Moving to St. John's NL - guide for 2022

    Deciding to move, especially long-distance is never easy. There are a lot of mixed feelings involved. You are happy and sad at the same time. First of all, you are excited about your move and the new life that awaits you. On the other hand, you feel blues because you are leaving your old life. You may even feel anxious because you’re going into something completely unfamiliar. Being worried and stressed out because of your relocation is normal. You shouldn’t be concerned. Thanks to relocation services Canada, your move will go smoothly. We can assure you there won’t be any obstacles. In addition to that, when you are moving to St. John’s, there is nothing to be distressed about. Every relocation is easier when you are going to a nice place. Also, we are here to help you with our 2022 guide for moving to St John’s NL.

    Why you should be moving to St John’s NL

    St. John’s is the capital of Newfoundland & Labrador. It is the biggest city in this province, with fewer than 215 000 residents. This city boasts of rich history. It is said that St. John’s is the first city in North America that Europeans established. If you love a feeling of a small town and an intimate atmosphere, you will love it in St. John’s. Even though the city itself isn’t that small, it has narrow streets and colorful houses, that give you the feeling of a movie-like scenery.

    Colorful houses

    Moving to St John’s NL is a great idea in 2022

    Also, if you like nature and recreation, you will find a lot of parks and green areas in St. John’s. In addition to that, you have a wonderful view of the ocean. It is even more amazing because you can often see whales and icebergs there. Of course, you will read more about St. John’s, but for now, moving there wouldn’t be a mistake for the following reasons:

    • The atmosphere is pleasant and intimate.
    • There are lovely narrow streets and colorful houses.
    • You get to enjoy the ocean view and see whales and icebergs in addition.

    One of the main reasons for going to St. John’s is affordability

    We have already mentioned that St. John’s has a lot of colorful houses. If you look for something unusual, but nice, this city in NL is the right for you. Still, the best part isn’t the fact that the houses are mostly of bright colors. It is even better that they are pretty affordable. For example, renting will cost you only 800 dollars. On the other hand, if you want to buy a home, you will pay around 300 000 dollars. Of course, all of this might be unusual if you are moving Toronto to St. John’s NL, for example. Especially at the beginning. You might need some time to get used to this not-so-ordinary city.

    Economy and job opportunities

    Another reason for moving to St John’s NL is its stable economy. The reason for this is the oil industry that has been flourishing. This business has made the city one of the best for living. Following that, you can easily find a job there. Of course, it is the easiest if you do something related to the oil and gas industry. But, tourism is also booming. Fisheries and mining give St. John’s residents more working opportunities too.

    person using a calculator and a pen to calculate cost of moving to St John's NL

    The economy in this city is on a high level

    Don’t worry even if you don’t want to do any of the mentioned jobs. This city is open to newcomers starting any type of business there. If you have a business idea, call cross country moving companies Canada and schedule your relocation. Your career will start going up very soon. Apart from this, the city is always in search of engineers. If you are a civil, petroleum, or mining engineer, you will easily find a job in St. John’s. System analysts and accountants also have great chances of filling the vacancies in this Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital.

    Experiencing St. John’s with your family

    If you have been wondering whether St. John’s is good for families, the answer is yes. There are a few reasons for that, and some of them we have already mentioned. First of all, if the city is affordable and you have a good chance of getting a job, that means you will be able to raise a family without any financial worries. So, yes, what we have already said is also an advantage of moving to St. John’s with your family. The second reasons are schools. Your kids can attend all levels of schools and finish their education there. St. John’s has elementary and high schools, as well as two great universities.

    A child at school

    There are great schools in St. John’s

    These are not the only reasons why St. John’s is good for raising a family. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. This is enough reason to contact relocation companies Canada and start preparing. Living in St. John’s means you will be more secure and you will feel safer than in many other parts of Canada. It is not just the case in 2022. This has been the fact for quite some time.

    What to do in St. John’s

    There are many different activities to be involved in at St. John’s. We have already said the city is full of parks, so you can always find a place and a way to do some kind of sports. Also, if you like cultural happenings, you can’t run out of those. You can go to Signal Hill, and witness the past of communication. If you are more of a partygoer, St. John’s has something for you also. George Street is the center of the vibrant lifestyle. There are also a lot of festivals organized there and restaurants where you can eat traditional seafood. All of these things are significant trademarks of St. John’s.

    Prepare for your relocation

    If you liked all the things we have mentioned in our guide for moving to St John’s NL in 2022, don’t wait any longer. Find a reliable cross country moving company in Canada and start packing your bags. Life in one of the beautiful colorful houses with an ocean view will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

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