Moving from Saskatoon to Toronto - living costs compared

    Moving from Saskatoon to Toronto can be an exhilarating yet daunting decision. Whether it’s for career opportunities, education, or a change of scenery, understanding the living costs in the new city is crucial. A thorough understanding of the financial implications of this transition can make all the difference in budgeting and planning effectively. From housing expenses to transportation, groceries, and entertainment, Toronto offers a different cost of living compared to Saskatoon’s more affordable lifestyle. As such, obtaining accurate information about the living costs in Toronto becomes paramount to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Experts from Centennial Moving Canada will break down the difference in living costs between the two cities so that you know how to prepare.

    Housing costs associated with moving from Saskatoon to Toronto

    Housing costs in Saskatoon and Toronto differ significantly. In Saskatoon, the average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment is around C$1,200, while in Toronto, it jumps to approximately C$2,500. Buying a house in Saskatoon costs about C$375,000 on average, while in Toronto, it’s closer to C$1.25 million. Saskatoon offers more spacious homes, with an average square footage of 1,500, whereas Toronto averages around 1,000 square feet. Both cities have a range of housing options, from apartments to detached houses, but Toronto has a wider variety due to its larger size. Factors like location, amenities, and demand heavily influence housing costs in both cities.

    Toronto panorama

    Moving from Saskatoon to Toronto is a decision that will greatly enrich and develop your life


    Utility costs in Saskatoon and Toronto vary indeed. In Saskatoon, the average monthly electricity bill is around C$100, while in Toronto, it’s slightly higher at C$120. Heating costs in Saskatoon are approximately C$150 per month, whereas in Toronto, they can reach C$200. Water bills are comparable in both cities, averaging around C$50 per month. Internet services have similar rates as well, ranging from C$60 to C$80 monthly. It’s important to note that utility rates may vary depending on the specific region within each city. Overall, monthly utility expenses in Saskatoon are generally lower compared to Toronto, but regional variations can impact these costs. Moving from Saskatoon to Ontario may cost a differently compared to moving to Alberta, or some other province. 


    In Saskatoon, public transportation is a bit more limited. Bus fares cost around C$3 per ride, while Toronto offers a comprehensive transit system with a single fare of C$3.25. Fuel prices are also higher in Toronto, averaging C$1.50 per liter compared to Saskatoon’s C$1.40. Vehicle expenses, such as insurance and parking, tend to be higher in Toronto due to its larger population and denser traffic. Commuting distances are generally longer in Toronto, leading to higher transportation costs overall. Despite these differences, public transit options in Toronto are more extensive and affordable compared to Saskatoon.

    Inside of public transportation

    The public transportation in Toronto is more affordable and developed than in Saskatoon!

    Groceries and daily expenses

    In general, groceries prices in Saskatoon are 7.9% lower than in Toronto. For example, a loaf of bread may cost around C$2 in Saskatoon, while in Toronto, it could be more than C$3. Similarly, household cleaning products and personal care items tend to be cheaper in Saskatoon compared to Toronto. However, it’s important to note that prices can fluctuate depending on store location and brand. Overall, Saskatoon offers more affordable options for daily expenses compared to the higher costs often found in Toronto.

    Healthcare and insurance

    The healthcare system in Canada is primarily funded through taxes, providing universal coverage to all residents. Both cities offer access to public healthcare services, including doctor visits and hospital care. However, there may be variations in wait times for certain procedures and specialists. In terms of health insurance, the cost is generally similar in both cities, as it is typically included in the taxes paid. However, it’s crucial to research healthcare options and understand any changes in coverage during the move to ensure continuity of access to medicinal services.

    Entertainment and recreation 

    The cost of entertainment and recreational activities in Saskatoon and Toronto are almost the same. However, Toronto offers a wider range of cultural events, dining options, and recreational facilities due to its larger size and diverse population. These activities in Toronto can be more expensive compared to Saskatoon due to the higher demand and competition. It’s important to remember that they both have their own unique attractions and entertainment option. There are many attractions in both cities for all types of budgets! Just ask your cross country movers for recommendations in Toronto for a proper celebration of your move!


    It’s important to get to know the tax rates and regulations when moving from Saskatoon to Toronto. Income taxes are progressive, meaning they increase as income rises. Property taxes vary based on the assessed value of the property. The most notable sales taxes that apply to most goods and services are: 

    • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    • Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

    While both cities have similar tax structures, Toronto generally has higher tax rates due to its larger population and higher property values. 

    Overall Cost of Living 

    In general, overall consumer prices are 6.8% lower in Saskatoon, while renting is 50% more expensive in Toronto! However, higher wages in Toronto buffer that difference. Just because the city is more expensive, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move there. Moving from Saskatoon to Toronto will give you the chance to have a more exciting lifestyle. Finding the right job opportunity is the best way to start your relocation. Assess your personal finances thoroughly before committing to a move.

    Moving from Saskatoon to Toronto

    While Saskatoon is a more affordable place to live in, Toronto offers many more amenities and options that attract people from all over Canada to move there

    Moving from Saskatoon to Toronto requires careful planning

    In conclusion, moving from Saskatoon to Toronto involves considering various aspects of living expenses. Each category can significantly impact the overall cost of living. The most important ones are housing and utilities, transportation, groceries, healthcare, and entertainment. It is, therefore, crucial to create a detailed budget that takes into account the specific costs and differences between the two cities. You can make the best moving plan by being meticulous and detail-oriented. Don’t forget to research long distance moving companies Toronto offers to make your transition a smooth and enjoyable experience overall. 

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