Ontario cities perfect for young parents

    Ontario offers a variety of cities that are ideal for young parents seeking a balance of lifestyle, affordability, and opportunities. These Ontario cities perfect for young parents provide a blend of safe neighborhoods, quality education, and family-friendly activities. With Centennial Moving, relocating to these cities becomes a smoother process, ensuring that families can focus on settling into their new homes and communities. Let us get over some of the best cities in Ontario for young families, highlighting key aspects like housing affordability, education, healthcare, and recreational facilities that contribute to a fulfilling family life.

    Key factors picking Ontario cities perfect for young parents

    As young parents, there’s always a lot to think about. Even the smallest of details can make a huge difference in the lifestyle and other aspects of parenthood. For that reason, it’s important to identify the most important factors. Before you get in touch with quality long distance movers Ontario has to offer, make sure to take them into consideration. Here are the points we think you should consider when picking the right spot for you, including:

    • Education and schools
    • Healthcare access
    • Affordable housing
    • Family-friendly activities
    • Safe community
    • Employment opportunities
    A person playing with atheir child on one of the Ontario cities perfect for young parents

    What do you need from your new area?

    Education and quality schools

    In Ontario, the foundation of a child’s future is significantly shaped by the quality of education they receive. From the earliest years, Ontario has prioritized building strong foundations in learning and growth. This begins with accessible child care and full-day kindergarten, ensuring that even the youngest learners get a head start. As children grow, they enter elementary schools that focus on developing essential skills in literacy, math, science, and social studies. These schools are not just about academic learning as they also cater to unique learning needs through special education programs. High schools in Ontario further tailor education to students’ interests, preparing them for graduation and beyond. The province’s commitment to education is evident in its diverse and strong educational system. That makes it an ideal place for young families to prioritize their children’s educational journey.

    Having healthcare access

    Access to reliable healthcare is a cornerstone for families in Ontario, ensuring peace of mind for young parents. The province offers a comprehensive healthcare system, including hospitals and specialized pediatric care, to support families at every stage. Through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), residents have access to a wide range of healthcare services, ensuring that medical needs are met promptly and efficiently. For young families, this means easy access to essential services like regular health check-ups for children, vaccinations, and specialized care when needed. The availability of 24/7 health advice through Health811 and the option to consult with pharmacists further enhances healthcare accessibility in Ontario. This strong healthcare infrastructure makes Ontario cities an ideal choice for young parents who prioritize their family’s health and well-being.

    The importance of affordable housing

    For young families, buying a home in Ontario that is affordable is a key factor in establishing a stable and comfortable life. The recent trends in the housing market indicate a shift in housing affordability. In 2023, house prices and supply in Canada, including Ontario, are expected to decrease, making it a potentially favorable time for families looking to settle down. This change is particularly significant in urban areas like Toronto, where demand often outstrips supply. This evolving landscape offers young parents an opportunity to find homes that fit their budget, without compromising on the quality of life. Affordable housing not only ensures financial stability but also contributes to the overall well-being and security of a family, making it a crucial aspect for young parents considering a move to Ontario cities.

    A key in a door

    Housing is a crucial aspect of finding the right Ontario cities perfect for young parents

    Family-friendly activities for young families

    Ontario cities offer a wealth of family-friendly activities perfect for young parents looking to engage and entertain their children. Many cities boast expansive parks and playgrounds where families can enjoy nature and outdoor play. Above all, looking for family fun ideas in Ontario will be easy. Recreational centers in these cities often provide a variety of programs and activities suitable for all ages, from swimming lessons to arts and crafts workshops. Additionally, Ontario is known for hosting family-oriented events throughout the year, including festivals, fairs, and seasonal celebrations, which are great opportunities for families to bond and create lasting memories. Above all, these amenities not only enrich the lives of young families but also foster a sense of community and belonging, making Ontario cities ideal for raising children.

    Safety and a great community are crucial

    Safety is a top priority for young families when choosing a place to live. In Ontario, many cities are known for their low crime rates and strong community policing, making them ideal for raising children. Especially when moving while pregnant, you want everything to be easy and stress-free from start to finish. These cities prioritize public safety, with well-maintained public spaces and active neighborhood watch programs. The presence of responsive and community-focused law enforcement further enhances the sense of security. For young parents, this means peace of mind knowing their children can play and grow in a safe environment. The commitment to safety in these communities not only protects families but also fosters a trusting and supportive atmosphere, essential for a thriving family life.

    Employment opportunities

    Ontario offers a promising landscape for young parents seeking employment opportunities. The province’s labor market is dynamic, with 7.9 million people employed as of October 2023, and a significant 83% in full-time positions. The unemployment rate stands at 6.2%, indicating a relatively stable job market. Above all, young families can explore various regions in Ontario to find in-demand jobs, with projections for the next five years available to aid in long-term planning.

    A young man at work in one of the Ontario cities perfect for young parents

    Work is of great importance for young families

    Ontario cities perfect for young parents

    Now that we’ve covered some of the main factors, it’s time to pick the right places for you. Will it be the cost of living or some other factor that attracts you to an area the most? Or will it be a mix of them that will truly fit your needs? Before you organize your relocation, check out our list of places that will be great for you in Ontario:

    • Cobourg
    • Waterloo
    • Halton Hills
    • Toronto
    • Thunder Bay
    • Stratford
    • Oakville
    • Barrie


    The average house price in Cobourg is approximately C$763,813. The real estate market in Cobourg has shown various changes over the past year. Especially with different types of properties experiencing different price trends. For example, the average price for a 3-bedroom home has increased by 20% to C$954K. Cobourg presents itself as an attractive option for young parents. The city offers a balance of quality education and affordable housing. This makes it a practical choice for families seeking a comfortable lifestyle. The presence of well-regarded schools like Cobourg Collegiate Institute and Terry Fox Public School, coupled with the current housing market trends, underscores Cobourg’s suitability for young families looking for a place to call home. Above all, after changing your address when moving from one Canadian city to another, there will be plenty to explore in Coburg.

    A family at a dinner table

    Among the Ontario cities perfect for young parents is Coburg


    Waterloo presents a balanced cost of living for young parents. Renting a one-bedroom apartment averages C$1,860 in the city center and C$1,704 outside. On the other hand, a three-bedroom is around C$3,017 and C$2,668 respectively. Childcare costs are about C$1,031 monthly for full-day preschool, and international primary school fees are approximately C$14,000 annually per child. Basic utilities for a standard apartment come to C$227 monthly, and internet is C$72. On top of that, public transport is affordable at C$90 for a monthly pass, complementing the average monthly net salary of C$5,048. Dining out is reasonably priced too, with a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costing around C$20. Overall, this financial snapshot offers a glimpse into the practicalities of living in Waterloo for families considering a move.

    Halton Hills

    Halton Hills is among the Ontario cities perfect for young parents. Overall, the town’s commitment to climate change initiatives and affordable housing also indicates a forward-thinking and family-friendly environment. The availability of various events and activities, as shown in the events calendar, suggests a vibrant community life that young parents and their children can enjoy. The average home price in this area, as of 2023, is approximately C$ 1,103,600, reflecting a diverse range of housing options suitable for various budgets.


    Toronto offers a diverse and dynamic environment for young parents. Above all, the city is home to over three million people, reflecting a rich cultural diversity. Toronto provides a range of amenities and services that cater to the needs of young families.  These are just some things why many opt for long distance movers Toronto residents trust. For young parents, Toronto’s diverse community and comprehensive city services offer an environment where families can thrive. The city’s focus on healthy living, getting around easily, and access to essential services like permits and licenses makes it a practical choice for those starting or raising a family. Overall, with just how big Toronto is, you can expect a huge array of opportunities as a young family.

    A view of Toronto

    After all, Toronto can be the right place for you and your family

    Thunder Bay

    Thunder Bay, located on the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Ontario, suggests itself as a city that is vibrant and ready for business, with a strong sense of community. It’s described as a four-season city, suggesting a variety of activities throughout the year. Additionally, Thunder Bay is actively involved in hosting events like the Ontario Winter Games, indicating a dynamic community environment. For young parents considering moving to Thunder Bay, these aspects suggest a city that is not only welcoming and inclusive but also offers a range of activities and community involvement opportunities. The city’s focus on accessibility and hosting significant events could be particularly appealing for families seeking a supportive and engaging community.


    Stratford is a compelling choice for young parents seeking a balanced lifestyle. Known for its rich cultural scene, epitomized by the famous Stratford Festival, the city offers a unique blend of arts and community spirit. Families can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in its numerous parks and along the scenic Avon River. The city’s education system is strong, with several well-regarded schools providing quality education. While specific housing prices and average salaries vary, Stratford’s cost of living is generally considered reasonable, making it an accessible option for young families. The combination of cultural richness, educational opportunities, and a community-oriented atmosphere makes Stratford an attractive destination. And especially for parents looking to raise their children in a nurturing environment.


    Oakville is an appealing choice for young parents, balancing quality education, recreational facilities, and living costs. After all, the town is home to esteemed schools like Oakville Trafalgar High School and White Oaks Secondary School, which offers an International Baccalaureate program. Above all, families can enjoy numerous parks, such as Bronte Heritage Park and Gairloch Gardens, along with Bronte Creek and Lion’s Valley Park for outdoor adventures. For children, Amazing Adventures Playland is a hit. While Oakville’s average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around C$ 2,100, childcare costs approximately C$ 1,500 per month, making financial planning essential for residents. These factors combine to make Oakville a well-rounded choice for families prioritizing education, leisure, and budget considerations.

    A family inside a kitchen

    Places such as Oakville can provide you with what you need as a young family


    Barrie is among the Ontario cities perfect for young parents, offering a balance of affordable living and a quality lifestyle. The average cost of living is reasonable, with a median house price around C$ 650,000 and rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center averaging C$ 2,000. Childcare costs are approximately C$ 900 per month. Besides that, the city is also known for its safety, making it a secure environment for raising a family. Adding to its allure are the numerous parks and recreational facilities, including over 300 hectares of park space. Highlights include Allandale Heights Park, Allandale Station Park, and the Barrie Community Sports Complex, which provide various outdoor activities and community engagement opportunities. Overall, these amenities, combined with the city’s economic stability and family-friendly environment, make Barrie an ideal choice for young families seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in Ontario.

    Ontario is the perfect place for young families

    Exploring Ontario cities perfect for young parents reveals a landscape rich with opportunities and amenities tailored for family life. After all, these cities offer a harmonious blend of affordability, education, and community support. This mix makes them ideal for those starting or nurturing a family. As we have seen, each city has its unique strengths, whether it’s in education, healthcare, or recreational activities, ensuring that families can find a place that resonates with their needs and aspirations. For young parents planning their next move, Ontario’s diverse and welcoming cities stand as promising options.





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