Moving to Toronto with a pet - tips and tricks

    It is a known fact that arranging a move is stressful and demanding. Furthermore, when we have children, pets, or plants to think of, the demands get higher. You need to consider everything related to the move and you need to take care of your pet. Truly, animals feel everything. Therefore, make sure to arrange well your moving to Toronto with a pet. You can always rely on relocation companies Canada. Still, you are to do most of the job related to your animal friends.

    Prepare for moving to Toronto with a pet

    First and foremost, after making the decision to move start your preparation. Relocation to Toronto with a pet requires careful planning. By all means, make sure your pets don’t feel your absence and worries. Love and care are what they need. Surely, you’ll be quite busy solving many things. However, don’t forget your true friends. Moreover, let them know something is happening. Get them familiar with packing, bags, and boxes. Also, find some time to take them for a walk. Disrupting their routine can have negative effects on their behavior.

    a cat in a box

    Make sure your pet gets used to boxes and packing when moving to Toronto with a pet. Diminish the stress.

    Visit a vet

    Equally important, visit a vet as soon as possible. Take all medical records. Moreover, get some advice on how to behave during the journey. Additionally, it would be a good idea to de-worm a pet before a departure. Otherwise, your pet might be at risk of parasites. They can weaken animals’ immune systems. Of course, you don’t need that at this point

    a vet treating a dog as a preparation when moving To Toronto with a pet

    If your pet suffers from nausea or something else, treat it on time before the move.

    Furthermore, many people ask for tranquilizers for their pets. Nevertheless, veterinarians are mostly against this. The downsides of these medications are cardiovascular and respiratory issues. Therefore, our advice is to avoid tranquilizers. Your love will be enough.

    A pet travel kit is absolutely obligatory

    You need basic things when moving to Toronto with your animal. Hence, pack some essentials on time. This includes certain things necessary for a journey.

    • medical records and documentation
    • food
    • water
    • bowls designed for traveling
    • a favorite toy
    • a blanket or a pillow

    Take care of identification

    Due to the protection of the animal, update pet tags with your cellphone number and a new address. Make sure to keep collars on the pets all the time. Moreover, microchip your pet. In case it loses the collar, safety is still assured.

    Check requirements in Toronto

    Each province and country differs in its regulations and license requirements. As a matter of fact, long distance movers Canada can offer you relevant information. Still, you can search the internet and find it yourself. With this in mind, you’ll prepare all the necessary paperwork, medical records, and license. Furthermore, check if there are some specific legal issues you must be aware of. Also, register your pet within the first week of your arrival.

    Car transportation

    In case a car is your means of transport, make sure your pet gets used to it. Of course, if your pets already enjoy driving in your car, you have no problems. On the other hand, if it’s not used to the car, you must be patient. Thus, at least a month before the move practice driving a few blocks with your animal.

    a dog leaning through the window of a car

    Make sure your pet feels comfortable in a car. Especially with extreme temperatures.

    When the moving day comes, moving companies Ontario will do their part of the job. You are left to pack essential, your pet, and go ahead. A new home is waiting for you. The best would be to put your pet in a pet carrier. Also, you may fasten it to a seat belt to avoid movement. On the other hand, you can use backseat barriers. Still, pet carriers are the best option. Moreover, make sure to stop frequently during a journey. Don’t leave your pet in the car alone.

    What kind of pet carrier should you choose?

    Indeed, your pet needs a commodity. Therefore, use large enough carriers. This way you’ll make moving with dogs easier. Your pet should stand up, move, and turn around inside without problems. Good ventilation is also obligatory.

    Moving by air

    You can always choose to relocate by air. Significantly, some plane companies demand health certificates for your pet. Thus, make sure to obtain this on time. Under those circumstances, you may choose between two options for transporting your pet.

    1. You can fly together in the cabin. Still, this is most suitable for smaller animals.
    2. You can take the same flight. Still, your pet will travel in the cargo hold. As a matter of fact, this is crucial with larger animals.

    Furthermore, you have the option to go by car. In order to reduce the stress of a long car journey, you can ship your pet separately by plane.

    Another option to assure the well-being of your pet

    Relocation services Canada will completely satisfy your needs. Thus, you’ll have more time to prepare your pet. Above all, you want to ensure safe relocation. In fact, there is a way. Use ground transportation services. Even though this is a more expensive alternative, you’ll be satisfied. The cost is between $500 to $2,000 depending on the distance and type of the pet. Still, you can assure top-quality care for your pet. After all, safety comes first.

    Ease the move for your pets

    On the whole, moving to Toronto with a pet is quite challenging. Still, we are sure you can handle it with a bit of our help. Therefore, prepare your animals well in advance. Remember, they feel your stress, anxiety, love. Don’t transmit negative emotions. Prepare documentation. By all means, visit a vet. Pack essentials. Make sure it has all the commodities during the transport. Last but not least, have patience. Especially during adaptation to your new home. Pets are like children. It takes some time, but they’ll surely love the new place.

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