services, and we still strive for innovation, thinking one step ahead in order to provide you with the best moving solutions. Want to know more about us? Let our moving services Canada speak for us.

    Considering relocating from Toronto? Here’s what you need to know

    Undergoing a long distance relocation can be a very challenging process. That is why you may want to have as much information as possible before you start planning your move. But don’t worry, one of the best long distance moving companies Toronto has to offer is here to help!

    The best season to move in Canada

    For most people, summer is the ideal time to relocate. If you are looking for pure convenience, you simply cannot beat summertime. However, if you are looking to minimize the relocation costs, the winter is also a very strong contender. And if you are looking for a balance between the two, you might also consider Autumn and spring. As you can see, there is no set “best season to move”, it all comes down to personal preferences and specific situations. Each season has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    How to choose the best long distance movers and not to regret your decision

    Your choice of movers will heavily influence your relocation experience. Therefore, you will want to spend some time searching for some of the most experienced long distance moving companies in Toronto. You will also want to get a free quote from as many moving companies as you can and compare them. Once you create a “shortlist”, take some additional time to read customer reviews, and verify the credentials of any long distance movers Toronto you are considering. It is best if you start searching for your movers as early as possible.

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    Try not to choose your movers without verifying them first.

    Most popular destinations and relocation costs

    Canada is full of amazing cities. It is no wonder why so many Toronto residents choose to relocate over long distances. As for the costs, no two relocations are exactly the same. However, due to Centennial Moving’s vast experience, we are able to provide you with an “estimated” minimum and maximum price for the relocation. Do note that these numbers are just rough estimates and that the best thing to do is to at least get a free quote before you proceed with the planning. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular services Centennial Moving Canada offers to Toronto residents:

    • Moving from Toronto to Vancouver, British Columbia. The distance between Toronto and Vancouver is around 40 driving hours. Thus, the minimum price for moving from Toronto to Vancouver is $1250. The maximum price depends on the specifics of the relocation but does not go over $8,200. The main reason why Toronto residents are relocating to Vancouver is that the latter offers the same “large city” feel but with lower living costs.
    • Relocating from Toronto to Kelowna BC. Similar to our previous destination, but a tad shorter, Kelowna BC is around 39 driving hours away from Vancouver. However, due to other considerations, the minimum price for moving from Toronto to Kelowna is $1,800. However, the maximum price is lower, at $7,000. Torontonians move to Kelowna due to the fact that this small city (around 131,000 residents) has a lot more opportunities compared to other small cities.
    • Moving to Winnipeg from Toronto. Winnipeg is considerably closer to Toronto than the previous two cities, at around 22 driving hours away. Of course, this also means that the minimum price for moving from Toronto to Winnipeg is lower, as it stands at $1,000. The maximum price is somewhere between Kelowna and Vancouver, at $7,500. Winnipeg’s main draw is drastically lower living costs.
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    Winnipeg is also a city of many opportunities!

    Toronto long distance movers can take care of your move from start to finish

    The price of relocation for long distance destinations ranges from $900 to $7,500, depending on the distances involved. If you want a more precise estimate, contact Centennial Moving Canada. We will be happy to provide you with any moving-related information you might wish to know, especially if you are planning on:

    • Hiring movers from Toronto to St. John’s. St. John’s is around 36 driving hours away from Toronto. Moving from Toronto to St John’s NL is a slightly more difficult proposition, however, as reflected in the minimum price of $2,700. The maximum price is the same as with Winnipeg, however, at $7,500. Most clients of some of the top long distance moving companies in Toronto cite reasons to relocate to St. John’s NL such as a diverse job market and friendly, welcoming, locals.
    • Choosing Halifax to Toronto movers. The shortest distance yet, Halifax is below 18 driving hours away from Toronto. Similar to Toronto-Winnipeg relocation, Toronto to Halifax move incurs a minimum price of $1,000, with $6,000 being the maximum relocation price. Moving to Halifax will allow you to get more value from your income, as well as enjoy a more “laid-back” lifestyle.
    • Moving from Toronto to Ottawa ON. Toronto is relatively close to Ottawa, with only around 5 hours of driving required. This also means that both the minimal and maximum relocation prices are the lowest as of yet, at $900 and $5,000 respectively. A Toronto to Ottawa move will allow you to benefit from a lower cost of living, lower crime rate, and a much cleaner downtown area.

    Proud to be able to cover a long list of other popular moving destinations from Toronto

    If you are relocating from Toronto to Thunder Bay you can expect it to be an adventure. At around 15 driving hours away, Thunder Bay offers amazing housing prices and a better employment level compared to Toronto. Thunder Bay always ranks very highly among the “best places in the country”. Moving to Thunder Bay from Toronto incurs a minimum relocation price of $1,200 and a maximum of $4,500.

    a family

    If you are looking to raise a family, Regina might just be the best place for you!

    Even though the driving distance between Montreal and Toronto is only around 6 hours, the minimum price for the relocation stands at $1,000, due to unique challenges but the maximum relocation price is still $4,500. People consider moving to Montreal from Toronto mostly because housing, transportation, entertainment, etc. are much cheaper. And due to the fact that Montreal is a very green city.

    Regina is 26 driving hours away from Toronto. However, this is one of the routes that are less challenging than others, meaning that the minimum relocation price is $1,000 and the maximum price is $7,500. People are moving to Regina SK from Toronto due to the fact that Regina is an amazing place to raise a family in, with hundreds of parks and major events all year round.

    The driving distance between Toronto and Saskatoon is 29 hours, with the minimum and maximum relocation prices being $1,250 and $6,500, respectively. A Toronto to Saskatoon move will have you enjoy a beautiful city, full of history and culture. Oh, and some of the lowest living costs in the entire country!

    Other popular destinations from Toronto

    • Charlottetown PEI
    • Edmonton AB
    • Calgary AB
    • Airdrie AB
    • Burnaby BC
    • Nanaimo BC
    • Richmond BC
    • Surrey BC
    • Victoria BC
    • Moncton NB
    • Charlottetown PEI

    Comprehensive moving solutions you can count on

    As one of the leading long-distance moving companies in Canada, we offer various types of long-distance moving services, including moving from Canada to the USA. We have specialized in providing customized moving services for a quality move. Besides, we offer storage solutions as well as vehicle transportation. As one of the best long distance moving companies Toronto has, we will not only help you with general moving tasks, but we will also help you with packing and unpacking, assembly, and disassembly. All in all, Centennial Moving can provide you with anything you need, and here are some other services you can use:

    Remember that you can always get a free quote, without any obligations.

    Our long distance movers Toronto will handle any type of relocation

    Why worry about an upcoming long-distance relocation when you can have an easygoing moving experience. Whether you need residential or commercial moving services, your Toronto long distance movers are at your disposal. They’ll approach the move with an exceptional plan that will meet your requirements. If you hire them, you can be sure that they will take every precaution so nothing gets damaged or missing. We will also provide you with tips, advice, and useful tools such as our online furniture weight calculator. Or you can leave it all to us. We are all about helping you create a moving experience exactly how you like it to be!

    Centennial Moving Canada will treat your belongings with the utmost care

    The safety of your belongings is our main priority. Our Toronto long distance movers are experienced and skilled to such an extent that nothing misses their sharp eyes. By hiring them, you’ll ensure the safety of your items. They’ll treat your belongings as if they were their own. The chances of your belongings getting damaged are reduced to a minimum since they are using quality moving supplies and equipment. Every single item will be handled with exceptional care. Your belongings are in safe hands, so rest assured and rely on your long distance movers Toronto loves. They’ll also make sure that your furniture is properly disassembled and packed with the safest packing materials.

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    Our long distance movers in Toronto will ensure the safety of your belongings

    Your furniture is in the right hands

    Furniture move is one of the most demanding moving tasks. However, by hiring long distance furniture movers Toronto, you’ll move your furniture with ease. The movers will carefully reassemble your furniture and protect each corner using customized packing materials for the safest furniture protection. Then, they’ll load the furniture into the moving truck carefully, paying attention that it doesn’t move during the transportation. Besides, if you have antique pieces of furniture, your Toronto movers will pay special attention, so nothing gets a minimal scratch. Your furniture will be handled with utmost care.

    Need storage? Your wish is our command

    When moving long distances, you may need storage at some point during the relocation. Whether you are using a temporary home or don’t have enough space for all the boxes, or simply need extra space, you can use storage services in Canada. As one of the best long distance moving companies Toronto has, we can provide you with storage units that are monitored 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your boxes and furniture. Besides, our warehouse units are heated and climate-controlled. It means that your belongings will leave our storage in the same condition as you left them.

    Your car will be shipped by long distance movers Toronto knows and loves!

    When moving long distances, there are some items that require a special approach. One such item is definitely your vehicle. The bureaucracy behind moving a car is quite complex, and the process is long. Vehicles are expensive and valuable, and the last thing you want is to worry whether your car is transported safely without any trouble. Therefore, you need to find a reliable moving company to handle car shipping, as well as your long distance relocation. And whom better to hire than Centennial Moving and our Toronto long distance movers. They’ll help you with the paperwork and make customized moving solutions for your car. By entrusting your vehicle to movers Toronto, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car is in the safest hands possible.

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    With Centennial Moving, your long-distance relocation will be an enjoyable experience

    Benefits of shipping a car with one of the top long distance moving companies Toronto has

    Shipping a car is usually pretty expensive and risky. However, with Centennial Moving, transporting your vehicle is safe and affordable. Here are the main benefits of shipping a car with our Toronto experts:

    • Save time & money
    • Minimize the risks of damage
    • Avoid the risk of road trouble
    • Avoid problems with paperwork
    • Keep your vehicle safe
    • Have an on-time delivery

    Contact us today and ensure a safe, smooth, and stress-free relocation

    Don’t let the relocation tasks overwhelm you, use professional moving assistance. And Centennial Moving Canada is here to help you with any moving tasks you need. We will provide you with some of the best long distance movers Toronto has to offer. They are at your disposal anytime and anywhere. Rely on true professionals and ensure a safe, smooth, and worry-free long-distance relocation. Contact us today, get your free moving quote, and move like a pro. Let your relocation be an enjoyable experience. Enjoy the move. 

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