Quick facts about living in Saint John NB

    One of the six municipalities in New Brunswick, Saint John is a port city located in the Bay of Fundi. If you are living there, you will probably know most of these quick facts about living in Saint John, NB. However, for all our readers that are thinking about moving there, our team at Centennial Moving Canada, made this article so that you may get a closer picture of what it’s like to live there.

    What do you need to know about Saint John, NB?

    Before we move on to some quick facts about living in Saint John, NB, let’s go over some facts about the city itself. It is one of the oldest cities in Canada, and you can tell by the beautiful architecture in the city. Most people mistake it for St John, which is in Newfoundland. So if you are considering long distance moving, make sure you state pretty clearly to which Saint John you want to go.

    Architectural Bridge Photography In Daylight

    Saint John, a port city is great for people who love living on the oceanfront

    What are the most important quick facts about living in Saint John NB?

    Saint John, NB, has some of the lowest rental rates in Canada. You can get a two-bedroom for around $900. Not only that but it was named the most affordable city to live in for middle-class residents in 2020. That is the main reason why people are moving here in masses and that’s why a team movers Halifax to Saint John offers special services at affordable prices. If you are living in Saint John, you will get to experience all four seasons. In the summer, it is hot and sunny, and winters can be pretty harsh and snowy.

    Saint John is a city where most residents are bilingual, making that one of the most important facts for anyone considering getting Canadian moving services and living in Saint John. The art scene is fantastic, perfect for any artist to get inspired. There are lot of things to enjoy:

    • visual arts
    • graphic design
    • fashion

    There’s something for everyone. We definitely recommend visiting during Fashion Week. You can genuinely see the creme de la creme of high fashion in Canada then.

    What about the people of Saint John NB

    We can’t finish our article on quick facts about living in Saint John without mentioning a word or two about its residents. This is because Saint John is known for the hospitality and kindness of its residents. Before arriving in Saint John, you should prepare for the fact that people living in Saint John are among the most generous and friendly. No matter who you talk to, they will, without a doubt, help you in any way they can.

    Two people sharing quick facts about living in Saint John NB

    The most important of all quick facts about living in Saint John NB is that you will love how friendly the people are

    Make sure to visit

    The city of Saint John is a safe one, making it perfect for raising a family. Not only that, but many families have been for generations in this beautiful city. While it is one of the more quiet cities in Canada, it is still full of beauty. We are sure that our quick facts about Saint John, NB, are not enough to paint a worthy picture of this perfect city. That is why we recommend at least visiting before making the decision to move there.




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