Moving to Regina with family - simple guide

    Relocating itself is not a happy event. It requires enormous amounts of energy, time, and money. But when moving to Regina with family things get even more challenging. Apart from taking care of every step of the moving process, you have to take care of each member of your family, too. Like your cup is not already full. Thoughts start coming in as if they were pouring from the water spring. You ask yourself repeatedly –  What if your family doesn’t adjust to the new surroundings? What if everyone is unhappy? What happens if the whole relocation thing isn’t what it seemed to be? Even worse, what if your kids don’t fit into the new school and your harmonious life collapses? Too much of a burden for one person. To lighten the load when moving it is always the best thing to hire Centennial Moving Canada and follow our lead. Here, in this article, we share our experience and give you simple solutions on how to relocate with a family.  

    A family taking a break during packing for the move and drawing on the moving box

    Enjoy the moments together even during the move. Time passes quickly only memories stay

    Moving to Regina with family – what to know

    Plan and prepare

    When moving with a family you need an exceptionally good plan. Make a detailed plan, set the date, set up the budget, decide whether you have enough energy and knowledge to try a DIY family move or contact relocation services Canada for a more professional approach.  Explore your new location, and get to know where important facilities are located. Walk around the new neighborhood, and find out where major stores and institutions are. Check into schools, sports, and entertainment facilities as well as government and city programs. Get ready to pack as early as possible, and begin the items that are not in everyday use such as Christmas decorations and off-season items. Label the boxes in advance, so that you are ready when you move into the new home to unpack and set everything up. Think about storage space. Will you need storage? If yes, book the storage space in advance so you can easily load it as soon as you arrive. Call the utility companies in advance and arrange to have power, gas, water, and Internet on your moving date. 

    Include your family in the move

    Organize a family meeting and talk over all the important moving issues. Share the information with all family members and make sure everyone knows all the details concerning the upcoming move. The more they know, the less stressed they will be. Introduce the date and how the move is happening. Don’t forget to delegate the jobs to everyone. 

    Include your kids 

    Kids love the routine, moving is everything but not the routine. Not knowing what to expect and being without a role in the moving process will make them feel nervous. So, a close warm approach and open communication with your children during this difficult time will help a lot. Talk, talk, talk with them, and answer all the questions they may have. Let them know what to expect and take them to the new location to get to know the new area. Take them to school and the new playground. If that is not possible show them photos of a new house and neighborhood. Assure your kids that your love for them is something that stays for good no matter how many addresses they will change in life. Make plans together for all the delightful new things you will discover and do together when moving Toronto to Regina, talk about new opportunities and positive sides of your move. Stay positive, radiate a positive attitude towards your move and you will take off the stress of your move.  

    Moving to Regina with family

    Why not turn the difficult-moving tasks into a game? Treasure Hunt is just one option

    Further organization 

    Let’s point out once again, organizing a relocation with a family is much more difficult than organizing a standard house move. Standard procedure is inevitable. You will have all the obligations of a standard relocation plus you will have to coordinate your family during this time. You may hire province to province movers but you cannot hide from your regular moving duties.      So, don’t think that you can skip having a detailed moving checklist, purging your home and making a moving inventory, taking care of the paperwork, obtaining appropriate packing supplies, and packing your household. By assigning the specific task and duties to your family members you will be able to keep track and make sure everything is going according to the plan. Make sure everybody knows what to do, when, and how to do it. This way you will have great help and at the same time satisfied close ones who feel useful in the middle of moving chaos.  

    A little girl helping with packing for the move

    Delegate the jobs. Everyone should know what to do during the move

    Make it fun

    You can easily turn your tedious moving tasks into a game and make it a lot of fun for the youngest ones. There are many moving games you can include. The games depend on your children’s age and skills. What is important here is to keep the spirits up and positive attitude towards this rather exhausting and difficult task of moving.  What games can you play with your children during the moving process? How about:


    Look at decluttering as a family project. Make everyone take part in decluttering.  You want to move only the things you and everybody else like and will use in the future. You all can participate and sell all unwanted items online or at a garage sale, gift them to friends and relatives, or make a donation. It’s important to downsize and avoid the burden of too many things around. Let the energy circulate freely.

    Moving to Regina with family is a big step and sometimes it can look like a mountain peak too high to reach but with good organization and the right professional help, everything becomes a more pleasant and stress-free experience. Professional movers will take much of the burden from your shoulders and will ensure your secure, well runt, and hassle-free relocation. Full-service movers are your best option as they’ll handle your move from start to finish. They will save you a lot of time and energy so you will be able to deal with other tasks and look after your family. 

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