Moving to Corner Brook from Toronto: what to expect

    Leaving your home and moving to a new location is never easy. It can be especially hard when you are moving to another province. Toronto is 1082 miles away from Corner Brook, so it’s natural if you feel anxious. You just never know what to expect, even though you have carefully planned your move and chosen your new home already! That’s why we at Centennial Moving Canada have written this article to help you in any way we can while you’re moving to Corner Brook from Toronto. We’ll go over the biggest differences between these provinces and cities. By the end of it, you should feel much more prepared for your upcoming move. 

    What’s Newfoundland and Labrador like compared to Ontario? 

    Newfoundland and Labrador was the last province to enter the Canadian Confederation. It is also the oldest settled place in North America. They were independent up until 1933, when they surrendered their independence to the British Crown, due to the awful economic situation during the Great Depression. Their longtime independence is one of the reasons why this province looks and feels different than all the others in Canada. Newfoundland has a very strong group identity and a very rich culture. The people there feel like a separate nation within the nation of Canada, and this pride is only comparable to the one in Quebec. Newfoundland hosts some great province to province movers, so if you plan to relocate here it’s going to be a very smooth experience.

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    While Toronto is a very popular destination, many Canadians are moving to Corner Brook to escape the fast-paced lifestyle of this metropolis

    When compared to Ontario, Newfoundland is much smaller. Ontario’s surface spreads at 917,741 square kilometers, whereas Newfoundland is almost three times smaller. When talking about the size of the population, the difference is more than evident. Toronto is the home of almost 2,800,000 residents, whereas Corner Brook has 31.917 people living there. St John’s, which is the province’s capital and largest city, is the home of a little over 100,000 people! Life is definitely a lot different in this province. Many people decide to move here to escape the noise and stress of the big city and focus more on themselves and their surroundings. If a calmer lifestyle in a more natural environment is what you’re after, Corner Brook is definitely a great choice! 

    Cost of living comparison 

    The cost of living difference is pretty apparent in this case. This is one of the key factors many people decide to move to Corner Brook from Toronto. Even though the salaries in Toronto are higher, the cost of living is also much higher. For instance, the average rent in Newfoundland is 930.62 C$, while in Ontario it’s around 2,200 C$. If you’d like to purchase a home, the price per square foot of an apartment in the center of Toronto is 1,191.68 C$. Now compare that to 478.45 C$ per square foot in Corner Brook! No wonder many people decide to move there, as they’ll get more value out of their paychecks in Newfoundland. Utilities, groceries, healthcare, and transportation are all much cheaper in Corner Brook. If this sounds appealing, get in touch with the best moving companies from Ontario to Newfoundland and start packing!

    Corner Brook

    Many people are moving to Corner Brook from Toronto because of the substantial difference in the cost of living

    What to expect from the actual moving process to Corner Brook from Toronto?

    Due to the distance between the two cities, it’s important to be well-prepared and organized. You don’t want to leave things to chance, as that way you’re leaving room for some unpleasant things to happen. Let’s take a look at what those steps are and what you should do to make sure your relocation is a smooth and pleasant experience. 

    Start packing early

    Since this is a long-distance move, make sure you start your packing enough time in advance. Sort your items into essential and non-essential groups, and start packing the second group first. Once your moving day arrives, you want to be completely ready and packed. Make sure to have a separate bag ready with the most important things you will carry with you during the trip. A fresh set of clothes, your computer, and personal items, all should be with you at all times. Being packed on time will greatly help your long distance movers Ontario. That will guarantee your move will start and go according to plan. However, if you need some help during the packing stage, don’t hesitate to ask them for help! 

    Find a new job and home in Corner Brook before moving from Toronto

    It’s better to come to your new environment already settled with a new job and home. If you’ve already done that, then great. If not, before Moving to Corner Brook from Toronto explore the housing market and job opportunities. There are certainly many different jobs available in Corner Brook. The biggest employers in this town are mostly companies in the fishing and marine industries, but certainly, there are plenty of other jobs out there too. The unemployment rate in Corner Brook is down 3.7% compared to last year, so you should have no trouble finding the right job for you. As far as housing goes, it’s drastically cheaper than in Toronto. If you’ve saved some money for rent or for buying a home, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of homes on the market!

    Couple moving to Corner Brook from Toronto

    Being well organized and hiring a reliable moving company are two crucial factors in any successful move

    Hire the services of a reliable province-to-province moving company

    When moving to Corner Brook from Toronto, the last step you should take is to hire a reliable moving company. Due to the distance involved in this relocation, you want your possessions and boxes in the hands of trained professionals. There are plenty of long distance moving companies Toronto has to offer but only settle for the best ones you can find. The most expensive option isn’t always the best one. That’s why you should check the online ratings and reviews of the movers you are interested in. Customer experience is key, so if those movers are worth their salt, the comments they get from their users will be positive and encouraging! 


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