Moving back to Canada: frequently asked questions

    Canada is a country that welcomes both travelers and returning residents. If you ever become driven by a sense of nostalgia, you can always come back to your roots. However, even returning residents must follow certain procedures when moving back to Canada in order to be recognized as Canadian citizens. Moreover, there are a few important steps that you need to consider. In this article, we will be discussing every important detail that is involved in a process of moving back to Canada. We will take a look at what documents you need to bring with you when entering Canada, what valuables you can bring back, and so on. Moreover, we will consider some of the places that you can call a new home. Essentially, this article and our reputable movers Canada offer all you need to make this a successful process.

    Entering Canada: borders and customs

    Every country has border rules and so does Canada. This is of vital importance for its citizens, returning ones especially. We’re sure that moving from Canada to USA wasn’t easy, but coming back can be tricky too. Before moving back to Canada, make sure you read all of the crucial information. There might be a few differences in border rules between your previous country and Canada. Some of the things you need to check up on before moving are:

    • Important documents
    • Canadians’ procedure of entering with private possessions
    • Waiting time at borders

    These are just some of them but very important ones. If you follow these rules, you will have no problems. In the rest of the article, we will go over these categories individually.

    toronto canada

    Moving back to Canada comes with a few important steps

    What documents do you need to bring when moving back to Canada?

    Not only travelers but also citizens must show their documentation when moving back to Canada. This is a crucial step, it proves your identity. Documents you ought to have are:

    • Passport. It is the most important document. It shows a legal right you can travel between countries. Prepare a valid passport with a valid date when you are moving back to Canada.
    • Canadian birth certificate. It proves that you were born on Canadian land.
    • Canadian citizenship. This proves that you lived in Canada at some point in your life. This also regards residents with two citizenship which include Canadian as well.

    These important pieces of paper show Canadian officials your identity. It is a long process but if you have everything planned in advance, you should not worry about it.

    The returning residents must carry these documents at all times. However, unforeseen circumstances happen and if you don’t have these with you, there is a solution. As a returning citizen, you can show an ID photo issued in Canada. Canadian government implied these rules thoughtfully. Be mindful of securing your children’s papers too! Children below of age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian who can guarantee their safe entry when moving back to Canada.

    What can you enter Canada with?

    When you cooperate with the good storage solutions Canada offers, experts will take care of everything. They will transport your belongings to a Canadian border, pack everything, you will be ready to go. However, you need to fulfill certain requirements when entering Canada.

    While customs are considered, you need to make a declaration of your personal belongings. Canada has a list of personal possessions that are allowed to enter the border with you. Additionally, you need to declare certain personal items that you want to bring back. Some of those items are:

    • Food
    • Pricey jewelry
    • Animals products
    • Children products

    You can import valuables that are worth up to a certain price without paying additional taxes. There are also prohibited items. Those items include anything that could potentially harm the environment. Canadian authorities imposed a rule that requires returning citizens to prepare a two-copies list of every private valuable that want to bring back to Canada.

    airport customs

    Customs and borders are the first things you should be prepared for when moving back to Canada

    How long do you wait at the borders?

    Probably not among the scariest, but it is certainly a lengthy process – waiting at the border. Make sure to check regularly timetable of a waiting list to see if there is a big crowd or some kind of delay. You should pay special attention to the borders between Canada and the United States since they are the most prominent ones. With all of the stuff you need to bring, waiting at borders seems like a pain in the neck. To ease the process, it’s important to have great relocation services Canada offers on your side! Help yourself and make relocation successful!

    cars queue

    Lines at borders seem endless

    Successful moving back to Canada: what now?

    You have accomplished a great milestone! You passed all of the requirements and now you are a citizen of Canada! However, a new question is being posed – what do you do now? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the beginning. You would need a nice place to live, a stable job, health insurance, a good school for your children to attend, and many more.

    How does Canadian healthcare work?

    Returning residents must get health insurance when moving back to Canada. It’s necessary to understand how overall healthcare functions in Canada.

    Canadian healthcare is paid through taxes. Once you apply for health care, you will get a personal health card which is important to show whenever you need a medical examination in public medical services. A functional health card is a way to get health insurance. The medical services may differ from province to province; therefore, make sure to check which province suits your best interest. We will touch upon that topic in the rest of the article.

    Canadian families usually have one doctor for the whole family. Although the doctor can check up on everyone’s health, each family member must book an individual appointment. However, in an emergency situation, you can visit a private medical clinic. Doctors give you a prescription for medications and you need to buy them at the pharmacy.

    On the contrary, dental healthcare is not free everywhere in Canada. You must contact a general health official to know what part of dental care is paid with insurance.

    Do you need to register your vehicle when moving back to Canada?

    There is additional paperwork that considers a registration of your vehicle. Similar to healthcare, you ought to have insurance for your vehicle. Returning residents must get a new driver’s license, as well as a new number plate for their vehicle. You also need to have the right car shipping companies Canada teams when returning.

    Each driver must have a valid driver’s license. Returning residents must prepare a valid ID to a driver licensing authority and wait for a new driver’s license. The next step is registration. Registration proves your ownership of a vehicle. The process of registration differs from province to province but some of the general things you need to have are:

    • Drivers license
    • A paper that proves your purchase of a vehicle. It can be bought from either a private salesman or a car dealership.
    • Insurance. In some registry agencies, you will get insurance alongside your registration. However, some agencies require valid insurance first.

    Having all these steps fulfilled, you can safely and easily use your vehicle in Canada.

    man sitting in a car and driving

    Get a health card and driver’s license first when moving back to Canada

    How to find a place to live when moving back to Canada?

    You can either rent a place or buy it. With renting, you always need to consider your budget. This option may be the best for young, career beginners who are still living alone. Landlord allows you to live in a rental unit, but you still need to consider it as your own place, meaning, you need to pay bills on time, maintain your home, etc. Renting also comes with a few benefits. It is usually cheaper and you can find a housemate with whom you can share expenses.

    Buying a place is suitable for families. You can save up money or apply for a mortgage when buying a house. Buying a house means that you can accommodate your living space to your own liking, whether it is home maintenance, the number of rooms, and so on. Children will enjoy their private spaces as much as they like.

    What are the best provinces in Canada?

    Canada has ten large provinces and three territories. The main difference between a province and a territory is that provinces are larger than territories and have their own rule while territories are under the rule of the Parliament of Canada. You should choose where to live depending on your interest in the job, climate, schooling, etc. Having said that, you need to consider hiring reliable province to province movers to help you fulfill all of your desires.

    The best provinces you can choose depending on your wishes:

    • Ontario. The most economically developed province in Canada. This is the best option if you want to settle for a new job opportunity. It also offers good educational background
    • Alberta. Canada’s queen of winter. If you’re a fan of cold winter, this province offers you a temperature down to -40 Celsius or 104 F. You can also enjoy Alberta’s winter sights such as mountains or lakes.
    • British Columbia. A highly technologically developed province. It is popular among tourists with amazing places to visit.
    • Quebec. Among the cheapest provinces. It provides its residents with good healthcare and affordable public transportation.
    mountain of canada

    Consider a different weather when moving back to Canada

    How to choose the right city in Canada?

    We listed the best provinces that can meet your desires. However, when you reduce a selection by picking out a province, you can now take a look at some of the best cities in Canada to live in. Keep in mind that all of the cities in Canada are special in their own way, so it will come as no surprise that you may want to move across the country. There are many reasons to do so, starting with a job or a new education opportunity. Choosing the best cross Canada movers is all you need to make that plan come true.

    • Ottawa. Country’s capital city. It is located in the province of Ontario. A good choice for those who like medium-sized cities. It offers good job opportunities in law or education.
    • Vancouver. Its location is in British Columbia. Vancouver is a perfect choice for people who enjoy living adventurous life since the city can offer many vibrant sights. The best education options are located in Vancouver.
    • Quebec City. The richest in history. Quebec City is excellent for all history nerds who want to enjoy beautiful and old architecture. 
    • Calgary. Placed in the province of Alberta. This city is marked as one of the best for raising a family with the highest family income in Canada.
    vancouver canada

    When moving back to Canada, consider Vancouver as a good option if you are returning alone

    How to choose a job in Canada?

    Canada is a big and prosperous country. With almost 40 million citizens, everyone wants to pursue different jobs and careers. Some will stay at the current location, some will the road take to another place. Long distance moving companies Canada teams will lead you to a desired location in no time.

    Some of the most popular fields in Canada are:

    • Programming
    • HR management
    • Engineering
    • Medicine

    To get hired in these fields, you need to have a good educational background. Canada offers many different academic study fields in different universities, so you can explore and find which one suits you the best. Most companies require a cover letter within your job application, so make sure you prepare one in advance.

    man working with his laptop thinking about moving back to Canada

    Canada offers prosperous careers

    Don’t be afraid to sail into this adventure

    To sum up, these are some of the most important steps you need to know before moving back to Canada, starting from entering to finding a job and living your best life as a Canadian citizen. Knowing all this will get you to your desired location in no time. Happy moving!







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