Relocation tips for minimalists moving from Alberta to Ontario

    The process of moving is without a doubt, fairly difficult to tackle. If you are looking to complete perfect minimalists moving from Alberta to Ontario, you will need to follow a few essential guidelines. In this article, we are going to show you how to successfully execute a minimalist move. Additionally, we are also going to go over some of the important benefits of having professional movers such as Centennial Moving by your side when relocating.

    Approaching minimalists moving from Alberta to Ontario properly

    Start with the basic preparations

    Regardless of your relocation type, moving can get complicated. Therefore, it is safe to say that being properly prepared for the relocation is your best bet at having a stress-free moving experience. So, how exactly do you achieve this? Well, it is important that you start with the basic moving preparations on time. Give yourself at least a few months in advance to plan out your moving process. Furthermore, make sure you encompass the crucial moving factors within your moving plan such as your budget, costs, inventory size, and of course, the long distance movers Ontario that you plan on hiring.

    Couple preparing for the minimalists moving from Alberta to Ontario.

    When preparing for the minimalists moving from Alberta to Ontario make sure you create a good plan for the relocation first.

    Organize your inventory

    One thing that every minimalist will tell you, is that you should always have your inventory organized. Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to minimalists moving. Take your time and create a simple inventory checklist. With an inventory checklist, you can easily keep track of your items. Furthermore, you will know exactly what you are dealing with. Moreover, your movers will have an easier time relocating your belongings if you have an inventory checklist with you. In addition to this, an inventory checklist will help you see how many packing supplies you need for your move.

    Get the right packing supplies

    Obtaining the right packing supplies is crucial if you want to keep your items safe and protected. The right packing supplies are there to ensure the safety of your inventory during the relocation and transportation process. Therefore, it is important that you get appropriate packing materials for the needs of your own inventory. Of course, the type of packing supplies you need largely depends on the size and needs of your inventory. The basic packing supplies that you need to get are the following:

    • High-quality cardboard boxes,
    • Packing foam and bubble wrap,
    • Labeling materials,
    • Packing tape and scissors,
    • Moving dollies for heavier furniture,
    • Moving blankets.

    In case you are struggling to find these supplies and generally wish to complete the packing process efficiently and stress-free, be sure to contact professional movers for your moving from Alberta to Ontario.

    Do not leave out the decluttering process

    Decluttering plays a major role in any minimalist move. What does this actually mean? Well, to begin with, decluttering really means getting rid of the items you do not need or want in your new home. You can achieve this by going through your entire inventory and sorting each item. While it is true that this process is rather time-consuming, decluttering is crucial if you wish to make your moving process feel more organized and efficient. There are several different ways you can deal with your decluttered items. Let us take a look.

    Decluttering for the move.

    Decluttering is a crucial moving task that you should complete if you want an efficient and smooth packing and overall move.


    Donating is a great way of helping others with the items you no longer need. Therefore, we always recommend contacting your local charity organization before moving. You will get rid of the items you no longer need by giving them away to someone who needs them.

    Online sales

    Online sales are quite popular. You can put a lot of different items for an online sale. Furthermore, online sales are relatively easy to set up. So, if you are moving on a tight schedule or simply do not have enough time, online sales are great for getting rid of your downsized inventory.

    Garage sales

    Another efficient and fun way of decluttering your items is through a garage sale. A garage sale can involve your entire family. It is both fun and good for the decluttering process. Additionally, you get to spend some extra time in your old neighborhood. 

    Rent a storage unit for additional space

    Since the process of moving is so time-consuming, you may not be able to provide the needed space for some of your downsized items. The best solution to this problem is renting a storage unit. With a storage unit, you can easily store away your belongings short or long-term. However, there are a ton of different storage units out there. Not all of them are going to fit the needs of your inventory. So, make sure you enlist the help of true moving professionals to assist you with the necessary storage services.

    Hire reliable movers to execute a safe and stress-free move to Ontario

    As you can see, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration when relocating. We have mentioned already in this article that relocation is a process that is fairly difficult. To truly enjoy a stress-free relocation when doing long distance moving, be sure to contact professional movers. Professional movers will be able to provide you with the right moving services for the needs of your move. Furthermore, they will tackle all of the key moving tasks while you can sit back and enjoy your relocation.

    Happy woman ready for the move.

    Enjoy a stress-free long-distance move with the help of professional movers.


    To sum up, what we have said so far, the process of long-distance, minimalists moving from Alberta to Ontario can be done properly by following a few important steps. Firstly, make sure you prepare for your move on time. Secondly, always have an inventory checklist with you. Thirdly, complete your packing process with the right packing supplies and materials. Finally, always hire the help of professional movers and you will move to your new home in no time!

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